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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Upcoming elections.

The rumor mill has been working in overdrive and we are trying to sift through the BS. We've heard about who's running and who has dropped out. We've heard the platforms and "campaign" jargon that's being thrown around. So what's our position? We've decided to remain neutral and unbiased in wake of recent allegations and misinformation being submitted. Further, we feel that highlighting any one individual might throw votes their way. With this being said, we will wait until the results are official before moving forward with any issues.

Some issues that should be immediately addressed are the financial situation of the MPA, how much money do we have and should monthly dues be decreased?

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Your MPA.

Now, we know the proverbial shit is about to hit the fan, but we should tread easy into the future of the Memphis Police Association. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but we offer a few to consider.

The MPA is here to offer protection to it's members in one way or another. The most important is the BID PROCESS! We have all been shafted at one point or another in our careers with the MPD and the MPA has been there for us.

Now this isn't a PSA for the MPA. We just wanted people to think with their head and not their heart when it comes to the MPA. Much talk of the FOP has been floating around on this blog and that's great. We are members of both! Whether or not you join the FOP is up to you, but stay with the MPA if you ever want to work the area/shift you want.

Now for the purported missing money. If Tommy or Billy did anything wrong, let it come out in the courts and not the media. Rush to judgment has always been a downfall of the citizens of Memphis. Don't let it conquer and divide us as well.

Friday, April 25, 2008

A poem from a reader.

I often sit in awe when I think of this place.
It' dirty, it's filthy, and this armpit of Tennessee is a flat out disgrace.
The taxes and crime rate are high, but he really doesn't care,
He'll continue to manipulate the numbers, just as he will the color of his hair.

Propaganda, propaganda, propaganda, that's what he's all about,
With his name and his face plastered all throughout, is there really any doubt?
I'll never write another ticket nor lock up a thug,
Because as far as my days of working, I've pulled the plug.

Our salaries are low at a despicable rate,
While Yolanda Mcfagdon continues to rake.
We have bills to pay and mouths to feed,
But the City doesn't care because it's festered with greed.

Lining it's pockets and filing it's banks,
It still got rid of the thirty year rank.
The City will use you then give you the shaft,
And then kick your ass flat off the life raft.

Another uniform change and issue of Behind the Badge, yea that's what this place need,
Or another Calea memo to make our eyes bleed.
Look at this City and the way it's gone down,
But what do you expect when it's run by a bunch of clowns?

Robbing, raping, stealing, and murdering that's the Memphis way.
He can manipulate the numbers, but it's not going away,
So you can take your trademarked Blue Crush and throw it away.

Yes my friend Memphis once was great, but now it's a dump,
Large in part because our Mayor is a chump.
Look at this crime ridden filthy urban sprawl.
No one in Memphis cares not even City Hall.

This place is an eyesore and quickly eroding,
While Ophelia Ford has dead people voting.
I salute the Tennessee Waltz,
Even though that piece of shit John Ford said he's not at fault.

This City is a joke that makes national news,
While burning each day at both ends of the fuse.
This City is backwards and way out of date,
Please run for the hills before it's too late.

Run, run, run for the County line,
Because to leave this jungle is a dream of mine.
One can only agree that Memphis is a disgrace,
And no where on Earth can compare to this place.

I truly believe this City is cursed,
And by the way Mrs. Godwin, next time, hold on to your purse!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Shake dem haters off!

The only thing missing on Larrico was the infamous "shake dem haters" shirt. It's photographic moments like this that remind us of how GODwin gets away with all his bullshit. It's like watching an episode of the "Sopranos". WW would be like a Tony and Larrico would be Christopher. We know that it's borderline blasphemous to compare these two idiots with two great characters in an HBO mini series. Our apologies up front.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What was that Cooter?

Larry's dumbass made the CA again this morning. He was questioned about the ability to seize vehicles after an individual is arrested for patronizing prostitution. His quote is below:

Added Memphis Police director Larry Godwin: "I'd say seize every dadgum vehicle and send a message."

