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Monday, July 28, 2008

General Godwin adresses the media.

"Now lookee here folks. This is a bullet and it comes out of this gun really fast".

My eyes started to bleed today as I read the bullshit emitting from Larry's comments to the media. Everyone please remember, Larry cannot tell the truth. He has been charged for lying before (truthfulness) and he's publicly pulling a stunt. Now, all of America will realize that he wouldn't know the truth if it came up and bit him in the ass.

The Commercial Appeal quoted Larry today as saying, “I never have read it. I don’t go on Web sites. I don’t read blogs. I’ve got enough e-mail to keep me busy.” BULLSHIT!!!! Let's do a forensic search of your hard drive. What kind of cookies would be listed in the data files. Who hasn't checked their City of Memphis Credit Union account while at work? Who hasn't gone to Malco.com to see when their movie begins? Who was seen checking the Commercial Appeal online edition while in Ireland? Excuse me, didn't you get your degree ON-LINE?? BUSTED!!!!

Lawrence went on to showoff his online degree by stating the following:

“I don’t think there’s trouble within the department,” he said. “I think you’ve just got a handful of officers who want to voice their opinions.

“My gosh, they’ve been talking about the police administration since 1827,” he said. “It’s just an avenue for officers to talk.”

Come on hayseed. Get the toothpick from your mouth next time you address the media. How embarrassing. Larry then went on to try and address Officer Pryor's comments to the media:
“I’m not looking to do anything to Sampson Pryor,” said Godwin, who said he went through the police academy with Pryor years ago.

But, he said, the officer commented on an ongoing investigation, which, unless authorized by a supervisor, would be a violation of department policy.

“He needs to write a memo to explain why he did what he did.” Memo this! I will have to check my Policies and Procedures on that. I believe his comments were made before the investigation from CITY HALL had even started. Besides, doesn't that just apply to MPD investigations? (Don't everybody hammer me at once, I might have been a "half asleep" on that day at the Academy.) What the city is looking into is ethics violations, not criminal. Dip Dong!

In closing, I would like to take this time and address some of the comments being placed within this blog. Several powers are at work trying to disrupt, discredit and shut down this blog. This blog was created by officers for officers and the general public. We welcome feedback and even encourage debate with our stories. We DO NOT approve of ANY racial comments. Further, we feel that it may be necessary for some of the individuals to censor themselves. We are not in the business of promoting racial hatred. We are in the business of protecting and serving our community. Our community is looking to us for hope right now. Hope that there are some good people at work for Memphis and her people.

Even some crack addicts have a heart. I'm not endorsing a Hug-A-Thug campaign. I'm saying that now is the time people. We need to reverse the situation in Memphis. If not for us, for our children. I do not want mine to fall victim to a corrupt system of justice. Please stick with us in this time of need. Don't let Willie "Shake dem haterz off". Become a hater. Become a hater of nepotism and greed. Become a hater of lies and ill will towards your fellow citizens, perpetrated by the hand of a corrupt city government. Become a hater of those who illegally prosper while we waste away.