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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving.

Happy turkey day to all. If you can, take a moment to think about things that you are truly thankful for. I am thankful that each day that passes is another day closer to GODwin being gone. For those of us that have to work, I hope you find some peace during your shift and get something good to eat. Something other than Mapco hot dogs.

Monday, November 24, 2008

"We don't need no dadgum help"!

His majesty Lawrence GODwin of Nutbush has spoken. This retard (no offense to the mentally challenged. You are smarter than this mental midget) actually thinks he can still do his job. Basically, the City Council has come to terms with the fact that Chico is a poor example of a leader, manager and police officer. Crime has been kicking Larry's ass since he rose to power at MPD. Crime has steadily risen since Chico created all of his buzz words and bullshit whoop de doo initiatives.

Yes Sheriff, we will be glad to work with you for a common goal. The peace and safety that is due the citizens of Memphis. We do not get into turf battles or care about which uniform looks better. We will and have been working side by side for a long time. Ego maniacal dictators, like Saddam GODwin, will have their day in the ropes. Hopefully, Lawrence's day will come soon. His career is in the dumps, with no hopes of being rescued.

We cannot get enough qualified applicants in Memphis, because nobody wants to work under this asshole. Chico really blew his load on TV when he said "the citizens of Memphis will see the importance of this lawsuit in the end". Well, they are still waiting. Chico, you proved that you are nothing more than a pathetic excuse for a man who exhibits classic characteristics of Napoleon syndrome (not to be confused with Napoleon Dynamite. He's cooler than GODwin).

We may have to stage a protest on City Hall and the Mayor's office to get rid of this turd.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Brilliant work!

Our mail bag has been getting some extra work these last 2 weeks. We apologize in the delay in publishing some stories. Some of the reader's emails have been sent to the "spam" folder for further review. We received an email today that deserves immediate attention. Normally, I would try to check the reports to see if one has been filed in this matter. After a lengthy discussion with my partners, I have decided that it was too risky to check under my IBM. Does anyone have GODwin's login information? Alan? Oh that's right. If Chico's IBM was associated with doing anything productive, I'm sure it would set off all of the system alarms.

Anyway, please read the below email and lets see if uniformed patrol can catch these assholes. Of course, it would help to know what kind of vehicle information or suspect information to look for? Anyone with spare time should swing through the pawnshops in their ward and check for that MAC book and maybe the old double barrel.

To whom this may concern.
I was affected by a home invasion and robbery on Friday morning, in broad daylight. Two black males came into my home while i was still in the back bedroom drinking my coffee and reading my emails, checking my online banking and my online poker account. My dogs are still just puppies they are 5 months old, this is relevant because all week they have been barking and growling uncontrollably, which i chalked up to puppies new bad habits, BOY was i wrong. So back to the incident that morning, my puppies started howling in bed, i immediately got up thinking he had to go outside to make potty. When i got to my bedroom door, i was sucker punched and pushed on my butt, and they begin to tie my hand and mouth up. The robbers wore no mask, at the realization of this i thought they would kill me after they were done with me. After i was punched and before i was pushed down, the robber put his hand over my mouth and squeezed my jaw, it still hurts today, but as he did this, i could smell a strong metallic odor of blood on his hands, making the whole ordeal all the more scary. The two of them took turns watching me while the other ransacked the house. They sexually assulted me and told me that they were taking my wallet because they were crypts( i don't even know how to spell that) and they will come after me and my family, if i called the cops. The things that they said to me was so crude i would rather not relive the whole ordeal even thinking about it upsets me to the point of losing what reality is and how i am going to cope with these new demons. They stole every firearm i had in the house, including a heirloom double barrel rifle that has been in the family since the 1900's; when they knocked my down, I was laying no more than a foot away from my loaded 357. I would have shot it even with my wrists tied up, but i was scared that they would definitely shoot me then and i would just be another victim in this city full of homicide and violent crime. As these thieves moved me from room to room they were touching all kinds of things that could have been fingerprinted, i know i am not csi but i am pretty sure they could have gotten prints off many things. They even stole a car. All of this, i suppose in this fucked up city is normal, but here is the kicker. A woman on her way to work saw the men jump over the back fence, it faces Perkins and during rush hour commuters can see my whole back yard,and she knew that something wasn't right, she called the police, they never came. i was tied up for more than an hour, these people could have been apprehended and i would have been saved. The part that you will find most interesting is that, the way that they processed the crime scene and how long it actually took the police to arrive on the scene. write me back if you want more details, i would love to tell you the whole story. I have friends on the force and they are advising me to do the right thing and tell the detective Greenwod everything, but i just don't think that it matters. they left blood on my wall that no one took a sample of, they were more than 20 policemen in and out of the house contaminating the crime scene and the women cop that came in first had the audacity to talk about what was being served for lunch as discussed in roll call. Not a moment did she spend with me and ask me questions about the assult in privacy. this happened on Cornelia lane on Friday. look it up, please. they took my iphone 3g, which screams tracking device but no one is doing anything about that and also a macbook pro, with lo jack but i was dumb and had that info on the computer. the car they took was not mine , my boyfriend mother was hiding it from the repo man and it was the perfect car to steal because no one had any information about it. The witness that came forward was pissed because she came to the house at 4 in the afternoon after the cops were long gone, she could not believe the sheer negligence;l after doing the right thing she expected to hear that these bad men were put away and that i was okay The perp came back by the house yesterday on foot and i was alarmed freaked out and called the police, again by the time they came he was long gone. There is a cop that lives 3 doors down, his cops car is always parked outside the house, i have been over there three times to tell hm what happened to me and every time he doesn't answer the door. NO ONE CARES. please help. btw i love your blog even before all this, i have friends on the force and i wonder if you are some one i know. i went to Houston high school, class of 99.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Morale Situation