"I swear that crappie was this big"

A reader sent us an e-mail and wanted to have some fun with a caption contest. We thought it would be a good way to ease some frustration and have a good time.

Also, some people have posted comments that we should moderate the comments. Our comments are allowed to be placed freely and anonymously. All comments are read by the Enforcer 2.0 staff and we agree some are a little overboard. However, we choose not to censor the comments, except in rare situations. There have been 2 posts deleted in the history of this blog. It was the same long message that we allowed to be posted the first 6 times and felt that it would hamper our readers who may be accessing our blog from their phone.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bogus complaints

We are interested to know how many readers have been wrongly charged over bogus complaints? Now, we aren't just talking about a complaint that could be 50% true. We are talking about the outright lies that catch you some days off. We know that MPD has a history of not being fair with the discipline it doles out. Between 99-2002, they handed out days like it was a contest between Deputy Chiefs to see who could give out the most. If you have been wronged, like we have, post your story or send us an e-mail. We would like to highlight some of the more outrageous incidents and post it for all to see.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Quick question?

Does anyone know why the Memphis Police Department spokesperson is labeled as "Detective"? We don't know much about Monique Martin, other than working uniformed patrol out at the Appling Farms station. Has she done anything else? Investigated a case or worked in the bureaus? Shouldn't she be fonted as OFFICER? What qualifies her to be a spokesperson for the MPD? Does she have an advanced degree in communications or did she pole smoke her way to a cheesecake position? Let us know what you think.

Helping our brothers.

A reader asked that we post his comment to Thad Matthews on our site since it was deleted on his blog. We generally don't do this, but many of Thad's readers read the Enforcer as well. Also, we have received numerous comments through our secured e-mail from the media outlets here in Memphis. Our message is getting out. One story at a time, one reader at a time. Here's the message:


I liked how you chose not to post my blog from early this morning. You are a punk. You cannot even be a man and admit that you have screwed the pooch on this one. You now damn well that this blog posting regarding Bartlett is false and now you are hoping that the threats toward Jason Bartlett because of your lies do not happen. Thad, oh Thad was Jason there? Was he in town, was he at school , was he in another part of town? Oh Thad, admit that you have messed up bad and you just made your blog not credible at all. You will not post this one either, but I will make sure the truth comes out. I have sources to Thad.

Friday, April 18, 2008

We didn't want Jeff Clark to feel left out.

It would appear that nobody is safe when it comes to the Enforcer and it's loyal readers. Another faithful soul has sent us "Commander" Clark's IAB "rap sheet". Apparently, Lawrence GODwin likes to surround himself with less than desirable officers. You know what they say? Birds of a feather! Wait, is that one trademarked as well?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Here's looking at you BUBBA!

Good ol Lon Paul. What else can you say? Well, he's purported to have played pro football, but nobody can find him ever being on the Eagle's roster. He drove an 18 wheeler undercover for a narcotics operation. (It was reported that he had lot lizards blow him for OCU money in order to make his "identity" as a trucker believable) He's wrangled his way up the ladder (not promoted) to get in close with the Director in order to keep his cake assignments. Led a flamboyant lifestyle as an officer with the Germantown Police Department, until they ran him off the job. This leads the Enforcer crew to pose the question, WWLPD? That's right. What Would Lon Paul DO? According to IAB, here's his short list below:

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Phantom shitter strikes again.

We just received the following e-mail from an Airways Station officer. Apparently, hijinks abound at the station house. This will be some light "shit" (excuse the pun) posted for humor:

