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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day everybody. While most (if not all) of us are working this holiday, the rest of Memphis will be party, drinking and grilling. We will also have several thousand "new" citizens thanks to hurricane Gustav. What does that mean for you and I? A pain in the ass couple of days where backyard BBQs turn into RASTLIN and family boxing matches. You know that pork and the son don't mix. Anytime there is a cookout with pork involved, people like to go crazy and pick a fight with whomever is standing around. Be safe and try to find a spot to keep a low profile. I heard tons of shots fired calls last night.

Friday, August 29, 2008

I wanted to share this e-mail we just received from a concerned citizen. We know this is bound to make officers go nuts with comments as we know what's going on with our side. Far too often, we hear these complaints from the public, but never get to tell our side of the story. Here's the e-mail and the comment section is waiting:

I happened upon this blog a while ago during the media reports, and am amazingly grateful to dirk and anyone else involved with it.

However, some of the comments on this blog, from people that I am assuming are officers, scare me almost as much as the corruption in the department.

I was reading through the archives, and noticed a post back in April. Within the comments there were officers saying how they're happy to do nothing all day long, because all of the citizens here don't deserve the help. While I can see where they are coming from, I wish they would keep in mind that some citizens really do depend on them.

I'm a law abiding citizen. I've never been arrested, been pulled over, or given a ticket. But I have a few stories I would like to share with you regarding my correspondence with the MPD.

About 2 years ago, my fiancé and I were awoken in the middle of the night to the sound of gun shots right outside of our bedroom window. He called 911 and was on hold for 15 minutes. Despite that, the officers - all 20 of them - were there in a very admirable time. We told the officers that we had seen that the shots had been fired from a vehicle, and that we heard 2 distinctly different guns being shot. We also told the officers that we had seen the car go down a dead end road, and that they hadn't left yet. The officers didn't care about any of that; instead they just talked to people in the neighborhood to calm them down.

A few months later, my fiancé and my apartment was broken into while we were at work. I wasn't driving at the time, so a coworker had dropped me off and left. When I had noticed that my door was slightly open, I knew not to go inside on the off chance the burglar was still in my home. I called the MPD. I explained to them what had happened, and the very delicate situation I was in. I wasn't sure if there was some one in my apartment, and that if there was some body they could probably hear me talking to them. I didn't have a vehicle so I couldn't leave. I was by myself, a young, 110 lb. female, who probably didn't stand a chance in defending herself. And that I was incredibly scared. I then proceeded to call my mother, who was still at work, my fiancé, and my step-dad in Fayette County. My mother, fiancé, and step-father were there before any officer was. In fact, they were there 20 minutes earlier than the officer. Luckily, there wasn't anyone in my apartment. However, none of our stolen belongings were recovered, and the investigator on the case never felt the need to return any of our phone calls. All we had was a police report, a police report that I not only had to take time off work to get, but had to pay for.

My most recent run in with the law was interesting. My fiancé and I were out shopping, and we noticed an unmarked squad car hop out of a left hand turn lane at a red light, and then kick on his light and fly through the intersection making a left hand turn, not even stopping to see if there was any oncoming traffic. The second he was through the intersection he kicked off his lights. We then noticed that he pulled into a fast food restaurant. My fiancé, being sick of how officers abuse their power, pulled into the parking lot, got out of the car, and took down the officer's plate number to report him. The officer then came out of the restaurant and accosted us. My fiancé told him what he was doing, and why he was doing it. The office then threatened to arrest us, and told us he was on "official police duty. Told us to file our "silly little complaint." and then stomped back into the restaurant, sat down at a table and continued eating with his girlfriend. That doesn't exactly sound like "official police duty" to me. We most likely would not have filed a complaint with the department for the running the red light, even though he could have seriously hurt someone, however, his actions made us think differently. Of course, no one at internal affairs feels the need to call us back.

