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Monday, December 29, 2008

Photo Caption Contest #3.

We have been enjoying the holidays with our families and taking a break from the blog. We noticed this booking photo today on the CA's website. We have seen some crazy booking photos in the past. Some with "John Gaston Turbans", black eye's and even bologna sandwiches! Tell us what you think happened during this photo shoot. I'm also curious if this is within the SCSO's policy when it comes to processing prisoners? She obviously didn't want a clear image of her likeness to be used.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


We received an e-mail from a reader that asked we place the following death notice:


I don't know who you are and don't know what to call you so I'll just say
hello. I was wondering if you could put a small item on your blog about the
death of George Methvin. As you may or may not know I worked in Communications
for many years. George was one of the Communications Supervisors. He retired
after 33 years of service. 33 years and never called off sick one day. He was
just a decent, hard working guy that really tried to get along with everyone. I
know alot of your readers that have been around a while will recognize his name.
It's my understanding he suffered a heart attack at his sons home today
(Saturday). I know your blog is not about death notices but George was well
liked and I'm sure alot of folks would like to know about his passing. I was
told there will be a graveside funeral in Iuka, MS on Monday the 29th.

We would also like to ask that everyone slow down and take it easy this season. There was a recent accident that left an officer critical at the Med. Remember what was preached at the academy. You cannot help anyone if you don't make it there safe. We will NOT place fault on anyone and we will NOT play Monday morning quarterback. Stuff happens and we should learn from it.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dueling Chicos.

I'm sorry that we haven't updated in a while. I've been really busy making extra money for the holidays. Overtime and my second job have kept me away. There has been plenty of focus on our department this week. The media has been all over us like a cheap suit. Everything from residency to the hiring bonuses. I know Chico has been loving the "positive" publicity. For once, something other than BLUE CRUSH has been the focus of conversation.

The media has emailed and asked our thoughts on the recruiting campaign, specifically, what can be done to attract qualified recruits. We haven't had time to respond and don't want to be the sole voice of the rank and file. I do believe that the best recruiting tool would be to get rid of the current administration. Second, we need a promotion process NOW. No bullshit excuses about HR and Essex. No crap about not having the money for the promotion process. No crap from the double talker Sewell (**side note, Sewell doesn't represent us. He only represents his own interest and getting ahead). Third, look at morale boosting alternatives. This could come in the form of having a take home car program for uniformed patrol. It doesn't need to be just for the highest ticket count, I mean Officer of the Month. Take the top 3-5 senior officers on a shift and give them a take home car. We all know that the byproduct would be the public confidence gained in seeing more marked cars on the street. Anytime an officer would be in their car they would be on duty without overtime assessed to the city. Per policy, anyone with a take home car MUST be available to handle any emergency situation (carry duty weapon and radio) and respond accordingly.

I already know what the administration would say. "I didn't have a take home car and neither should they". Typical of the jealousy that runs from the top down. For the outsiders that don't understand, the administration is not just the Director. It is generally the top 3 tiers of our department. Director/Deputy Director, Deputy Chiefs and Colonels. These people impose policy and have achieved their positions due to who (not what) they know.

We would like for you to tell us what you think would be a good idea as a morale booster. We know Chico reads this blog daily. I don't think he would ever take a suggestion from a post on this blog, but we could only hope. We could also hope that his ulcer causes him to medically retire.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Seasons Greetings.

I trust everyone had a good time last night at the MPA party. I had a complete blast! I am getting tired of the Pipkin building. There should be plenty of other locations where we can have this event. A DJ was much better than some hack band doing shitty renditions of Kool and The Gang. The food was ok, but some things were substandard and cold (catfish). The event coordinators should have stayed on the caterer's ass.

As usual, plenty of drinks were available for all to savor. I also enjoyed the talk about this blog. I spoke with may of you last night and received good feedback. Yes, we spoke without me comming out and saying I'm Dirk. You guys looked good in your gators and 3 button suits. I don't think there were enough furry hats like last year. Anyway, tell us what you thought about the party and what suggestions you have for next year. Happy holidays, Dirk.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Was our badge tarnished before we put it on?

Have you ever wondered why there are so many of us that hate this place? Have you asked yourself, "we does that guy stay if he hates his job"? It may be that we cannot get hired anywhere else. As some of us may know, being employed by the MPD may have been one of our biggest mistakes.

The Memphis Police Department has been getting plenty of bad press, courtesy of Larry "Chico" Godwin. The majority of the United States has heard of the crazy shit that has been going on with us lately. From purported misappropriations by our association to Saddam GODwin, it has all been in the media. Lack of promotions, dropping requirements and consistent cronyism have caused us to become like the New Orleans Police Department of the 90's.

If you don't believe that we have a bad reputation, apply to Nashville and be prepared for a hearty laugh. Hell, apply anywhere and see what happens. Most of us (myself included) have been trying to leave for years. We make it through the process only to get knocked out by some comment made by a supervisor or bullshit in our IAB files. I have applied for over 15 jobs in the past few years. Guess what? I'm still here with you.

Why does the MPD hold us back? Why do supervisors hold a grudge? Why does this adminsitration hate any officer that wants to have a better career? Why is GODwin so damn jealous? The current leadership sends the message of "if I wasn't afforded the oppurtunity, this officer shouldn't get a chance to move on from MPD". The 12th floor has more of a hold on our lives than you think! If someone in a position of authority doesn't like you, your screwed. If you try to leave, they'll screw you. Why? Because they can.

I guess that I am doomed to remain here with the rest of you. Rotting away at the Starbucks. Reading Special Orders with only the chosen few on the front page. The back is reserved for the non-conformists. Watching the select few, with no time on, continually getting "cake" assignments. The only thing keeping me sane is this forum that I have to speak freely to the rest of my brothers and sisters. The thought of each time I pass Osama Bin GODwin in the hallways of 201 and thinking to myself, "self, if only this dumb ass had a clue". Watching this DIP DONG of a Director get in front of a microphone and look/sound like an idiot. These tiny slices of joy make my day.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Memphis Crimefighter's Blog

I'm sure that some of you have seen or heard about the new Memphis Police Department's "be positive" blog. This blog was created as a "Yin" to our "Yang" in the crime universe known as Memphis, Tennessee. A word of caution. Be careful with this one. A new blog appears out of nowhere with an anonymous blogger going by the handle "Blue Devil". The blog is pro-GODwin and 12th floor REMFs. This could be a RTCC setup or public affairs attempt to improve the MPDs image. This is a typical management PR stunt. They are more concerned about the image of the department than the officers working the frontline.

With this being said, I'm not starting a blog war. I only want to pass on to our faithful readers to be careful about what you post. Be careful and I look forward to seeing everyone at the MPA party next Friday. If you haven't picked up your tickets, make sure you get them soon. Some of you have purchased Enforcer clothing to wear that night and we thank you for your support.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Anyone have advice?

We received the following e-mail from an applicant that was turned away:

I don't normally do this but I am running out of options and time. My name is Jonathan. I know as crazy as this sounds but I applied to be with the MPD in May and got my rejection letter saying I didn't "progress" to the next step the day before
Thanksgiving. Then I heard that MPD was discriminating against males that are white and over 21 and were using the psychology test to fail them. While I normally don't believe rumors, it would explain my rejection considering I have a perfect history and set up for joining. There is no way I should of failed but the background investigator wouldn't respond to my calls until almost 2 weeks later and he didn't know either. I know their busy but having to call multiple times and leaving voice mail isn't right, especially when you are a 3rd generation to join the MPD.
All I want to know is if there is some discriminating going on and what can I do about it? I only have a week left before I run out of time and miss my window to go into the academy.I know this is what makes everything crazy, I still believe I can help save this city before
the National Guard puts this city on lock down like they in Arkansas.
I thank you for your time.