Maybe you've heard of this. If not, you could have some fun with it so who am I to be stingy with it?
Since around the middle of November 07 we've had a rash of incidents in the precinct's men's locker room, specifically the restroom portion.
Periodically, someone will come in and "tear da club up". They're shitting and then smearing it all over the walls of the stall. This has happened a number of times, and garnered enough attention from management that then Inspector Douglas made several roll calls and promised ten days for the perpetrator when finally caught. Eventually, he told us all that Security Squad had been informed and was going to handle the "investigation": a single camera was installed outside the men's locker room. It was clearly not hooked up to a damn thing, but management thought they appeared to be vigorously investigating so what the fuck.
The Phantom Shitter laid low for awhile after the fake camera went up, but I have been informed that he struck again Sunday night. This prompted sexual harassment expert Major Wayne Williams to hit the D shift roll call monday might, pleading, "If you're shitting all over the bathroom, you gotta stop." He went on to entice the Phantom Shitter to come come forward to get the help he needs. Playing good cop/bad cop all by himself, he then threatened that Security Squad had been informed and was taking over the investigation (again?). He informed the congregation that there was videotape evidence, they had a suspect, but needed him to come forward. An alert officer asked what the precinct crapper door camera revealed, he did what any good MPD manager would and lied. He said the camera was monitored somewhere outside the precinct (Chico's Desk). Clearly he's all about his credibility.
It's all so very exciting, and I have more juicy details for you if you're interested.

Stand by your man.

How long is King Willie going to allow his court jester to play in his kingdom? The Enforcer's following and the power of truth have no limits. We have received Director Godwin's IAB file after a daring "Mission Impossible" style operation. Below are photographed copies of his illicit activities while on the job. We would like to thank the anonymous reader that provided the documents to us via our secured web mail drop. You may need to click on the pictures to see the full size documents.

Monday, April 14, 2008



How many of us have them? Apparently, you have to sport a rugged goatee and bald/balding head to be a member of this pole smoker club. Ladies and gentleman, Lon Paul Sherman and Commander Jeff Clark out on the town. This pic was sent by a loyal reader. Thanks for your contribution!

Thanks Asshole.

We will soon know who will be AOTM for April. GODwin is quickly becoming the public information officer of Assholeville! Please see the below quote from the Commercial Appeal:

Memphis Police Department honors retirees

Originally published 12:39 p.m., April 14, 2008
Updated 12:39 p.m., April 14, 2008

The Memphis Police Department honored nearly two dozen retirees with a combined 732 years of service this morning. Each retiree received two certificates and a key to the city — “I don’t know what that key does,” joked police director Larry Godwin — during a ceremony at the John D. Holt Training Academy, 4371 O.K. Robertson.

What an ASSHOLE! These men and women are being honored for their service and all Lawrence can do is belittle them.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Douche bag says what?

Can you believe this jackass? He is so in love with himself these days. He cannot stay out of the public eye for one day. Does anybody remember any other Director that has been so needy for the public eye? Well, maybe Walter Crews, but I still think Larry takes the cake. Please refer to the below interview with the Flyer:

How are other cities retaining officers?

There are some pretty good salaries across the country for commissioners, directors, and chiefs. I heard a story about a guy from Kentucky who made $224,000. In his pension plan, he gets 90 percent of his salary.

I make $116,000 and get 68.2 percent [of my salary]. And I've been here 30 years. That's where we're lacking. When you talk about pension benefits, ours is horrible. If you look at our retired chiefs, majors, and inspectors, they're all working other jobs now. They stay retired for about three to five years, and then they can't afford it.

The question was about retaining OFFICERS you dumb ass, not DIRECTORS. Shinning example of how this idiot is so consumed with himself.

As far as shutting us down, good luck. That's a First Amendment fight you don't want. We have backing from more people than you are aware. Some of the backing comes from people you call "friends". The citizens of Memphis are tired of your smoke and mirrors scheme to give the appearance that crime is on the run in Memphis. We read the newspapers everyday and hear the talk at work, coffeehouses and in church. Memphis is tired of being afraid to walk out their front door and wonder if they will make it home at the end of the day. Congratulations. Now the average citizen knows how a police officer feels when they leave for work everyday.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

New poll is up!

Sorry everybody. We have been slacking on our duties for this blog. We have posted a new poll instead of the Asshole of The Month Award. We have extended the deadline for those nominations until 4/15/08. Please submit your nominees ASAP. Thanks for being loyal readers.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hey Godwin.....

our shirts are the bomb! You can't stop these. They are being produced overseas you bald fuck!

