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Monday, March 30, 2009

Live chat this Friday.

There will be a live chat at 1800 hrs. this Friday for members of the new discussion board. Only members will be allowed to participate in this chat and the same rules apply. Anyone violating the rules will be banned from the board. To participate in the chat, join our new discussion board at the address listed in the previous post.

Monday, March 23, 2009

New Chat Feature Added!

Thanks to the more than 120 people who have signed up at the new discussion board. The membership is growing everyday.

I have just added a new "Chat" feature in the top menu bar. After clicking on the chat, you can use the same name that you use to access the new board. No password is required. Board guest will not be allowed to join in on the chat sessions. There will be plans in the future to hold live chat sessions.

Thanks again for your support.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New board is running smoothly!

I'm glad to see that many of you have been by the new board. I think this will work out well for the future. It allows an easier environment for everyone to communicate. We have had 35 new members and over 200 guest in the last 3 days. Please let everyone at the precincts (stations) know that they can anonymously join the board and discuss what's on their mind. http://mpdenforcer20.proboards.com/

Sunday, March 15, 2009

New Message Board Up!

Some of you may have noticed a lack of posting for the last few weeks. No, I'm not in jail or being tracked by the feds. I have been brainstorming for a better way to interact with the readers and let the legitimate readers communicate with one another.

I am currently beta testing a new discussion board and hope that it will be a positive forum for all that wish to comment. The same rules apply there as they do here. No more racist (12 Negroes) posting and who's screwing who. Readers will have to register to post and provide an e-mail address for activation. You can go to Google and create a "trash" e-mail account using false information. That way, you can remain anonymous. This will also allow you to create a screen name that only you will be able to post from. It's first come first serve on the screen names! Be quick, because the heavy hitters (Larry Godwin, Baby Godwin, Lon Paul, etc.) will get scooped up.

I will test this board for a month and see if it proves to be a better fit than the comments section of this blog. The address is http://mpdenforcer20.proboards.com

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A word to the wise......

If you are going to drink, don't drive. Nothing looks worse than another one of us getting pinched for a DUI.