Here's the best advice I can give you. Forget about joining the MPD. Most of us have been trying to leave for years. I have heard from numerous officers that have been turned down for employment because they worked for the Memphis Police Department. We are getting the reputation of being a "shit hole" department. Imagine that. SHIT HOLE LEADER + SHIT HOLE ADMINISTRATION=SHIT HOLE DEPARTMENT. We couldn't get jobs in loss prevention at Target if we wanted.

Find another department in another city. We use to tell people to go to the county, but they are still surrounded by shit. Like your mom use to say, "you can't shine a turd". Maybe some day we will turn this department around.

This is one of the main reasons why we cannot get enough qualified applicants. The department is kind of synonymous with college football recruiting. If you had a choice, would you go to the scrub school or the one with a chance of a NCAA championship? Chico has made us the laughing stock of law enforcement. I regularly talk with officers from all over the world via this blog. They cannot believe the amount of BS that we have to take here in Memphis.

In the end, we are all responsible for our future. You may not have the power to change your past, but you have the ability to change your future. As of this writing, there is no future with the MPD. No Hong Kong Phooey has been actor nor random commercial can change that fact. This is why I'm with the MPD.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Commander Clark sweeps the polls.

Jeffrey "smokestack" Clark has been selected by the readers as November 2008's MPD Enforcer 2.0 Asshole of the Month. Clark rounds out this year's short list for Asshole of the Year. Since this is a prestigious award, we will allow voting for the full month of December for this years nominees. **Some people have figured out that if they clear their web browser cache (cookies), they have been able to vote more than once for the same person.**

We are sure that some idiot supervisor will screw up during December. Keep that name for the coveted election of the first Asshole for 2009!

I hope to see each and every one at the MPA Christmas party this year. I wonder if Chico will have the roadblocks set up just outside of the function. Don't worry GODwin. I've got a rolodex of taxi numbers and friends to call if I need a ride.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving.

Happy turkey day to all. If you can, take a moment to think about things that you are truly thankful for. I am thankful that each day that passes is another day closer to GODwin being gone. For those of us that have to work, I hope you find some peace during your shift and get something good to eat. Something other than Mapco hot dogs.

Monday, November 24, 2008

"We don't need no dadgum help"!

His majesty Lawrence GODwin of Nutbush has spoken. This retard (no offense to the mentally challenged. You are smarter than this mental midget) actually thinks he can still do his job. Basically, the City Council has come to terms with the fact that Chico is a poor example of a leader, manager and police officer. Crime has been kicking Larry's ass since he rose to power at MPD. Crime has steadily risen since Chico created all of his buzz words and bullshit whoop de doo initiatives.

Yes Sheriff, we will be glad to work with you for a common goal. The peace and safety that is due the citizens of Memphis. We do not get into turf battles or care about which uniform looks better. We will and have been working side by side for a long time. Ego maniacal dictators, like Saddam GODwin, will have their day in the ropes. Hopefully, Lawrence's day will come soon. His career is in the dumps, with no hopes of being rescued.

We cannot get enough qualified applicants in Memphis, because nobody wants to work under this asshole. Chico really blew his load on TV when he said "the citizens of Memphis will see the importance of this lawsuit in the end". Well, they are still waiting. Chico, you proved that you are nothing more than a pathetic excuse for a man who exhibits classic characteristics of Napoleon syndrome (not to be confused with Napoleon Dynamite. He's cooler than GODwin).

We may have to stage a protest on City Hall and the Mayor's office to get rid of this turd.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Brilliant work!

Our mail bag has been getting some extra work these last 2 weeks. We apologize in the delay in publishing some stories. Some of the reader's emails have been sent to the "spam" folder for further review. We received an email today that deserves immediate attention. Normally, I would try to check the reports to see if one has been filed in this matter. After a lengthy discussion with my partners, I have decided that it was too risky to check under my IBM. Does anyone have GODwin's login information? Alan? Oh that's right. If Chico's IBM was associated with doing anything productive, I'm sure it would set off all of the system alarms.

Anyway, please read the below email and lets see if uniformed patrol can catch these assholes. Of course, it would help to know what kind of vehicle information or suspect information to look for? Anyone with spare time should swing through the pawnshops in their ward and check for that MAC book and maybe the old double barrel.

To whom this may concern.
I was affected by a home invasion and robbery on Friday morning, in broad daylight. Two black males came into my home while i was still in the back bedroom drinking my coffee and reading my emails, checking my online banking and my online poker account. My dogs are still just puppies they are 5 months old, this is relevant because all week they have been barking and growling uncontrollably, which i chalked up to puppies new bad habits, BOY was i wrong. So back to the incident that morning, my puppies started howling in bed, i immediately got up thinking he had to go outside to make potty. When i got to my bedroom door, i was sucker punched and pushed on my butt, and they begin to tie my hand and mouth up. The robbers wore no mask, at the realization of this i thought they would kill me after they were done with me. After i was punched and before i was pushed down, the robber put his hand over my mouth and squeezed my jaw, it still hurts today, but as he did this, i could smell a strong metallic odor of blood on his hands, making the whole ordeal all the more scary. The two of them took turns watching me while the other ransacked the house. They sexually assulted me and told me that they were taking my wallet because they were crypts( i don't even know how to spell that) and they will come after me and my family, if i called the cops. The things that they said to me was so crude i would rather not relive the whole ordeal even thinking about it upsets me to the point of losing what reality is and how i am going to cope with these new demons. They stole every firearm i had in the house, including a heirloom double barrel rifle that has been in the family since the 1900's; when they knocked my down, I was laying no more than a foot away from my loaded 357. I would have shot it even with my wrists tied up, but i was scared that they would definitely shoot me then and i would just be another victim in this city full of homicide and violent crime. As these thieves moved me from room to room they were touching all kinds of things that could have been fingerprinted, i know i am not csi but i am pretty sure they could have gotten prints off many things. They even stole a car. All of this, i suppose in this fucked up city is normal, but here is the kicker. A woman on her way to work saw the men jump over the back fence, it faces Perkins and during rush hour commuters can see my whole back yard,and she knew that something wasn't right, she called the police, they never came. i was tied up for more than an hour, these people could have been apprehended and i would have been saved. The part that you will find most interesting is that, the way that they processed the crime scene and how long it actually took the police to arrive on the scene. write me back if you want more details, i would love to tell you the whole story. I have friends on the force and they are advising me to do the right thing and tell the detective Greenwod everything, but i just don't think that it matters. they left blood on my wall that no one took a sample of, they were more than 20 policemen in and out of the house contaminating the crime scene and the women cop that came in first had the audacity to talk about what was being served for lunch as discussed in roll call. Not a moment did she spend with me and ask me questions about the assult in privacy. this happened on Cornelia lane on Friday. look it up, please. they took my iphone 3g, which screams tracking device but no one is doing anything about that and also a macbook pro, with lo jack but i was dumb and had that info on the computer. the car they took was not mine , my boyfriend mother was hiding it from the repo man and it was the perfect car to steal because no one had any information about it. The witness that came forward was pissed because she came to the house at 4 in the afternoon after the cops were long gone, she could not believe the sheer negligence;l after doing the right thing she expected to hear that these bad men were put away and that i was okay The perp came back by the house yesterday on foot and i was alarmed freaked out and called the police, again by the time they came he was long gone. There is a cop that lives 3 doors down, his cops car is always parked outside the house, i have been over there three times to tell hm what happened to me and every time he doesn't answer the door. NO ONE CARES. please help. btw i love your blog even before all this, i have friends on the force and i wonder if you are some one i know. i went to Houston high school, class of 99.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Morale Situation

Thanks Cox & Forkum for the pic

Alright. I believe our morale is finally in the shitter. Could it get any lower? Maybe, but we don't think so. It is basically non-existent. Don't let the OCU/CAT pogues or 12th floor REMFs try to turn officers against this blog. They have been making posts at a high rate the past few days.

