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Thursday, July 24, 2008

His Willieness speaks!

First of all, let me give credit to cravenscartoon.com for the above image. This is why Herenton cannot even see that his choice of leadership within MPD is despicable. Willie's head is in the clouds while the rest of Memphis is burning. No, his head is really up his ass and that's NOT a rain cloud headed his way. The cloud is more like a tornado of devastation, seeking to leave a pathway of freedom in it's wake. The ongoing assault by the City of Memphis and Memphis Police Director Larry Godwin against the United States Constitution are the violent shaking that this city needs to wake up, unite and prosper.

W.W. Herenton (sounds like the beginning of a web address) was quoted by the CA today in regards to the illegal request about our identities. Willie said, "there are "serious issues" behind police Director Larry Godwin's legal quest to uncover the identities behind a blog critical of the police department". Then why wasn't it a criminal court subpoena for information? The only seriousness, in this case, is a blatant attempt from a city government and Director of police services to quash the 1st Amendment.

Let me assure the public, and go on record, no criminal activity has been born from this site. Nobody has any ties to terrorist activity, nor do we support any illegal association. We are merely employees who have had it with the downward spiral of morale and pride in our department. Most of us will not identify our occupation in social settings for fear that the audience would find us as a heavy handed storm trooper.

We feel that we can speak for the majority of Uniformed Patrol, as they are the purpose for this blog. We want to take pride in our city, our department and ourselves. A new day is on the horizon for Memphis. A day when we can look at police officers as a symbol of trust, respect and compassion. We are not looking to be placed on a pedestal, as the Mayor has poised himself. We only wish to be lifted from the burning ashes that is the Memphis Police Department. Lifted back into the community as partners for a common good. A common good that will once again describe the citizens and community of Memphis.