Thanks Cox & Forkum for the pic

Alright. I believe our morale is finally in the shitter. Could it get any lower? Maybe, but we don't think so. It is basically non-existent. Don't let the OCU/CAT pogues or 12th floor REMFs try to turn officers against this blog. They have been making posts at a high rate the past few days.

This city belongs to the citizens. It also belongs to us if you stop and think. I have read some of the recent comments and noticed a pattern. We are fed up with our leadership and direction. We are tired of the few that get preferred treatment after buying a few rounds for GODwin, Et Al. We are tired of the thugs dropping false complaints on us and IAB's inability to conduct a proper investigation.

What is the answer? I have a few suggestions. Hell, most of us have some idea of what we would like to change. Right now, we need motivation. Motivation in the form of leaders who care. Lts. who will stick up for their shift and tell the front office to get bent when they are "charge happy". We need an IAB unit that will do an honest, fair and non-political investigation when a complaint rolls into the office. As a general rule of thumb, they should use the following philosphy: If the person complaining is a frequent flyer, gang member or just plain pulling shit out of their ass, lock them up! False complaints are on the rise and we have no protection. I am sick and tired of EVERYBODY bucking the system at the expense of officers. When was the last time a defendant charged with assault on a police officer was actually convicted? The DA's office almost immediately drops that charge and Harry Schwartz goes free. I've seen it a million times. When the prosecutor goes to negotiate with a defense attorney, they always "nolle prose" the assault charge. What message does that send? If you get caught, fuck the police. Fight and flee (or attempt).

In closing, we all have a choice to make. Stand up for our rights (and what is right) or bow down and continue to get shit on. I don't know about you, but I've been eating this shit for years. I am not advocating that anyone derelict their duty to protect the citizens. We don't need that and Memphians deserve better. What is a good way to get the attention of the 12th floor? COURTESY TICKETS!!! You are still doing your job, but the revenue stays in the citizens pocket where it belongs. Make Chico explain why the revenue provided by police services has dropped. If you don't want to write tickets, don't. Make sure you have plenty of specials listed on your log sheet to account for all 8 hours of work. The city is one big hot spot that needs checking. Finally, the next time a supervisor asks you to change a robbery to a misdemeanor theft with an assault, refuse. If they don't like it, let them complete the report. We can no longer take these fraudulent reports. Stick together and stand up for our rights. Thanks Bob Marley.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Amos Maki of the Commercial Appeal reported today that GODwin's lawsuit will cost the taxpayers AT LEAST $88,000. I say make Chico pay the bill. He created this scam in an attempt to shut us down. GODwin holds the sole responsibility in this matter. His dumb ass ego got the best of him and his hummingbird ass overloaded his alligator mouth. Well? We are still waiting. The citizens of Memphis were supposed to be shown how important this lawsuit was once it became unsealed.