This city belongs to the citizens. It also belongs to us if you stop and think. I have read some of the recent comments and noticed a pattern. We are fed up with our leadership and direction. We are tired of the few that get preferred treatment after buying a few rounds for GODwin, Et Al. We are tired of the thugs dropping false complaints on us and IAB's inability to conduct a proper investigation.

What is the answer? I have a few suggestions. Hell, most of us have some idea of what we would like to change. Right now, we need motivation. Motivation in the form of leaders who care. Lts. who will stick up for their shift and tell the front office to get bent when they are "charge happy". We need an IAB unit that will do an honest, fair and non-political investigation when a complaint rolls into the office. As a general rule of thumb, they should use the following philosphy: If the person complaining is a frequent flyer, gang member or just plain pulling shit out of their ass, lock them up! False complaints are on the rise and we have no protection. I am sick and tired of EVERYBODY bucking the system at the expense of officers. When was the last time a defendant charged with assault on a police officer was actually convicted? The DA's office almost immediately drops that charge and Harry Schwartz goes free. I've seen it a million times. When the prosecutor goes to negotiate with a defense attorney, they always "nolle prose" the assault charge. What message does that send? If you get caught, fuck the police. Fight and flee (or attempt).

In closing, we all have a choice to make. Stand up for our rights (and what is right) or bow down and continue to get shit on. I don't know about you, but I've been eating this shit for years. I am not advocating that anyone derelict their duty to protect the citizens. We don't need that and Memphians deserve better. What is a good way to get the attention of the 12th floor? COURTESY TICKETS!!! You are still doing your job, but the revenue stays in the citizens pocket where it belongs. Make Chico explain why the revenue provided by police services has dropped. If you don't want to write tickets, don't. Make sure you have plenty of specials listed on your log sheet to account for all 8 hours of work. The city is one big hot spot that needs checking. Finally, the next time a supervisor asks you to change a robbery to a misdemeanor theft with an assault, refuse. If they don't like it, let them complete the report. We can no longer take these fraudulent reports. Stick together and stand up for our rights. Thanks Bob Marley.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Amos Maki of the Commercial Appeal reported today that GODwin's lawsuit will cost the taxpayers AT LEAST $88,000. I say make Chico pay the bill. He created this scam in an attempt to shut us down. GODwin holds the sole responsibility in this matter. His dumb ass ego got the best of him and his hummingbird ass overloaded his alligator mouth. Well? We are still waiting. The citizens of Memphis were supposed to be shown how important this lawsuit was once it became unsealed.

We stand at a crossroads now. To sue or not to sue? That is the question. I hate that the taxpayers (and myself) will be responsible for this brain fart. Chico has violated our rights and needs to be held accountable. I'd say about 20 million dollars worth of accountability. Here's the rub. The taxpayers (myself included) would be stuck with the bill at the end of the day. Would it cause an increase in our property taxes? Cause a city service to be unfunded next year? Cause Dobbins to lose his king trash man job to make the City's ends meet? We don't have the answers, but we are calculating the risks associated with a counter suit. First and foremost, the risks to the officers of MPD and the taxpayers. They (both) will be our primary concern and wish no illwill towards either.

Two things need to pass with the $88k bill. #1. GODwin needs to personally pay this bill. Not OCU, nor any other MPD "discretionary" fund. #2. Chico needs to be immediately terminated! The citizens of Memphis may be happy footing the bill if we got rid of GODwin in return. Hang up the "Just for Men" Lawrence. You will need the spare money for your retirement. You JACKASS!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Veterans Day.

We would like to thank all of those men and women who have served their country and those who are serving today. Thank You.

Friday, November 7, 2008

What was the Flyer afraid to print?

After responding to the interview questions from Bianca Phillips, I was a little disappointed that she really didn't use anything I gave her. So out of fairness, I am posting our Q&A so everyone can read what was said. The exchange is listed below:

  • Explain the different legal actions the city had against the blog. I’m not even really sure the difference between a legal petition and a subpoena. The City of Memphis and Larry Godwin filed a legal petition in Chancery court. The petition was a complete line of bull. Godwin used the illegal lawsuit in an attempt to illegally obtain my identity through the use of threats. The subpoena came as an action of the petition, i.e. in support. The subpoena to AOL was shot down like a turkey on Thanksgiving by AOL's legal office. My legal counsel was also instrumental in having this action killed.

  • When were each of the actions resolved? When were each of the actions originally brought about? Shortly after the complaint was published in the media (early September). It appears that the city selected their legal team from those at the bottom of their graduation list. The attorney for the city filed a copy of the complaint UNSEALED in Virginia and was given to local media. Godwin kept saying everyday "I think the citizens of Memphis will understand why we had to do this once the documents are unsealed". Well, they did and Godwin had egg all over his face. It made him look like a complete idiot, who's feelings were hurt that his officers were talking bad about him. I believe the term is egomaniacal. Mayor Herenton finally had enough of this fiasco and told the attorneys to pull the plug before the water gets any hotter. The actions were started in April 2008, shortly after we began publication and became syndicated on the web.

  • How were they resolved? Did a judge decide the city was wrong in both cases? Or the city drop the actions?The City dropped their actions.

  • Does the city owe any money to MPD Enforcer as a result of a judge’s order? I'm still discussing that with my legal team. The judge didn't order and funds to be turned over. The final document stated that ALL costs will be paid by the CITY OF MEMPHIS. That means the taxpayers get stuck with the frivolous lawsuit tab. I would like to request that someone in the media do some digging and find out just how much this cost the taxpayers.

  • Did you have to spend any money to fight the actions?Yes we did. I'm working on how to recoup those expenses in a counter suit. My main problem is anonymity. Once I start filing documents, my identity could be revealed. As I told Godwin some months ago, he will know my identity only when the City places it on a court ordered check! I would love to file action around the 8 figure range, but the taxpayers will get stuck with that bill as well. We may just go after Godwin personally since his actions were the driving force behind the lawsuit. The citizens of Memphis pay for Larry's mistakes everyday. They shouldn't have to keep paying for a Director that doesn't care about the people he is charged to protect.

  • What does this sort of treatment of the blogging press by the city police look like to the rest of the nation? The rest of the nation cannot believe the dictatorship that runs the City of Memphis. I receive e-mails on a daily basis from people all over the world. Nobody can believe that legal action would be brought against an American for speaking freely in America. We are still in America, right? Larry Godwin has single handedly sent us back to the 1700's. What a moron. I think it's time for another "Tea Party".

Will the actions have any long term effects on what you post on the blog? Will you still use the Blue Crush logo, etc.? Will you supress the posts? Or will it have any effect at all? We are still up and running full steam. There has been no action to require us to "cease and desist".