The only reason why I'm sending you this is so that you will let other officers know that there are still people in this city who depend on them. I understand that there are a lot of people in this city that some people may consider "undeserving," but people like me who pay taxes, follow laws, and can't leave at this point in their lives, deserve to have the police do their jobs. When officers don't do what they signed up for, the innocent people they are supposed to protect can get hurt.
Thank you for everything you're doing,
M. M.
Cordova, TN

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Discipline system gone to shit.

How many times have you been to IAB on a bogus complaint? If you have been on more than a year, probably twice by now. We all know that MPD has a habit of dishing out discipline that is unjust. They would take a complaint from the Easter Bunny if he said you violated him. Then you get charged over the incident at the "precinct" level. You go in for your hearing with your MPA representative and hear the words that have been echoed for years. "Well, downtown wanted to give you 5 days, but I'm going to give you 3. If you appeal this, you will get more than 3 days and lose your appeal. Plus, you'll piss off the 12th floor and be put on the shit list".

If you have heard the above phrase, welcome to the club. In fact, we use to have charge parties for people. The purpose? To raise some needed money for our partners and friends who will not be getting paid for a few days.

We don't condone any wrongful violations of the P&P. We do know that more officers get charged with personal conduct for doing nothing wrong. The conduct is judge by one individual who is usually under pressure from the 12th floor to "SET AN EXAMPLE".

What example is being set? Charge anybody for anything. Rule with an iron fist, even when it's not necessary. I have cut some days in my time. In fact, if Chico knew who I was, I'd be cutting some for sure. Probably fired.

So here comes the advice. Do your job, but don't overdo your job. Document any situation that you feel might go sideways on you. Anytime someone throws out they are related to Larry Godwin, document it with a memo to your Lt. I actually had a M/B tell me he was Godwin's grandson! I nearly fell out of the squad car. SAVE MONEY. I know that is hard to do with a mortgage and family. I know a guy who saved money for when he got charged. Each time he caught some bogus days, he would combine them with his RDOs and go to Cancun. He called his "Z" days extra vacation days. This guy would come back tan and still hungover. All I know is it used to piss off the administration. When you do get back to work, hit em up for all the OT you can get. No DLs or Driving while license Sus/Rev/Can are a dime a dozen.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Joke of the day.

Larry Godwin. Enough said. Hit the red button to hear Frayser Boy and all his glory. Get a good laugh for Monday.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Vote for August's AOTM.

The nominations are up! Please vote for your favorite. We apologize for leaving some names off the list. Some people just put last names out for nominations and we need specifics. Next month, please nominate using the first and last name of your candidate. A brief (2 lines or more) write up should accompany why they are being submitted. The rest of the city needs to understand why they are being nominated. Thanks,

Friday, August 22, 2008

GODwin and his attorneys were "half asleeps" in school.

Now, I don't claim to be an attorney or know all of the rules when it comes to trademark infringement. Chico and the Man have been trying to identify me since April of this year. They used a ruse that I was violating the TN trademark that they have on their version of "Blue Crush". They hired a legal firm (at taxpayer expense) and sent this threatening letter to the makers of our shirts. I have posted a copy of the letter for all of Memphis to see. If you will notice, most of the letter deals with Lawrence and his identity being misused. Yes, Blue Crush is mentioned, but Chico fills most of the narrative. This is just further proof that he is so self consumed that he cannot handle criticism.

At what point will someone on the City Council grow a set of nuts and ask "how much are the taxpayers spending on this wild goose chase"?

Some of you may remember the shirts. Our version of "Blue Crush" doesn't match they city's. Further, they didn't trademark the words for apparel. How much more bullshit is needed. We are all embarrassed that this HAYSEED is running the MPD. He's not even qualified to run a Dairy Queen. Go eat a Brazier Burger Chico!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Paris Hilton may get away with it, but the Police cannot!