Monday, April 7, 2008

New search engine

Hey all,

We added a new "Google" search engine to our blog so you can search for a certain post, article or question. Just select to search the blog after submitting your keyword requirements. It will also search the web if you want to call BS on certain issues like freedom of speech. You know? The one law Godwin tries to enforce, but we know he was a "half asleep" at the academy. Let me give Jim Hall credit for that in case he trademarked it. HAHA

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Breaking News

The Enforcer has received information that Larry "Chico" Godwin's days as Director could soon be over! Conversations at City Hall have been overheard and the information being discussed is the tenure of Godwin. Apparently, numerous citizens have contacted their council person and demanded that Larry be removed from his position. Big wigs at City Hall have also discussed the constant "dog and pony" show at MPD and the false picture of dropping crime in the city. A further decision will be made once the FBI UCR numbers for 2007 have been finalized. If 2007 violent crime is higher than 2006, Larry's head will be on the chopping block and his ass hanging in the wind.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

What the F?

The only difference is the color of the uniform. GODwin has been running this department like a third world dictator. Larry would serve the public best working the fry machine at McDonald's. That way, he could save on all the "Just for Men" and grease products for his hair.

I mean, come on Chico. How long are you going to be able to keep up this charade. BLUE CRUSH??? What other dumb ass failed "initiative" are you going to think was your idea? The fact is, it doesn't work. Just like others in the past (zero tolerance, Compstat meetings, etc.)they are merely buzz words.

As many will recall, we had Compstat meetings that gave insight into the "hot spots" of crime. Many of us had to check the spots and notate them on our log sheet. The Compstat program is identical to the "Blue Crush" BS that Larry feels is his baby. How original is that? Take a program that has been in place, give it a fancy name, and then TRY to take all the credit.

Here's the proof in the pudding. Violent crime in 2004 was at 10,133 reported incidents. In 2006, the number of reported violent acts was listed at 13,544. 2007 has not been finalized, but that appears to be an increase in reported crime to us. NOW tell us that BLUE FLUSH is working?

In dealing with reported crime, one must remember the Hu (Human element). As most officers know, Lts. will make the scene on most of these violent felonies. A Lt. is under pressure to keep crime low in their area. The Lt. will take a ROBBERY (for example) and turn it into an ASSAULT with a THEFT. This lowers the reported violent crime and appears that the administration is winning the war on said crime. It's all numbers and BS. A game that has been played for a long time.

So what's the answer? Back up the hardest working element of the MPD......Uniformed Patrol. Pay officers fairly and treat them better. Quit all the BS inner circle and nepotism. Sorry to bring baby Godwin in this, but he needs to learn how to be the real POlice. Otherwise, some other officer will get injured due to his rookie mistake.

Further, have a fair promotional process immediately. Stop waiting for your son to be eligible for the process. We all know what you're doing. All you are doing is messing up his career. He will have to deal with the rest of us long after you are gone.

Just put in an order to have 5,000 printed.

These will be shipped before you can stop them Chico. You can expect to see them appearing on squad cars soon!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hey Lawrence....

we're back you egotistical dick ball. After receiving numerous e-mails, we have begun our 2nd round production of products. We will also be designing a shirt at the request of several dispatchers. A new series entitled "Chico and the man" will be out soon.

Hunting Permits

Should citizens of Memphis be able to augment the crime fighting effort by bagging their own thug? We've come up with a permit (it's just a joke LARRY) that would come in handy the next time they shoot a carjacker.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Larry is dying to know!

Once again, another failed attempt by dick weed Godwin has failed to find out who the people are behind this blog. He had bogus ass Thornton (who was fired as MPD legal adviser and hired by Willie) send a threatening letter to our merchandising company. For those of you that jumped on the bandwagon and got your merchandise early, congrats. We have a list of 30 other company's that provide the same service. We will have more shirts in the future. Keep your eyes peeled to this page and get them when they start selling (only if you really want).

The merchandiser wanted to know where the City of Memphis could send their letter and we told them "UP LARRY'S ASS"! What a stooge. "WAAH. The Enforcer says bad things about me. Waah"! Larry's ego is SO big, yet SO fragile.