Blue Crush is a joke. Officers are consistently told to place a lesser offense on their reports in order to make it look like violent crime is down. I have personally been told in the past to change a strong armed robbery (violent felony) to a misdemeanor assault with a theft.

Godwin must have used a paralegal to file his trademark with the State of Tennessee. Godwin doesn't own the trademark, the City of Memphis does. Further, it doesn't apply to apparel. Even further, the term Blue Crush is used as a parody of a failing crime fighting tool. If you notice, it hasn't been used in the media as much as it has in the past. Score "1" Dirk, "0" Godwin.

He is now trying to ramp up the image of the Real Time Crime Center. Any fool knows that a video camera isn't going to deter crime. It will only capture the act and MAY assist in the prosecution IF the video is any good. Convenience stores have had VHS cameras in their stores for years. They still get robbed. It will be another failed attempt for Godwin to make it look like he is doing something positive for Memphis.

He needs to focus on doing something positive for the officers and increase morale. Once morale increases, the level of police services increases for the citizens of Memphis. This is a "no funds required" action that will be extremely effective. Of course, GODwin is operating on a "no brains required" platform. He is more concerned about how good he thinks he looks than the quality of life for Memphis.

If Herenton doesn't fire Godwin, we must fire Herenton. Cut off the corrupt head of the snake and the body will follow.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Memphis Flyer article by Bianca Phillips

Critics of the Memphis Police Department (MPD) can now wear their opinions on T-shirts that read, "Blue Crush: Displacing Crime, One Block at a Time" and "Real Time Crime Center: More Efficient at Doing Nothing."

Earlier this year, the MPD filed a lawsuit against an anonymous blogger, alleging a trademark violation over Blue Crush parody T-shirts and bumper stickers being sold on the MPD Enforcer blog. The blog has long been critical of the department and MPD director Larry Godwin.

The suit, filed by the city in May and withdrawn in September, alleged that "Dirk Diggler," the handle used by the author of mpdenforcer20.blogspot.com, used the blog "to misappropriate the image, likeness, and name of Director Godwin and the City of Memphis' Blue Crush trademarks."

It also claimed that Diggler endangered the life of an undercover officer by posting a picture of the officer on the blog. The photo was later removed from the site.

In July, the city sent a letter to Zazzle.com, an online T-shirt printer, asking them not to print shirts with the Blue Crush logo or Godwin's likeness.

"We communicated with Zazzle, and they were persuaded that there was no trademark violation," said Paul Alan Levy, an attorney with the Washington-based Public Citizen Litigation Group who represented Diggler in the case. "Now the stuff is back up."

The shirts, which have been viewable in an advertising box on the blog for a little over a month, feature "Blue Crush" written in blue in a font different from the one the MPD uses. Levy says the MPD's trademark rights to the phrase are questionable since their uses are non-commercial.

"The FBI is not a trademarked name because it's used for a government agency, and I think the same would be true for Blue Crush," Levy said. "But it's plainly a fair-use issue here. It's used as commentary, not for purposes of confusing people about whether the MPD is author of this thing."

Attorney David Bearman, who represented the city in the case, referred all questions to Mayor W.W. Herenton's assistant Toni Holman-Turner. Asked why the city withdrew its lawsuit, Holman-Turner would not discuss the trademark issue.

"Our main concern was to have the picture of the [undercover] officer removed," Holman-Turner said.

Holman-Turner was also unable to provide information on how much money the city spent during the three months of litigation against the blogger.

"I think the city ended up being embarrassed by the whole thing," Levy said. "They got slammed in the press and they knew they'd be slammed in court if they litigated [it]."

Monday, November 3, 2008

Congrats Lori Bullard.

It appears Lon Paul and Commander Clark have slipped by again this month. Lori was selected as the MPD Enforcer 2.0 Asshole of the Month for October 2008. It's that time again. Let us get your nominations for the last monthly award of the year. December's race will be solely for the Asshole of the Year award. Only winners from the previous months will be nominated.

There is a small poll up until the 15th. Let us know if you liked being able to select more than one person per vote. If so, we will continue to allow multiple selections per vote.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hold the phone on Dobbins!

With the news of Dobbins' daughter being terminated at the request of Chico GODwin, a tiny spark of denial may be creeping up in the postings. Some of the readers feel that Earnie Dobbins should have been the Director instead of Chico. NO WAY, NO HOW. Neither of these dumb ass goof balls should be placed in a position of leadership over the men and women of the Memphis Police Department. "DumbE" Dobbins should not have made it as high as he did. Most of us remember the fabled SGT's test (no, the test is not a myth). Big "E" gave all of his TACT officers (only the ones in the Afro Police Association) an advanced copy of the promotional video that was to be used. He was caught red handed and reprimanded. CROOKED, CROOKED, and CROOKED. Now we know why WWW.Herenton is taking care of him. Birds of a feather or maybe they were frat brothers.

By the way, all of those TACT officers got promoted during that exam process. I see them on the street today and I am disgusted. Lie, cheat, and steal should be written on their clubhouse door.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Is Thad Matthews the new Medical Examiner for Shelby County?

I know that most visitors are familiar with Thad and some have ended up here based on his blog. Has anyone seen his latest bullshit ramblings? Thud has done it again with his ITT tech (sorry students) certificate in photography. He has plastered images all over his blog in regards to the Reginald Pointer shooting.

Thud has used his $2 Sharpie in an attempt to mislead his readers. Thud is the ultimate conspiracy theorist. The bottom line is, death is violent. Things happen to a body that only a trained medical examiner can best theorize. The bruising, cuts and other wounds could have been ante mortem (before death) and up to 24 hours before contact with officers.

The most laughable statement in his whole argument is that possibility that these "injuries" could have been caused by a police "nightstick". Well, we use police batons and I haven't carried mine since it was issued. In fact, it's still collecting dust out in my garage today. The police baton has and always will be a liability. That's why we don't carry them on a regular basis. Sure, we are issued this tool and required to have it in our patrol car. Most of us wouldn't be caught in public swinging one of those things around. Use of baton (legally) equals lawsuit no matter which way you cut it.

We applaud the officers for doing a fine job. It's never good when deadly force comes into play. I'd rather see a criminal come out on the short end of the stick. As for Reggie not committing a crime, running from the po po is a crime. If you have done nothing wrong, why run? Maybe to get rid of your burglary tools or that Celine Dion CD that you accidentally grabbed thinking it was 3 Six Mafias greatest hits. The wording can be hard to see when digging through someone's glove box at 2 AM.

Don't think we are supporting or standing up for GODwin or the Mayor on this one. We are standing strong with the officers that had to make a split second decision in the fight for life.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

State of the Enforcer 2.0.

Recently, I have received many e-mails and seen the comments about the Enforcer 2.0's status. Let me lay some of the rumors to rest.

First, the lawsuit that GODwin and the City of Memphis brought against us is OVER. There is no underlying issues in court and nothing pending. We won, Larry lost. There has been NO gag order or any type of agreements. Our speech remains free and we will continue the good fight. We have not been shaken up, nor have we curbed our subject matter. We will continue to post topics that are of concern to the rank and file within MPD.

Second, the fire has NOT died down with our posts. We are still determined to oust Chico and any future "leader" that is out for their own interest. You can have all of your First 48's and narc shows, but Uniformed Patrol is the backbone of the department. We will continue to stand together and fight for what is right. A fight against the nepotism and bullshit that constantly emits from the 12th floor. We will continue to have each others backs as long as you are not one of the good ol boys.

