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Friday, July 25, 2008


The above B.O.L.O. should be placed on the Lt.'s readout board for the daily read out. Just kidding. We know that it would be absurd for officers to be looking for Mark Walhberg, but that is the insanity within the MPD leadership. Frivolous requests for impossible information. Resquests for officers to do the will of the Director (and Mayor). True, we are civil servants and paying a high price for servitude. At what point do we say "enough is enough"? I think we have passed that point. We are headed down the slippery slope and the MPD Enforcer 2.0 is trying to cast out a lifeline.

The recent events have deterred some officers from visiting and contributing over fear of being revealed. The illegal requests from GODwin and the city are for my identification. They cannot obtain information on visitors or people posting anonymous comments. Let me assure the officers who have contributed in the past, I will NEVER give up your identifying information. I will NEVER cooperate in an illegal attempt to silence our plight. This is the fight we wanted. The good fight. A fight to unite us all from within. A fight to rid our department of tyranny and personal conquests at climbing the rank ladder. We need to be promoted for what we know, not who we know.

The promotional process at the MPD has been virtually non-existent. When a process is held, it's often flawed, compromised or poorly planned. Officers should not have to use personal time to sit for a departmental test that will better their career. Officers should not be subjected to the 12th floor picking and choosing who gets promoted based on personal relationships. Each time, we are plagued by the same issues. Having the U.S. Marshal service escort a POLICE promotional exam is embarrassing.

We don't claim to have all the answers. An independent body needs to be established. One that is independent from the City of Memphis government pressure. One that can evaluate the issues without Mayoral intervention. One that the citizens can trust as making an unbiased decision without the fear of reprisals. This body should be able to police the administration with authority to rule in the event of foul play. A Citizen Review Board of sorts.

But who would pick the citizens? The Mayor? The Director? Should it be an elected position? We find problems with all of the approaches. The reason? Trust. Nobody trusts anyone like they used to. What has happened to us? What has happened to Memphis? Why can't we pull together as a community and conquer this plagued called CORRUPTION?

WANTED, a good leader!