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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Calling all cars! Calling all cars!

Well, "Dip Dong" GODwin is grasping at straws again. He has now coaxed DA Bill Gibbons into seeking assistance from the TBI to identify Dirk Diggler. After failed attempts at internal investigations and an illegal civil suit, Larry thinks he will still get his man. Move to Canada and become a RCMP mountie! Larry should be attacking problems of destroyed morale within MPD and the out of control crime in Memphis like he is attacking this blog.

I've said it once (more than), we have never violated ANY laws, nor posted information on active CRIMINAL investigations. I cannot speak to Thad's blog as we are not involved with his "tips". Law enforcement officers know the important process of prosecution and the harmful release of such information. Get a grip Chico and find another way. The only way you will find out Dirk's identity is when filling out the check from the City of Memphis. It will be listed in the section marked "payable to".

Gibbons should be worried about his next slogan or dip dong idea to scare straight criminals in Memphis. "Gun crime equals jail time". Bullshit Billy is your new moniker. Show us some stats from any of your initiatives since you have been the DA. Your inability to "get tough" on crime has made CJC a revolving door for habitual offenders. Get 3 six Mafia to do a PSA. I know DJ Paul if you want me to get you an appointment.

Let me give a shout out to the TBI. I've worked well with you guys in the past and know many of you will not fall for this political BS. Stand your ground and demand a complaint showing criminal activity has occurred in connection with the MPD Enforcer. This is another attempt by the Director to cover up his blunder and his black eye.