Finally, we are here FOREVER! Don't worry if you haven't seen a post in a day or two. We are busy chasing down leads and verifying facts before throwing out some bullshit just to have filler. As stated before, we are not a daily news outlet with deadlines. We will post issues/stories as they happen. One of the best avenues for getting topics out on this blog is to e-mail us with your concerns. You can send us your "inside scoop" to nico3974@aim.com and we will evaluate the topic. We know the MPA doesn't have our back and JD Sewell has sold us down the river. His back channel agreements with the 12th floor should get his ass booted from the MPA. Most of all, stay with us and stay strong. Thanks.

Friday, October 17, 2008

The "Blue Flu" could be for real!

Meet your new cold weather headgear. We are not going to harp on this since the media is picking up the story. This article is mainly for the rookies that still don't understand how the P&P works.

Don't stress about dumb ass half-brained attempts from the 12th floor to curb the wear of the watch cap. Temps will be low, especially for the "A" shift. But who's going to see you at 3 am when it's dark outside? Chico? HAHAHA! He's probably on his third wet dream about how great he is.

Keep your watch cap (or whatever will keep you warm) close at hand. Nobody can tell you how to survive when you are freezing. No form of direction from the 12th floor can tell when you are freezing your ass off. They sit in a climate controlled office all day.

Use common sense. If you are on a hot call and know that a Lt. might be coming by, take it off. It's as simple as that. Roll it up at stuff it in your uniform "Ralph Cramden" hat. Tell them it's a hat liner if you wish.

With crime running rampant in a city run by fools, the biggest problem they have is what we where on our head? Give us a break. I know we shouldn't be wearing "FuBu"or "Colts" logos on the headgear. Did you notice the big ass GORGONZ logo in the back of this fuzzy clam? Use a lot of tact and a little diplomacy. The policy was created as another catch all. If they can't charge you for something good, they will say "well, you were wearing unapproved headgear". I'd hate to be the first one charged, but the focus should be on the charging party. What type of supervisor will bust your balls (sorry ladies) for trying to stay warm? Maybe we all could name a few company men/women. One thing is for sure. I foresee record uses of sick time this winter. If you think you have the biggest brass balls in the room, claim OJI.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Vote now for October AOTM.

It's election time again. We put a new twist on things this time since there are too many good candidates. We are allowing readers to select more than one name prior to voting. It's simple. Select all the names you want, then click "vote". If this works out well, we will keep the multi-vote going.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Who will take Cole's place?

Steve Cole is out, but who's coming in? I haven't heard who his replacement will be, but the rumor mill states Major Joe Scott will be picked. Scott has pulled some HUGE favors (cover ups) for Chico in the past. What is the price of loyalty? What is the cost of turning a blind eye during an investigation? These are the questions that only Joe can answer.

We are growing tired of the cronyism that's running rampant within the administration. It literally is boiling down to "who you blow and who you know" if you want to climb the ladder within MPD. We all know about the bullshit promotional exam slated for next year. I'm willing to bet my pension that Greaser II will be eligible and make it the first time around. Just wait and see. The whole exam will be "crafted" in order to give Jr. an advantage.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dirk in 2008?


Click on the link for the late breaking election news. A real Maverick has entered the race.


We've all heard of the Amber Alert system. The MPD Enforcer 2.0 has now imposed a new kind of search. A BLUE ALERT(TM)! Some officers have contacted us in an attempt to locate retired members of the MPD. As a community service, we will try to connect some of these lost individuals. If you think officers are not reading this blog, you're wrong. Many past, present and future officers read on a daily basis.

We don't want to place phone numbers on here as a respect to privacy. Currently, I have some individuals trying to reach the real MITCH FRAISER and GREG TACKER. I will be happy to reply to your e-mail with who is trying to contact you and the phone number for you to call. Please e-mail our confidential drop at nico3974@aim.com, only if you are the real persons being located.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Congratulations Amy Herbison.

The votes have been tallied and it was close for September. Amy Herbison won with 33% of the votes, while Monique and Lon Paul brought up the rear. Another month down and two more ahead as we countdown until the MPD Enforcer 2.o Asshole of the Year.

We are now taking nominations until 10/15/08 for October's nominees. Please remember the guidelines for submission. First and Last names are needed as well as the reason for the nomination.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Man, I love this mail bag!

I absolutely love it when the citizens decide to participate on our blog. We received this e-mail from a young lady and can't believe what was said. I guess there really are two sides to every story. I will leave her contact information out. I guess she thought we would give her a call.

Aug 30th 2008

I was watching a movie on the computer, at my friend’s apartment, about 1:45AM; I heard a large truck drive by. I walked outside, I called my friend Marcellus and talked to him about the strange activity, and I watched them load up a older gray sedan onto a flat bed tow truck and leave from the leasing office, a white camaro flowed the truck out.
I Did not see anyone or any other cars at the office from where I was. I got into my car and drove up to the leasing office to see what had happened.
As I was approaching the office, I could see a marked MPD police Charger. There where no lights flashing, and no Police officers around, I drove past the Police car, a motorcycle and a Green SUV parked off to the side, I believe the Green SUV was the security Car. a Yellow Firebird was off to the side of the drive.
A Uniformed Hooah Security guard, white male, wearing black pants and a gray polo shirt, steeped in front of my car and told me to stop, I stopped and rolled down my drivers side window. He told me to get out of the car. I asked what for? He told me again to get out of the car. I told him no, that I would not get out of my car for a security guard.
I rolled up my window and pulled forward, another white male in the yellow Firebird pulled out in front of me, and blocked me in, I put my car in reverse, a black male security guard, hit my drivers side window with his flashlight and said that if I did not roll my window down that he would brake the glass and pull me out, he was wearing black pants and a gray button down shirt, dress belt, silver beaded necklace with the I.D. turned around, and a small silver badge on his right hip.
I stopped, and rolled the window down about 5 inches, he asked me for my I.D. I told him I did not have it with me, he asked me for my name, I asked what for? He asked me for my address, I asked what for? He put his fingers in my window and held my window down, and told a female to mace me.
At the same time another male is pulling on my passenger side door handle trying to get inside my car. The female sprays the mace into my ear, eyes, nose, mouth and hair. I screamed, stop! stop! someone please help! I never saw the female or what she was wearing.
I heard the male security guard say “oh shit” and pulled his fingers out of my window. Marcellus was still on the phone with me, and he told me to leave as fast as I could.
I rolled the window up, and hit the gas, going in reverse as fast as I could, the black male security guard and the female, where beside my car, on the drivers side, the male hit the side of my car and my windows with his flashlight as I pulled away, and when I got around the circle I heard 2 shots and my drivers side window shattered, and my driver side front tire blew out.
Marcellus told me to go to the Fire station for help, I drove to the station, about ½ mile away and banged on the door for someone to let me in, a Firefighter came to the door and asked what happened, I told him I had been maced, someone shot at me, and I cant breath, I think there trying to kill me.
He let me inside and got me a cold wet towel, another Firefighter had me sit down and asked what had happened, I told them that security had stopped me, and tried to force me out of my car, they Maced me, and as I was leaving someone shot at me. I told them I was scared for my life.
I called my brother and told him what happened and asked him to come and help me.
One of the Firefighters walked outside and looked at my car, and about 10 minuets later, a MPD police car pulled up, both Firefighters walked outside to talk to him, the Officer came inside and asked me if the white sedan was my car, I said yes it is. He asked me where my weapon was, I said I do not have a weapon, they Maced me, and shot at me. The Officer said that a call went out that a small white sedan had shot at MPD Officers and they had returned fire. I told him again that I did not have a weapon.
The officer went back outside and other officers arrived, they asked me to come outside and talk to them, they took my car key, and my cell phone away from me.
Officer Davis put me in the back of his Police car. After about 30mins of being in the back of the car, Officer Davis came back to the car, I asked him if I could have my phone, and make a call. He said no.
About this time my brother had come up to the station, I asked if my Brother could get some numbers out of my phone and make some calls for me. He said no. I asked if I could make any calls at all, He said no.
And he steeped back out of the car. A hour passed before he came back to the car, I asked him for some paper towels or napkin or water or something to get the Mace out of my eyes, he said no.
I asked him if I could see my car and the damages, he said no. But he did take photos and show me them on his phone.
5:25am another Officer arrived and put me in handcuffs to take me downtown. I told him that I have a shoulder injury and asked if he could put the cuffs in front of me, he said no.
I was taken to 201 Poplar, and I was handcuffed by my ankle to a bench. About 8:30 am Detective Chatman came and walked me down the hall to a room, he asked me to read my Miranda rights out loud and sign the paper and date it.
He then told me I was under arrest for Aggravated Assault. He then asked me for my statement and typed it up, printed it out and asked me to sign and date, and note of the time, 9:50 AM.
Detective Chatman told me that the black male security guard was a MPD officer and that I tried to run him over with my car.
I then sat in the room, still handcuffed by my ankle to a chair. Detective Chatman came back to get me around 11:20 AM he told me I was going to be taken to Jail East. I asked him to call my Brother and tell him, what I was arrested for, and where they where taking me. He called my brother, and then I was transported to Jail East about 12pm.
I was striped searched, the transporting officer stood outside the window and watched as I was removing my cloths.
After that I was told to go sit down after I got back dressed.
I called my Dad and he said they where trying to get me out and wanted to know what they could do, I said I don’t know but I had been trying to call them all day and no one would let me make any calls.
I called my Mom at 4 PM and she said she was at the bail bondsman and they would come and get me soon.
6pm they called me back to change cloths and go to my cell, where I finally got to take a shower and wash the Mace off of my face.
Around 9:15pm they called me and told me my parents where there to get me.
9:30pm I left with my parents.