We just received an e-mail from a concerned officer, outlining an MPD Lt.'s quest to cover up his own indiscretions. Congratulations Tisby. You might get selected for the AOTM. This is typical of the administration's do as I say and not as I do policy:


I wanted to make sure you knew about the "scandal" involving Lieutenant (Yep, you heard me) Trevor Tisby. About 2 1/2 years ago, I happened to be sitting in Tommy Turners' officer one morning when his phone rang. It was then-Sgt Trevor Tisby who was, at that time, assigned to Sex Crimes. It seems he had been out in the Wolf Chase area in his take home cruiser with his kids all loaded up and had a traffic crash where he rear ended another motorist.

He rec'd the ticket, of course, but never informed the responding officer that his was a city car. He was cited for no insurance/following too closely. He was trying to get the union president to send someone (Debra Godwin) to court with him THAT DAY.

Well, it seems that Trevor never rectified this situation with the State of Tennessee and his license has been suspended for the last couple of years. Someone ratted him out and he got relieved of duty at some point during the latter part of last week.

I just thought you'd like to know. Perhaps we could start a DUMB ASS OF THE MONTH award for just such occasions.


Thanks for the advice on Dumb Ass of the Month. We would probably have 500 nominations each month.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Where do I start?

I guess we could start by saying we are sorry. We received an e-mail about a case from earlier in 2000. It doesn't have anything to do with the current administration, yet it's a perfect example of how NOT to protect your citizens. I have been wrestling with this story for about a month now. It has rolled around in my head and caused me many restless nights. The kind of story that you wish wasn't true. The kind of story that causes you to lose faith in your protectors. I will briefly explain what has been haunting my "tiny slices of death" (thanks Edgar A. Poe).

I cannot go into much detail as Chico could say "dadgummit! That's an active investigation". Let me assure you, the case was closed "PENDING" years ago.

A young lady was sexually assaulted, beat, stabbed and mutilated in early 2000. A crime savagely committed behind the closed doors of her own home. Her attacker was an unknown male that had followed her home from a club in East Memphis. The attacker made small talk in the parking lot of her duplex and was soon invited inside.

While inside, events turned horrifyingly bad. The attacker struck the victim in the head and choked her until she became unconscious. He then began to experiment with items throughout her home. Not wanting to leave a witness to the crime, the attacker cut her throat and poured cleaning agents on her to cover up DNA. The attacker adjourned into the bathroom to clean the blood from his person.

As the dawn of a new morning approached, the victim's friend showed up early at the home with breakfast in hand. As he approached, the front door was slightly ajar. As the door opened, the friend saw the victim laying in a pool of her own blood. Clinging to life, she called to him, but no sounds left her mouth. The damage to her neck only permitted an inaudible murmur. At that point, the suspect appeared from the bathroom. The friend asked what had happened and the suspect charged the friend in an attempt to flee the scene. The suspect was able to flee, with the friend in pursuit. After a small foot chase, the suspect was able to disappear like the dew of the morning on the grass outside.

The friend rushed back to call 911 and administer first aid. Through his quick thinking, the victim survived. The victim had lost a major amount of blood and suffered a small stroke. This left her with a permanent disability. Now she was forced to bear the scars and physical damage of an event that will never be forgotten.

Stay with me now, here comes the juice.

Thousands of man hours were exhausted in an attempt to locate the suspect. A crime like this deserves the full attention of the MPD. Every officer that worked in the precinct had heard what happened. Several task forces were assigned to help Sex Crimes with the case. The first problem is that it took a sex crimes investigator 30 DAYS to visit the victim and obtain a formal statement.

There were many let downs in this case and it started with the Memphis Police Department. At this point in my reading, I became embarrassed to be associated. Crime Scene did a sloppy job of processing the scene and left evidence behind that should have been seized. The Sex Crimes investigator didn't think it was a solvable case and bent to pressures of a mounting pile of new cases.

Several months went by and the attention/manpower on the case faded. The case was dead in the water. Only a faint memory of that tragic night remained in the mind of all that were involved with the pursuit.

The case was about to be laid to rest until an uneventful morning turned the investigation into a hot potato. The friend of the victim was out shopping at the sundry on Mud Island and made a break in the case. The suspect came face to face with the witness while shopping and was positively identified. There were specific characteristics about the suspect that I cannot reveal as it may violate GODwin's law. Anyway, the friend then called the police and the suspect was apprehended.

