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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Larry has a real winner for legal counsel.

Chico must have been watching the "Creature Feature" that Jim Hall always discusses when selecting his attorney. When they served the subpoena on AOL in Virginia, they sent the UNSEALED documents through the courthouse. What does that mean? If you have access to the Louden County, VA courthouse, you can get a copy of the City's case. Why seal them from the citizens of Memphis and not the citizens of Virginia? What a dumb ass!!! They are afraid that the citizens of Memphis will see exactly how stupid Larry and his quest are to unseal my identity. Good luck with that Larry. Every courthouse in America is well versed on the importance of free speech, except in Memphis, Tennessee. What an absolute embarrassment. Chico is still asleep at the wheel. Willie is the fox in the hen house and we are all clucking.

Here's the link to the document we filed in court:


This should get the paperwork in Memphis unsealed soon. Stick with us as we will keep you updated. So far, the score is The MPD Enforcer "1,000", CHICO AND THE MAN"0".