My name is K. K.; I am a single, 21 year old, white female. I have never been in trouble with the law before now.
My brother is a MPD officer, and my best friend Marcellus is a Security officer.
I have had nothing but respect for Law enforcement officers.
Until now, now I am scared to death of anyone with a gun, I am scared to leave my house with out someone being with me.
Im afraid that if the security guards see me or my car, they will kill me.

I was at Marcellus’s apartment at 4**** Raleigh Lagrange, Memphis TN 38128
Date/Time Occurred Between
8/30/2008 1:50AM and 8/30/2008 1:56 AM
Date/Time Police Arrived
8/30/2008 2:27 AM

Incident Report #0808018314ME

The Black Male Security Guard/MPD officer is one Claxton, Cedric
The Female is one MPD Officer White, Latonia
The Hooah Security Guard who stopped me was one Forrester, William A
The White Male in the yellow Firebird was one Anderson, James

And Witnesses
One Black male Hooah Security Guard Triplett, Larry E.
And Conway, Sharmu J. (a 19yr old resident of Jennifer Meadows)

It took me 7 days to get my car back. MPD and CSI had broken out the driver side window and left if uncovered during 3 days of rain. They had taken my driver side wheel and rim off and left my car sitting on its axel.
There are several dents along the sides of my car and on the roof of the car.
My front bumper has been dragged and will need to be replaced.
I have had to replace the entire driver’s side door due to damages. And the inerter has substantial water damage.
I had a number of things stolen out of my car while it was in Police custody, including $300 cash, gift cards ranging in $5, to $15. An ipod nano, a 2cell Maglight flashlight, a pairing knife, small crowbar, and my car’s jack.
Also my one and only Car key* witch I gave to the officers at the Fire station was also Lost or Stolen by MPD.
Because the Jack had been stolen, I had to get a Tow truck to come and get my car.
And I have had a hard time getting back and forth to work and court appointments with out my Car.

I have had to miss work due to not having my car. and my Mom and Dad have both missed work to take me to court appointments.
My life has been hell sense 8/30/2008
My bills have been piling up, and it’s become harder and harder for me to get a new job.
I work retail and my hours at work have been cut due to the price of gas and everything else going up. And with out my car I can’t really get another job. I now have attorney fees and damages to my car that I have to pay for.

Any help or advice you can give me would be very much appreciate
thank you for your time.
- KK

Monday, September 29, 2008

MPD ribbons vs. military awards.

Has anyone ever noticed how our ribbons are similar to those awarded by the United States military? Could we be disrespecting the men and women who earned these ribbons? Could we be violating a federal law?

Title 18 U.S.C., Section 702 states the following:

Whoever, in any place within the jurisdiction of the United States
or in the Canal Zone, without authority, wears the uniform
or a distinctive part thereof or anything similar to a distinctive
part of the uniform of any of the armed forces of the United
States, Public Health Service or any auxiliary of such, shall be
fined under this title or imprisoned not more than six months, or
At the least, I feel we are disrespecting those who served in the armed forces and received the Purple Heart medal. We get a "Purple Heart" like ribbon for not wrecking a squad car. What the hell is that? Who's idea was it to add more items to our uniform? Could it be someone who never served in the military? Could it be the same someone claiming to have "walked through rice patties in Vietnam"? What a disgrace.

Update on the A/D.

As I stated in the last post, I was unable to verify all of the information submitted by the tipster. I just received information from a source that had first hand knowledge of the incident. The below e-mail was edited to conceal the identity of the tipster:

Hey Dirk don't mean to disappoint but the accidental discharge story is completely false. the female officer was taking her weapon out of her holster to adjust her gun belt and she had an accidental discharge in to the door of the squad car. no one was hurt or taken into custody. no one from the 12th floor made it either. no high level brass made the scene. just ###### and the officer, Lt, and two iab investigators. it was strictly an accident and the officer took complete blame and knew she messed up. how many of us would admit that we are wrong and take the pill. every body screw ups every now and again. i will try and keep informed as much as possible and am very interested on how you respond to having bad info on your site. i am huge supporter and good luck to you in your future endeavors. also promotion test rumored in April just in time for chico jr to eligible. later

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Accidental discharge.

We are still trying to track down the information on an A/D committed on duty. We received an e-mail, but have not been able to confirm anything. Maybe this is another cover up for an officer that has the right connections. If anybody has the inside scoop, please comment.

Hey Nico/Dirk

Did you hear about the accidental discharge at Crump and Phelan in the west end? All the details I have heard are that a f/b day shift (also west) was working a GHSO detail and running radar or supposed to be running radar and had a accidental discharge and fired a shot through either a squad car window or a private vehicle. It all happened about 9pm Monday or Tuesday. Now exactly how do you have a accidental discharge through a car window?

The day it happened all sorts of 12th floorer were called to Crump and Phelan wth a MHA housing LT. I heard through a MHA officer that the female officer was actually under arrest by the MHA Lt. and that was why 402 and the Duty Chief were called there. The MHA officer who told me this wouldn't get his facts wrong, so I'm wondering if this is a cover-up for the day shift officer.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Zazzle backs the Enforcer.

That's right folks. Zazzle has gotten on board with the Enforcer and is now happy to provide you with your Blue Crush apparel. Visit our store front for a good laugh. This offering is just in time for those that will be attending the retirement ceremony. Sport your look and cheese off Dip Dong Chico. What a putz!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

2nd Place.