The suspect was taken to 201 Poplar for interrogation. During this time, the Duty Chief J.D. King (yep, the property room incident) showed up and wanted to know what was going on. King purportedly was contacted by an attorney and briefed on the situation. The attorney was calling on behalf of the suspect, because the suspect's brother was a Memphis Grizzlies basketball player.

After a brief discussion, investigators were forced (by King) to let the suspect walk free. The suspect lived in another state, but frequented Memphis as his brother played for the Grizzlies. Upon his departure, the suspect stated "I'm never coming back to Tennessee".

Why did King force investigators to kick loose a 100% POSITIVELY identified suspect? It's simple. SEASON TICKETS!!!!

J.D. King was over the property room at the time. Guess was else went missing along with our identified suspect? You guessed it. Critical DNA evidence in the case that could link the suspect to the crime.

I know this sounds like a crime drama, but it's real life. It's life on the Memphis Police Department. We have been dealing with this kind of arrogance and disregard for laws too long. We need to clean up our act and clean up this city. The city council has been neutered. Too many new people on deck without a bat to swing while up to the plate. It's time to call in the designated hitter. Who will that be?

Again, we sincerely apologize to the victim of this crime. All of us are not out for self-enrichment. If we were, we wouldn't (SHOULDN'T) be police officers.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Congratulations Caroline Mason!

As most of you know, Caroline was selected as the MPD Enforcer2.0 Asshole of the Month for July. Everyone that voted for her knows that this self proclaimed "diva" has given female officers within MPD a bad name.

Sorry Caroline, this is not a cash award.

With that being said, we are accepting nominations for August AOTM. Please submit you nominations, along with a brief reason why they should be nominated. We feel an overwhelming number of people will nominate Sharon "Thin Mints" Isabel.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Why are we here?

We received the below e-mail and thought it would be a good idea to post. This is a prime example of the idiotic behavior that runs rampant with the leadership in our department. The sender requested that they be identified, but we feel it is in their best interest to remain anonymous. We have redacted some identifying information in the original message.

Hello Dirk, I am the ******** at the Airways Station ***** shift. Just to let you know the c-shift and d-shift in the last month have had a total of 8 sustained statement of charges against officer and still the officers on the shifts continue to check out radar guns. We even had an appeal hearing that was far from fair and impartial. As soon as we walked in the door the Col asked us if we had any new evidence. I simply stated that we are representing evidence to a higher authority. She immediately shook head and stated "well if y'all don't have anything new there is nothing for us to do here". We also had a small episode a few days ago involving a chase. An officer got behind a vehicle that refused to stop doing around 20 mph. The Lt.(Lt. Isabell) immediately said over the air "break off the chase". The driver of the vehicle keep putting up his hands in a surrendering motion while the passenger was observed yelling at the driver. The primary officer discontinued the chase and lost the vehicle. Another officer about five blocks away was driving and the same vehicle ran the officer off the road so he or she immediately got behind it and the passenger bailed out with a gun in his hand. The passenger was caught along with the other occupants. The driver stated to officers that the passenger had a gun and told him if he pulled over he was through. The passenger had 4 warrants. Two for agg assault; 1 for felony possession of firearm and 1 for crim attempt 2nd degree murder. Great catch right!!! Not to Lt Isabell. She made the scene and began scolding the officers for not following the policy on breaking off the chase. Funny, she didn't either. Policy states that, as a supervisor when terminating a chase, the Lt. shall terminate the chase on air. Then they must ask for the primary officers location and mileage. That supervisor is to meet that officer there to verify. She did nothing of the sort, but wanted to belittle the officers for catching the bad guys. No one was hurt and there was no private property damage. Good catch? Nope, she is calling the Major. By the way, there was around $2000 seized with felony dope. Good catch? "Nope, I am calling the major", Isabel stated. We need help dirk. I will keep you posted on the Airways precinct. Also I don't care if my name gets posted. I am **** Airways Delta.

