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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hold the phone on Dobbins!

With the news of Dobbins' daughter being terminated at the request of Chico GODwin, a tiny spark of denial may be creeping up in the postings. Some of the readers feel that Earnie Dobbins should have been the Director instead of Chico. NO WAY, NO HOW. Neither of these dumb ass goof balls should be placed in a position of leadership over the men and women of the Memphis Police Department. "DumbE" Dobbins should not have made it as high as he did. Most of us remember the fabled SGT's test (no, the test is not a myth). Big "E" gave all of his TACT officers (only the ones in the Afro Police Association) an advanced copy of the promotional video that was to be used. He was caught red handed and reprimanded. CROOKED, CROOKED, and CROOKED. Now we know why WWW.Herenton is taking care of him. Birds of a feather or maybe they were frat brothers.

By the way, all of those TACT officers got promoted during that exam process. I see them on the street today and I am disgusted. Lie, cheat, and steal should be written on their clubhouse door.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Is Thad Matthews the new Medical Examiner for Shelby County?

I know that most visitors are familiar with Thad and some have ended up here based on his blog. Has anyone seen his latest bullshit ramblings? Thud has done it again with his ITT tech (sorry students) certificate in photography. He has plastered images all over his blog in regards to the Reginald Pointer shooting.

Thud has used his $2 Sharpie in an attempt to mislead his readers. Thud is the ultimate conspiracy theorist. The bottom line is, death is violent. Things happen to a body that only a trained medical examiner can best theorize. The bruising, cuts and other wounds could have been ante mortem (before death) and up to 24 hours before contact with officers.

The most laughable statement in his whole argument is that possibility that these "injuries" could have been caused by a police "nightstick". Well, we use police batons and I haven't carried mine since it was issued. In fact, it's still collecting dust out in my garage today. The police baton has and always will be a liability. That's why we don't carry them on a regular basis. Sure, we are issued this tool and required to have it in our patrol car. Most of us wouldn't be caught in public swinging one of those things around. Use of baton (legally) equals lawsuit no matter which way you cut it.

We applaud the officers for doing a fine job. It's never good when deadly force comes into play. I'd rather see a criminal come out on the short end of the stick. As for Reggie not committing a crime, running from the po po is a crime. If you have done nothing wrong, why run? Maybe to get rid of your burglary tools or that Celine Dion CD that you accidentally grabbed thinking it was 3 Six Mafias greatest hits. The wording can be hard to see when digging through someone's glove box at 2 AM.

Don't think we are supporting or standing up for GODwin or the Mayor on this one. We are standing strong with the officers that had to make a split second decision in the fight for life.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

State of the Enforcer 2.0.

Recently, I have received many e-mails and seen the comments about the Enforcer 2.0's status. Let me lay some of the rumors to rest.

First, the lawsuit that GODwin and the City of Memphis brought against us is OVER. There is no underlying issues in court and nothing pending. We won, Larry lost. There has been NO gag order or any type of agreements. Our speech remains free and we will continue the good fight. We have not been shaken up, nor have we curbed our subject matter. We will continue to post topics that are of concern to the rank and file within MPD.

Second, the fire has NOT died down with our posts. We are still determined to oust Chico and any future "leader" that is out for their own interest. You can have all of your First 48's and narc shows, but Uniformed Patrol is the backbone of the department. We will continue to stand together and fight for what is right. A fight against the nepotism and bullshit that constantly emits from the 12th floor. We will continue to have each others backs as long as you are not one of the good ol boys.

Finally, we are here FOREVER! Don't worry if you haven't seen a post in a day or two. We are busy chasing down leads and verifying facts before throwing out some bullshit just to have filler. As stated before, we are not a daily news outlet with deadlines. We will post issues/stories as they happen. One of the best avenues for getting topics out on this blog is to e-mail us with your concerns. You can send us your "inside scoop" to nico3974@aim.com and we will evaluate the topic. We know the MPA doesn't have our back and JD Sewell has sold us down the river. His back channel agreements with the 12th floor should get his ass booted from the MPA. Most of all, stay with us and stay strong. Thanks.

Friday, October 17, 2008

The "Blue Flu" could be for real!

Meet your new cold weather headgear. We are not going to harp on this since the media is picking up the story. This article is mainly for the rookies that still don't understand how the P&P works.

Don't stress about dumb ass half-brained attempts from the 12th floor to curb the wear of the watch cap. Temps will be low, especially for the "A" shift. But who's going to see you at 3 am when it's dark outside? Chico? HAHAHA! He's probably on his third wet dream about how great he is.

Keep your watch cap (or whatever will keep you warm) close at hand. Nobody can tell you how to survive when you are freezing. No form of direction from the 12th floor can tell when you are freezing your ass off. They sit in a climate controlled office all day.

Use common sense. If you are on a hot call and know that a Lt. might be coming by, take it off. It's as simple as that. Roll it up at stuff it in your uniform "Ralph Cramden" hat. Tell them it's a hat liner if you wish.

With crime running rampant in a city run by fools, the biggest problem they have is what we where on our head? Give us a break. I know we shouldn't be wearing "FuBu"or "Colts" logos on the headgear. Did you notice the big ass GORGONZ logo in the back of this fuzzy clam? Use a lot of tact and a little diplomacy. The policy was created as another catch all. If they can't charge you for something good, they will say "well, you were wearing unapproved headgear". I'd hate to be the first one charged, but the focus should be on the charging party. What type of supervisor will bust your balls (sorry ladies) for trying to stay warm? Maybe we all could name a few company men/women. One thing is for sure. I foresee record uses of sick time this winter. If you think you have the biggest brass balls in the room, claim OJI.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Vote now for October AOTM.