We stand at a crossroads now. To sue or not to sue? That is the question. I hate that the taxpayers (and myself) will be responsible for this brain fart. Chico has violated our rights and needs to be held accountable. I'd say about 20 million dollars worth of accountability. Here's the rub. The taxpayers (myself included) would be stuck with the bill at the end of the day. Would it cause an increase in our property taxes? Cause a city service to be unfunded next year? Cause Dobbins to lose his king trash man job to make the City's ends meet? We don't have the answers, but we are calculating the risks associated with a counter suit. First and foremost, the risks to the officers of MPD and the taxpayers. They (both) will be our primary concern and wish no illwill towards either.

Two things need to pass with the $88k bill. #1. GODwin needs to personally pay this bill. Not OCU, nor any other MPD "discretionary" fund. #2. Chico needs to be immediately terminated! The citizens of Memphis may be happy footing the bill if we got rid of GODwin in return. Hang up the "Just for Men" Lawrence. You will need the spare money for your retirement. You JACKASS!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Veterans Day.

We would like to thank all of those men and women who have served their country and those who are serving today. Thank You.

Friday, November 7, 2008

What was the Flyer afraid to print?

After responding to the interview questions from Bianca Phillips, I was a little disappointed that she really didn't use anything I gave her. So out of fairness, I am posting our Q&A so everyone can read what was said. The exchange is listed below:

  • Explain the different legal actions the city had against the blog. I’m not even really sure the difference between a legal petition and a subpoena. The City of Memphis and Larry Godwin filed a legal petition in Chancery court. The petition was a complete line of bull. Godwin used the illegal lawsuit in an attempt to illegally obtain my identity through the use of threats. The subpoena came as an action of the petition, i.e. in support. The subpoena to AOL was shot down like a turkey on Thanksgiving by AOL's legal office. My legal counsel was also instrumental in having this action killed.

  • When were each of the actions resolved? When were each of the actions originally brought about? Shortly after the complaint was published in the media (early September). It appears that the city selected their legal team from those at the bottom of their graduation list. The attorney for the city filed a copy of the complaint UNSEALED in Virginia and was given to local media. Godwin kept saying everyday "I think the citizens of Memphis will understand why we had to do this once the documents are unsealed". Well, they did and Godwin had egg all over his face. It made him look like a complete idiot, who's feelings were hurt that his officers were talking bad about him. I believe the term is egomaniacal. Mayor Herenton finally had enough of this fiasco and told the attorneys to pull the plug before the water gets any hotter. The actions were started in April 2008, shortly after we began publication and became syndicated on the web.

  • How were they resolved? Did a judge decide the city was wrong in both cases? Or the city drop the actions?The City dropped their actions.

  • Does the city owe any money to MPD Enforcer as a result of a judge’s order? I'm still discussing that with my legal team. The judge didn't order and funds to be turned over. The final document stated that ALL costs will be paid by the CITY OF MEMPHIS. That means the taxpayers get stuck with the frivolous lawsuit tab. I would like to request that someone in the media do some digging and find out just how much this cost the taxpayers.

  • Did you have to spend any money to fight the actions?Yes we did. I'm working on how to recoup those expenses in a counter suit. My main problem is anonymity. Once I start filing documents, my identity could be revealed. As I told Godwin some months ago, he will know my identity only when the City places it on a court ordered check! I would love to file action around the 8 figure range, but the taxpayers will get stuck with that bill as well. We may just go after Godwin personally since his actions were the driving force behind the lawsuit. The citizens of Memphis pay for Larry's mistakes everyday. They shouldn't have to keep paying for a Director that doesn't care about the people he is charged to protect.

  • What does this sort of treatment of the blogging press by the city police look like to the rest of the nation? The rest of the nation cannot believe the dictatorship that runs the City of Memphis. I receive e-mails on a daily basis from people all over the world. Nobody can believe that legal action would be brought against an American for speaking freely in America. We are still in America, right? Larry Godwin has single handedly sent us back to the 1700's. What a moron. I think it's time for another "Tea Party".

