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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Larry is blowing smoke.

Larry Godwin has been consumed by his own ego, BS and the fact that his fiefdom may be falling. He's comments to the media have been vague, often misleading. He continues to throw up hope that the citizens will get behind his screw up and support the decision to violate our rights. Chico's placing too much hope in the following response: "reasons will be clear when the case is unsealed". Well then unseal that document big boy. Show us your cards, if you will. It won't matter anyway. We are holding a Royal Flush and you have been the dealer all along. The worst part of all, you have allowed the taxpayers to become your bank!

So what does Larry have up his sleeve? His Ace in the hole? NOTHING!!! The only card left in his deck is the Joker and they aren't wild in this game of Texas Hold Em. Keep you cards close to your chest Larry. Maybe this will blow over? (More like blow up in his face).

You may ask, "how are you going to win Dirk"? My response is this. For once in a while the good guys will win. The guys that have been habitually dealt the wrong cards in a stacked deck. The guys who have been dreaming of Aces and forced to settle for 2s. These "guys" are more commonly referred to as the citizens of Memphis!

Memphis will soon be able to enjoy the day when corruption is removed from local politics. Our elected and appointed officials need to be put on notice. If you are dirty, we will find you. If you are a little dusty, we can forgive you. If you are muddy, we have no place in Memphis for you. We will not sleep. The citizens of Memphis will not sleep. This is our line in the sand. This is our blog!