Hey everybody. I just picked up the Memphis Flyer and found that we were awarded 2nd place in their readers poll for Best Memphis Blogger. I find it ironic that Thad Matthews was voted 3rd! I know many devoted readers do not like Thad and I have issues with some of his postings, but he had a minor role in this blog's creation. Ok, don't stop reading now.

Before this blog was started, I never really new what a blog was or how to operate one. After hearing all of the drama surrounding Thad at the beginning of the year, I went and checked out his blog. I then took it upon myself to learn about blogging and created the MPD Enforcer 2.0.

As most of you old heads are aware, the original Enforcer was hosted on Geocities back in the 90's. The old Enforcer kind of fade away and gave birth to this "2.0" version.

I guess this is my acceptance speech, since I didn't appear last night at the awards party. A big thanks goes out to the original Enforcer crew and the idiots on the 12th floor for giving us fodder. Thank you as well to the men and women that serve along side me everyday. Finally, thanks again to the readers and voters in the Memphis Flyer's Best of Memphis. Dirk.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Blue Crush shirts coming soon!

Chico and the Man may have made a grave mistake by threatening their silly suit over our Blue Crush shirts. Our attorneys have sent the following letter to the company that supplies our shirts:

For those of you keeping score, that's Dirk=2, City of Memphis/GODwin=0.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Abuse of power is in the air!

Where do these assholes come from? The breed of supervisors within the MPD are amazing! Truly, the bloodline has been flawed. GODwin is giving birth to more brain dead leaders by the dozen.

We received unconfirmed information today, that a Major at the S/E precinct (Airways station, whatever) has implemented his own SICK POLICY. Everyone knows that if you are off 3 or more days, you must have a doctor's note upon return to duty. Major Hardy of the Charlie and Delta shifts has imposed a new law with regards to the sick policy. Hardy is demanding that "his" officers bring a note each and every time they are sick! Yep, if you catch a case of the back door trotters (more commonly known as a 24 hour stomach virus), you better see a doctor and get a note.

What kind of lame brained, Dip Dong, dumb shit idea is this? Does he not realize that most of us cannot get to our doctor within 24 hours for a note? This means all of "his" officers will be off at least 2 days (1 sick and 1 for a doctor's appointment). Further, does he not realize that he doesn't have the authority to change the sick policy? Here's the big one........did Chico approve your changes to "GODwin's Law"?

We suggest that the first officer to challenge this policy also file a lawsuit for discrimination against the City, Willie squared, Chico and Major Hardy. You cannot impose your take on the sick policy to a select few who are covered under a greater authority. We sense a duty change for Hardy is in the works. Let's say somewhere around the 200's car number putting the Alpha shift in service.

Major Hardy will probably receive a nomination for AOTM for this.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

E-mail bag

From time to time, we receive e-mails from members of the public seeking career advice. In recent months, I've noticed that officers from all surrounding cities have been following our blog. I would like to post an e-mail that we received from an individual seeking information on the "best" department to apply. Please see below:

Nico, I live in Memphis and have decided to become a police officer, so i decided to do some research on the departments in the area before i made my choice. I cam upon your website in my search and it has caused me concern. You seem as you may be seasoned in law enforcement and i wanted to ask your opinion. Which department (i.e. Memphis, Germantown, Collierville) would be best to apply to? I know each have their flaws but which would be the best choice right now? thanks R*****

I know this will open up a barrage of responses and interaction is what we are about. Comments are still moderated, but 99.9% are being posted. The same lame brained fool from Millington is the cause for moderation. He/she would literally place the same comment 50 times a day. We feel that this junk is a disservice to the readers and would like to keep things simple for all to enjoy.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Thanks readers.

We recently received an e-mail from the Memphis Flyer, notifying us that we were selected as the best blogger in Memphis during their recent pole. They would not say where we placed, but they said we were selected. I think they are waiting for the official release of the list. We did receive an invitation to the awards party, but don't know about going. You know, the whole anonymity thing? Maybe our local attorney may want to go in my place? Anyway, thanks again to you guys and those who voted. This gives us more energy to produce informative articles and not just dick jokes. HAHA!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Vote now.

Hey everybody. As you can see, we have posted the nominees for September. It appears someone at the MPA may be upset, judging by the last names on the list. Oh well, you live and learn.

We will post all of the monthly winners in a new area called "Wall of Shame". During the month of December, we will post the poll for "Asshole of the Year". Somehow, we think Chico will sweep this nomination like he continues to sweep away all of his son's illegal activity. Look for the new "Wall" coming soon.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Never forget.

Today is 9/11/08. A day in which most of us Americans will take time to reflect on the tragedies of the past. A day in which members of the military will spend on foreign soil, defending the freedoms that you and I enjoy today.

The tragic events of 9/11/01 will forever be etched in the memory of most people, not only in the United States, but the world. It was a day in which the world literally came to a stop. The United States was not free from terror as most of us have come to believe. We were more familiar with domestic terrorism and the rampant crime in the city of Memphis. Some believe our elected leaders failed that day, much like the leaders of Memphis fail us everyday.

Please take time today to reflect on all of the events of September 11, 2001. Not only time to reflect on how this impacted the world, but how this has impacted your life. The way you act towards others today vs. the way you acted prior to 9/11/01. The way we treat our fellow Americans today vs. before 9/11/01.

Also take time today to remember our heroes of the day. The first responders, who charged into the belly of the beast, never to emerge again. The faceless men and women who New Yorkers came to know as their protectors.

We, as Memphis police officers, should strive to increase our public opinion regardless of who is bringing down the ship. We should continue to do our job regardless of someones ethnic, race, religious or sexual orientation. The head of our organization my be rotten, but the body can and MUST fight on! We know what has to be done, so lets do it. We are receiving national negative press now, but the negatives can no longer effect the services we provide.

Let us remember how the brave individuals acted on 9/11/01 as they joined together and charged into hell. Memphis has become our hell and we too must join together. United we stand, divided we fall.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Someone from the City of Memphis is trying to sabotage our blog!

Someone located on the City of Memphis government network is behind the rash of recent attacks on the blog. Obviously, Larry couldn't win his illegal lawsuit fair and square. It appears that Chico has resorted to CYBER WARFARE in an attempt to disrupt operations. We have employed advance techniques at monitoring the activity of the City computers while visiting our blog. It appears at least 2 different PCs on their network have been hitting the blog more than 30 times a day.

Number of Entries:
Entry Page Time:
Visit Length:
9th September 2008 16:27:39
2 hours 42 mins 20 secs
IE 6.0
United StatesReturning Visits:
IP Address:
Entry Page:
Exit Page:
Referring URL:
Memphis, Tennessee, United States
City Of Memphis ( suspicious2 [Edit Label]
MPD Enforcer 2.0
MPD Enforcer 2.0
No referring link

We can only assume that it's some stooges from the Real Time Crime Center. They have plenty of time on their hands, since that farce will not deter crime either. One thing is for sure, we know for a fact that it is not Sherman doing this. He still uses a manual typewriter to complete his prostitution reports.

$750,000 to inflate GODwin's ego?

By now, most of you have seen the news reports that Osama Bin GODwin has enlisted the help of Steven Seagal with recruiting efforts at MPD. It will cost the taxpayers of Memphis $750,000 to run an ad campaign with at least one of the four ad units including Seagal. $750,000 could fund an additional 16 new officers for one year. We must ask ourselves, "what is this going to accomplish"? The answer NOTHING!