First of all, you must know that everyone at the MPD Enforcer 2.0 supports everything that you did. If the Lt. or Major won't tell you "good job", we will. A positive OBR should be given for a good catch.

Second, remember that Lt. Sharon Isabel is a NO GOOD THIEF! She stole $5,000 in Girl Scout cookie money (from the group she was overseeing), went to Tunica and LOST IT ALL. I'm not telling you to disrespect the Lt. bars, because that will get you into trouble. You don't have to respect her as a person. She is nothing more than a criminal with a badge. She is the 2% of our department that make us look bad. Is she still wearing "jazz" boots with her uniform?

Further, she is one of the many who have sued the department for her promotion. She didn't earn anything. She's as dumb as a mop bucket! You can tell her that I said she's a Dip Dong, just like Chico.

Quick note.

I just wanted to throw out a quick note to all of our readers. There has been much talk about a "trojan" or "worm" that has been utilized against this blog. A worm to identify who is posting or reading this blog. DO NOT BELIEVE THE HYPE! It is another attempt by the administration to cause panic and paranoia. This anonymous worm that is undetectable by all virus scanners can only be deployed in two ways. #1. It must be installed by physical (someone using your PC uploads to your system, i.e. thumb drive) presence. #2. You accept an e-mail from someone and the program is embedded in a file. They would have to know your e-mail address first and e-mail addresses are not required to read/post on this blog.

To all of the people who have contributed via e-mail, don't worry. You e-mail addresses are safe with us and AOL is NOT giving MPD any information. Don't sell your AOL stock! They are committed to following the law and the ECPA.

P.S. The only Trojan Chico has is in his wallet!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Here's your shirts.

Some people requested these shirts today via the Commercial Appeal and this blog. Order them today and antagonize Chico tomorrow. You can customize the style/type of shirt and color. Have a look.


Great news everybody. As I type, motions are being filed today requesting that the frivolous lawsuit filed by Chico and The Man be UNSEALED. I suggest every reporter haul ass down to the courthouse for the unsealing. This will truly be a BREAKING NEWS day. It will shake the foundations, which the MPD loosely stand. My advice to GODwin? Get your resume together and hire a better attorney FOR YOURSELF.

**For those that lack press credentials and want to know what was filed, a redacted version can be found at my counsel's site. You may want to read it before Thad ends up posting.


At this point, Dip Dong GODwin is making a name for himself. I'm sure it's not the kind of free press he wanted. DUMB ASS!

Monday, August 11, 2008

New Bumper

Blue C.R.U.S.H. vs. Compstat

Here's the bottom line. Larry Godwin and Richard Janikowski have fooled the taxpayers and maybe the federal government. We all know Blue Flush doesn't work. It's another taxpayer sinkhole and a Director's mismanagement that gives the appearance MPD is fighting crime. The reality is that this program displaces crime for a week or two. To the average citizen, it means crime will be coming to your streets. If you live in a crime free pocket (doubtful in Memphis) the crime will get pushed into your neighborhoods during “Crushing” 2-3 streets over.

To get a good idea of where Larry Godwin plagiarized the Blue Crush "idea", we need to travel to New York, circa 1994. The following information was obtained from the New York City Police Department’s CompStat program and Wikipedia:

CompStat—or COMPSTAT—(short for COMPuter STATistics or COMParative STATistics) is the name given to the New York City Police Department's accountability process and has since been replicated in many other departments.

CompStat is a multilayered dynamic approach to crime reduction, quality of life improvement, and personnel and resource management. CompStat employs Geographic Information Systems and was intended to map crime and identify problems. In weekly meetings, ranking NYPD executives meet with local precinct commanders from one of the eight patrol boroughs in New York City to discuss the problems. They devise strategies and tactics to solve problems, reduce crime, and ultimately improve quality of life in their assigned area.