Will the actions have any long term effects on what you post on the blog? Will you still use the Blue Crush logo, etc.? Will you supress the posts? Or will it have any effect at all? We are still up and running full steam. There has been no action to require us to "cease and desist".

Blue Crush is a joke. Officers are consistently told to place a lesser offense on their reports in order to make it look like violent crime is down. I have personally been told in the past to change a strong armed robbery (violent felony) to a misdemeanor assault with a theft.

Godwin must have used a paralegal to file his trademark with the State of Tennessee. Godwin doesn't own the trademark, the City of Memphis does. Further, it doesn't apply to apparel. Even further, the term Blue Crush is used as a parody of a failing crime fighting tool. If you notice, it hasn't been used in the media as much as it has in the past. Score "1" Dirk, "0" Godwin.

He is now trying to ramp up the image of the Real Time Crime Center. Any fool knows that a video camera isn't going to deter crime. It will only capture the act and MAY assist in the prosecution IF the video is any good. Convenience stores have had VHS cameras in their stores for years. They still get robbed. It will be another failed attempt for Godwin to make it look like he is doing something positive for Memphis.

He needs to focus on doing something positive for the officers and increase morale. Once morale increases, the level of police services increases for the citizens of Memphis. This is a "no funds required" action that will be extremely effective. Of course, GODwin is operating on a "no brains required" platform. He is more concerned about how good he thinks he looks than the quality of life for Memphis.

If Herenton doesn't fire Godwin, we must fire Herenton. Cut off the corrupt head of the snake and the body will follow.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Memphis Flyer article by Bianca Phillips

Critics of the Memphis Police Department (MPD) can now wear their opinions on T-shirts that read, "Blue Crush: Displacing Crime, One Block at a Time" and "Real Time Crime Center: More Efficient at Doing Nothing."

Earlier this year, the MPD filed a lawsuit against an anonymous blogger, alleging a trademark violation over Blue Crush parody T-shirts and bumper stickers being sold on the MPD Enforcer blog. The blog has long been critical of the department and MPD director Larry Godwin.

The suit, filed by the city in May and withdrawn in September, alleged that "Dirk Diggler," the handle used by the author of mpdenforcer20.blogspot.com, used the blog "to misappropriate the image, likeness, and name of Director Godwin and the City of Memphis' Blue Crush trademarks."

It also claimed that Diggler endangered the life of an undercover officer by posting a picture of the officer on the blog. The photo was later removed from the site.

In July, the city sent a letter to Zazzle.com, an online T-shirt printer, asking them not to print shirts with the Blue Crush logo or Godwin's likeness.

"We communicated with Zazzle, and they were persuaded that there was no trademark violation," said Paul Alan Levy, an attorney with the Washington-based Public Citizen Litigation Group who represented Diggler in the case. "Now the stuff is back up."

The shirts, which have been viewable in an advertising box on the blog for a little over a month, feature "Blue Crush" written in blue in a font different from the one the MPD uses. Levy says the MPD's trademark rights to the phrase are questionable since their uses are non-commercial.

"The FBI is not a trademarked name because it's used for a government agency, and I think the same would be true for Blue Crush," Levy said. "But it's plainly a fair-use issue here. It's used as commentary, not for purposes of confusing people about whether the MPD is author of this thing."

Attorney David Bearman, who represented the city in the case, referred all questions to Mayor W.W. Herenton's assistant Toni Holman-Turner. Asked why the city withdrew its lawsuit, Holman-Turner would not discuss the trademark issue.

"Our main concern was to have the picture of the [undercover] officer removed," Holman-Turner said.

Holman-Turner was also unable to provide information on how much money the city spent during the three months of litigation against the blogger.

"I think the city ended up being embarrassed by the whole thing," Levy said. "They got slammed in the press and they knew they'd be slammed in court if they litigated [it]."

Monday, November 3, 2008

Congrats Lori Bullard.

It appears Lon Paul and Commander Clark have slipped by again this month. Lori was selected as the MPD Enforcer 2.0 Asshole of the Month for October 2008. It's that time again. Let us get your nominations for the last monthly award of the year. December's race will be solely for the Asshole of the Year award. Only winners from the previous months will be nominated.

There is a small poll up until the 15th. Let us know if you liked being able to select more than one person per vote. If so, we will continue to allow multiple selections per vote.