This dumb ass publicity stunt will allow Chico more face time on the television. This will detract attention from the fact that he tried to force his jack boot on the throat of America with his attack on free speech. Yes, we won that battle and I know it is becoming old news. Mark my words, it's not over. As long as the #1 terrorist in Memphis resides in the ivory towers at 201 Poplar, crime will increase, morale will cease to exist and the taxpayers will have to pour more out of their pockets.

WWW.Herenton, I have an answer for you. An answer that will not cost Memphis the $750,000 to attract, recruit and retain quality officers. I'll break it down for you below:

1. Fire GODwin.
2. Seek outside of MPD for the next Director.
3. Increase the pay and benefits of current MPD officers.
4. Actually back the officers instead of using your authority to bend the law for self-gain, or
5. Fire yourself!

The above suggestions should not cost that much to put in place. An executive search firm will help you find qualified candidates. They will charge you less than the $750k that Chico will spend bolstering his ego.

As for Steven Seagal, I liked him back in the late 80's when his movies were entertaining. He has become an out of shape actor who hides his weight gain under those ridiculous leather dusters. His martial arts moves are now assisted with camera trickery to make them appear plausible. I don't mean to bag on him, but couldn't Chico find someone with more "star power"? I know they use the same hair products and buy their leather chaps at the same outlet, but damn!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Congrats to Bill Woodard.

Congratulations go out to Bill Woodard of the EDU for winning MPD Enforcer 2.o AOTM. We understand that Bill's micromanagement (mismanagement) style has led his winning of this now coveted award.

We are now accepting nominations for September's Asshole of the Month. Please include the reason why you are nominating and also the full name. Initials or last name only will not be included in the voting. There are too many Smiths, Jones, Williams, etc..

Nominations will be accepted until 9/15/08 and the voting will begin shortly after.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Larry is DEFEATED!

Click on the red button to hear Larry's boss tell him his next assignment.

We did it! Chico and the Man are stopping their illegal search for our information through AOL. You can read our press release at the link below:


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Breaking News (again)

Watch Channel 5 news at 6 and 10PM today for urgent news in our case with Chico and the Man. I'm not at liberty to discuss the issue on my blog at this time, but it's a bombshell that will rock city hall. Action News 5 has scooped the rest of the media outlets!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Larry has a real winner for legal counsel.

Chico must have been watching the "Creature Feature" that Jim Hall always discusses when selecting his attorney. When they served the subpoena on AOL in Virginia, they sent the UNSEALED documents through the courthouse. What does that mean? If you have access to the Louden County, VA courthouse, you can get a copy of the City's case. Why seal them from the citizens of Memphis and not the citizens of Virginia? What a dumb ass!!! They are afraid that the citizens of Memphis will see exactly how stupid Larry and his quest are to unseal my identity. Good luck with that Larry. Every courthouse in America is well versed on the importance of free speech, except in Memphis, Tennessee. What an absolute embarrassment. Chico is still asleep at the wheel. Willie is the fox in the hen house and we are all clucking.

Here's the link to the document we filed in court:


This should get the paperwork in Memphis unsealed soon. Stick with us as we will keep you updated. So far, the score is The MPD Enforcer "1,000", CHICO AND THE MAN"0".

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day everybody. While most (if not all) of us are working this holiday, the rest of Memphis will be party, drinking and grilling. We will also have several thousand "new" citizens thanks to hurricane Gustav. What does that mean for you and I? A pain in the ass couple of days where backyard BBQs turn into RASTLIN and family boxing matches. You know that pork and the son don't mix. Anytime there is a cookout with pork involved, people like to go crazy and pick a fight with whomever is standing around. Be safe and try to find a spot to keep a low profile. I heard tons of shots fired calls last night.

Friday, August 29, 2008

I wanted to share this e-mail we just received from a concerned citizen. We know this is bound to make officers go nuts with comments as we know what's going on with our side. Far too often, we hear these complaints from the public, but never get to tell our side of the story. Here's the e-mail and the comment section is waiting:

I happened upon this blog a while ago during the media reports, and am amazingly grateful to dirk and anyone else involved with it.

However, some of the comments on this blog, from people that I am assuming are officers, scare me almost as much as the corruption in the department.

I was reading through the archives, and noticed a post back in April. Within the comments there were officers saying how they're happy to do nothing all day long, because all of the citizens here don't deserve the help. While I can see where they are coming from, I wish they would keep in mind that some citizens really do depend on them.

I'm a law abiding citizen. I've never been arrested, been pulled over, or given a ticket. But I have a few stories I would like to share with you regarding my correspondence with the MPD.

About 2 years ago, my fiancé and I were awoken in the middle of the night to the sound of gun shots right outside of our bedroom window. He called 911 and was on hold for 15 minutes. Despite that, the officers - all 20 of them - were there in a very admirable time. We told the officers that we had seen that the shots had been fired from a vehicle, and that we heard 2 distinctly different guns being shot. We also told the officers that we had seen the car go down a dead end road, and that they hadn't left yet. The officers didn't care about any of that; instead they just talked to people in the neighborhood to calm them down.

A few months later, my fiancé and my apartment was broken into while we were at work. I wasn't driving at the time, so a coworker had dropped me off and left. When I had noticed that my door was slightly open, I knew not to go inside on the off chance the burglar was still in my home. I called the MPD. I explained to them what had happened, and the very delicate situation I was in. I wasn't sure if there was some one in my apartment, and that if there was some body they could probably hear me talking to them. I didn't have a vehicle so I couldn't leave. I was by myself, a young, 110 lb. female, who probably didn't stand a chance in defending herself. And that I was incredibly scared. I then proceeded to call my mother, who was still at work, my fiancé, and my step-dad in Fayette County. My mother, fiancé, and step-father were there before any officer was. In fact, they were there 20 minutes earlier than the officer. Luckily, there wasn't anyone in my apartment. However, none of our stolen belongings were recovered, and the investigator on the case never felt the need to return any of our phone calls. All we had was a police report, a police report that I not only had to take time off work to get, but had to pay for.

My most recent run in with the law was interesting. My fiancé and I were out shopping, and we noticed an unmarked squad car hop out of a left hand turn lane at a red light, and then kick on his light and fly through the intersection making a left hand turn, not even stopping to see if there was any oncoming traffic. The second he was through the intersection he kicked off his lights. We then noticed that he pulled into a fast food restaurant. My fiancé, being sick of how officers abuse their power, pulled into the parking lot, got out of the car, and took down the officer's plate number to report him. The officer then came out of the restaurant and accosted us. My fiancé told him what he was doing, and why he was doing it. The office then threatened to arrest us, and told us he was on "official police duty. Told us to file our "silly little complaint." and then stomped back into the restaurant, sat down at a table and continued eating with his girlfriend. That doesn't exactly sound like "official police duty" to me. We most likely would not have filed a complaint with the department for the running the red light, even though he could have seriously hurt someone, however, his actions made us think differently. Of course, no one at internal affairs feels the need to call us back.

The only reason why I'm sending you this is so that you will let other officers know that there are still people in this city who depend on them. I understand that there are a lot of people in this city that some people may consider "undeserving," but people like me who pay taxes, follow laws, and can't leave at this point in their lives, deserve to have the police do their jobs. When officers don't do what they signed up for, the innocent people they are supposed to protect can get hurt.
Thank you for everything you're doing,
M. M.
Cordova, TN