Among the Command and Control Center's high-tech capabilities is its computerized "pin mapping" which displays crime, arrest and quality of life data in a host of visual formats including comparative charts, graphs and tables. Through the use of geographic mapping software and other computer technology, for example, the CompStat database can be accessed and a precinct map depicting virtually any combination of crime and/or arrest locations, crime "hot spots" and other relevant information can be instantly projected on the Center's large video projection screens. Comparative charts, tables and graphs can also be projected simultaneously.

In some cases, police departments have started offering information to the public through their own Web sites. In other cases, police departments make an XML feed available to the public which is then displayed on a map using systems such as [CrimeReports.com], used by the Metropolitan Police of Washington DC and many other police departments nationwide.

The following information was obtained directly from the MPD’s Blue Crush propaganda campaign:

The successes of the MPD’s Operation Blue CRUSH pilot operation in 2005 suggested a need for a sustained, integrated law enforcement approach in all parts of the city where street crime has adversely affected the quality of life for our citizens.

The successes of the Memphis Police Department’s Operation Blue CRUSH in 2005 suggested a need for a sustained, integrated law enforcement approach in all parts of the city where street crime has adversely affected the quality of life for our citizens. Operation Blue CRUSH 2005 categorically reduced crime in areas of the city where the methodology was implemented. These “hot spots” of crime were identified using statistical data which allowed us to pinpoint concentrations of criminal activity and better direct our resources.

Blue CRUSH utilizes new partnerships with the University of Memphis and takes advantage of cutting edge technology to create multi-layered crime analysis of hot spots based on crime data. Through the Blue CRUSH initiative the MPD has seen a reduction in crime.

With the crime data information provided, the MPD has demanded a higher level of accountability and responsibility from all officers of the department - from the Command Staff to Uniform Patrol.

When Blue CRUSH crime data is analyzed to provide information on the type of crime, day of week, time of day, and the location that the crime is occurring the department is held more accountable and responsible for the crime that occurs across the city. This critical information is used to specifically focus the Memphis Police Department Blue CRUSH resources in new and innovative strategies driven by accountability and responsibility.

Now, what’s this costing the taxpayers? A federal grant in the amount of $2.4 million was given to the U of M and MPD for the Blue Crush data-driven anti-crime initiative. Why are they receiving taxpayer funds for a program that has been around since 1994? Why are the “Laurel and Hardy” of crime fighting trying to trademark someone else’s idea? Why are we spending so much time, effort and money on a flawed program? We’ll let you decide.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Is there a "Rep" in the house?

If so, we have a reader that would like some questions answered. These questions were posted in the "comments" section and we felt them worthy of front page action. If anyone from the MPA could address these, our readers would be thankful:

Could we get a follow-up on the following items. (#1)I understand the lawsuit filed by the 30 year Captains was settled last week. What was the outcome. (#2)What's the status of the lawsuit filed by J. R. Howell and some other Sgt's. I heard there has been some movement on that. (#3)Any word on when there might be a Sgt's promotional test? (#4)Is the MPA working on anything that looks hopeful that might benefit everyone?

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The next MPD Director?

Good morning Memphis! We thought that it would brighten your day to think that Chico could be replaced by DOG. HAHAHA. If he didn't have a felony conviction, he could probably do better than our current administration. We hear that if he is selected, Beth would replace Janis Pilot as Deputy Director. It would be a toss up between Leland and Youngblood to see who would take Jeff Clark's place. Baby Lyssa is a shoe in for Lon Paul Sherman's job. Enjoy this laugh today. We needed a goofy break from the BS within the MPD. Maholo bra!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Are you stuck in a rut?

At the request of some officers, I'd like to take a moment and redirect back to the purpose of this blog. GODwin's 15 seconds of fame are winding down and we need to focus back on uniformed patrol. This doesn't mean the administration has won a thing. They have been slow to respond over the illegal lawsuit and may have realized that they bit off more than they can chew. You may be able to rule in Memphis, that's why outside counsel was selected. My message to the City and GODwin, YOUR ASS IS ABOUT TO GET HANDED TO YOU!

I digress, some of us have felt that we are stuck in cement. A day in day out of shagging calls and writing reports. With the temperature in Memphis hitting triple digits, it's time to take a break and enjoy some AC.

When taking your break, think about where you're going in life. Where are you headed? Am I in the right career path? Where do I want to be when I retire? Could I make Director? Be honest with yourself and let us know what you think.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Boring at 9.

Did anyone happen to catch this Dip Dong on Channel 3's Live at 9? Can you say BORING? GODwin spent 40% of the time talking about himself (as usual), 30% discussing his screw ups (ticketgate and illegal suit) and 30% talking about National Night Out. I was amazed that he didn't pimp Blue Crush one time! Maybe we are having an effect on his propaganda campaign? We could only hope.

I do love hearing Chico speak. He makes George W. Bush look like a rocket scientist (sorry W). Larry was visibly upset during the first few minutes of questioning. Tapping on his knees, shifting in his seat and avoiding the questions are all signs of deception. Oh wait, we almost forgot. Larry has been certified a liar by his statement of charges he received. Our bad. He did go to his comfort zone and repeat the same crap he's been talking. "Citizens will understand the lawsuit, blah, blah, blah. Officers have been complaining about the Administration since 1827, blah, blah, blah". He almost let the cat out of the bag when discussing issues on the precinct lot. He didn't tell about choir practice, getting drunk and shooting out parking lights. It's called BEER MUSCLES Larry. Everyone gets bold after a few cold ones.

What Larry didn't say was, "I don't have the balls to stand up to the Mayor and do what's right". Larry, quit attacking the BS issues and work on the real problem. Grow a set of nuts, tell the Mayor that you are running the department (or quit) and rebuild the morale from within. We'll even help you with the first step. During the month of August, we CHALLENGE YOU to visit each and every roll call. When visiting, don't talk about yourself. Talk to the officers and ask what's on their mind. Ask how WE can fix the problem with morale. Hell, just show up and ask us how we are doing? Show some empathy for the thinning blue line. The blue line that keeps the citizens of Memphis safe.

****If you missed the show, here's the link to the video. It's worth watching for comedy relief. Dip Dong GODwin states he doesn't know how to fix a ticket and then explains how to do fix one. He catches himself in the lie. Watch him squirm!


Scroll down to the Live at 9, Monday Aug 4.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

How to fix a ticket 101

So you found yourself in a pickle this month and received a speeding ticket. If you are lucky and connected to the political underbelly of Memphis, you could get help. Just place a call to your sandwich maker's daddy and POOF! Just pay the court costs. No fine, no raise in your car insurance and nothing on your record.

For those of you who aren't that lucky, let us hip you to a few things about City Traffic Court. First, most officers don't enjoy writing tickets. It's been directed at some stations and at Appling Farms, officers MUST write 2 tickets a day.

If you receive a ticket, more than likely you were doing something wrong. For the sake of discussion, we'll focus on speeding tickets. If your responding officer is not a "COMPANY" man, he will probably write you for 5 mph over. That way, he/she gets the stats they need to remain off the radar. But wait, you still got a ticket.

Take the ticket to court on the day listed at the bottom of your citation. Most 5 mph over tickets are dismissed with court costs before the judge even sits on the bench. That's good for you and Mr. Greer. You won't get out clean, but your violation will not hit your driving record or your insurance. This will save you money in the long run.

For all officers reading this story, UNITE! We know you have the rookies and the ass kissers that will write 100+ tickets a month. Have a strong talk with them. Let the "ROOK" know that he is throwing off the shift averages. This makes the whole shift look bad and causes extra heat on officers. Let him know that he is helping nobody by his actions. If you must write a citation, make it a courtesy. If it's Friday and you are in a Radar Car, write courtesy citations. What can they do? Put you in a Radar Car again? They did it to me several times and I kept turning in courtesy tickets. I enjoyed not handling the report calls. You will get the stat for the stop and will show productivity. A silent protest! You will have more than enough accident investigations in a month for your scheduled court date.