It's election time again. We put a new twist on things this time since there are too many good candidates. We are allowing readers to select more than one name prior to voting. It's simple. Select all the names you want, then click "vote". If this works out well, we will keep the multi-vote going.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Who will take Cole's place?

Steve Cole is out, but who's coming in? I haven't heard who his replacement will be, but the rumor mill states Major Joe Scott will be picked. Scott has pulled some HUGE favors (cover ups) for Chico in the past. What is the price of loyalty? What is the cost of turning a blind eye during an investigation? These are the questions that only Joe can answer.

We are growing tired of the cronyism that's running rampant within the administration. It literally is boiling down to "who you blow and who you know" if you want to climb the ladder within MPD. We all know about the bullshit promotional exam slated for next year. I'm willing to bet my pension that Greaser II will be eligible and make it the first time around. Just wait and see. The whole exam will be "crafted" in order to give Jr. an advantage.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dirk in 2008?


Click on the link for the late breaking election news. A real Maverick has entered the race.


We've all heard of the Amber Alert system. The MPD Enforcer 2.0 has now imposed a new kind of search. A BLUE ALERT(TM)! Some officers have contacted us in an attempt to locate retired members of the MPD. As a community service, we will try to connect some of these lost individuals. If you think officers are not reading this blog, you're wrong. Many past, present and future officers read on a daily basis.

We don't want to place phone numbers on here as a respect to privacy. Currently, I have some individuals trying to reach the real MITCH FRAISER and GREG TACKER. I will be happy to reply to your e-mail with who is trying to contact you and the phone number for you to call. Please e-mail our confidential drop at nico3974@aim.com, only if you are the real persons being located.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Congratulations Amy Herbison.

The votes have been tallied and it was close for September. Amy Herbison won with 33% of the votes, while Monique and Lon Paul brought up the rear. Another month down and two more ahead as we countdown until the MPD Enforcer 2.o Asshole of the Year.

We are now taking nominations until 10/15/08 for October's nominees. Please remember the guidelines for submission. First and Last names are needed as well as the reason for the nomination.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Man, I love this mail bag!

I absolutely love it when the citizens decide to participate on our blog. We received this e-mail from a young lady and can't believe what was said. I guess there really are two sides to every story. I will leave her contact information out. I guess she thought we would give her a call.

Aug 30th 2008

I was watching a movie on the computer, at my friend’s apartment, about 1:45AM; I heard a large truck drive by. I walked outside, I called my friend Marcellus and talked to him about the strange activity, and I watched them load up a older gray sedan onto a flat bed tow truck and leave from the leasing office, a white camaro flowed the truck out.
I Did not see anyone or any other cars at the office from where I was. I got into my car and drove up to the leasing office to see what had happened.
As I was approaching the office, I could see a marked MPD police Charger. There where no lights flashing, and no Police officers around, I drove past the Police car, a motorcycle and a Green SUV parked off to the side, I believe the Green SUV was the security Car. a Yellow Firebird was off to the side of the drive.
A Uniformed Hooah Security guard, white male, wearing black pants and a gray polo shirt, steeped in front of my car and told me to stop, I stopped and rolled down my drivers side window. He told me to get out of the car. I asked what for? He told me again to get out of the car. I told him no, that I would not get out of my car for a security guard.
I rolled up my window and pulled forward, another white male in the yellow Firebird pulled out in front of me, and blocked me in, I put my car in reverse, a black male security guard, hit my drivers side window with his flashlight and said that if I did not roll my window down that he would brake the glass and pull me out, he was wearing black pants and a gray button down shirt, dress belt, silver beaded necklace with the I.D. turned around, and a small silver badge on his right hip.
I stopped, and rolled the window down about 5 inches, he asked me for my I.D. I told him I did not have it with me, he asked me for my name, I asked what for? He asked me for my address, I asked what for? He put his fingers in my window and held my window down, and told a female to mace me.
At the same time another male is pulling on my passenger side door handle trying to get inside my car. The female sprays the mace into my ear, eyes, nose, mouth and hair. I screamed, stop! stop! someone please help! I never saw the female or what she was wearing.
I heard the male security guard say “oh shit” and pulled his fingers out of my window. Marcellus was still on the phone with me, and he told me to leave as fast as I could.
I rolled the window up, and hit the gas, going in reverse as fast as I could, the black male security guard and the female, where beside my car, on the drivers side, the male hit the side of my car and my windows with his flashlight as I pulled away, and when I got around the circle I heard 2 shots and my drivers side window shattered, and my driver side front tire blew out.
Marcellus told me to go to the Fire station for help, I drove to the station, about ½ mile away and banged on the door for someone to let me in, a Firefighter came to the door and asked what happened, I told him I had been maced, someone shot at me, and I cant breath, I think there trying to kill me.
He let me inside and got me a cold wet towel, another Firefighter had me sit down and asked what had happened, I told them that security had stopped me, and tried to force me out of my car, they Maced me, and as I was leaving someone shot at me. I told them I was scared for my life.
I called my brother and told him what happened and asked him to come and help me.
One of the Firefighters walked outside and looked at my car, and about 10 minuets later, a MPD police car pulled up, both Firefighters walked outside to talk to him, the Officer came inside and asked me if the white sedan was my car, I said yes it is. He asked me where my weapon was, I said I do not have a weapon, they Maced me, and shot at me. The Officer said that a call went out that a small white sedan had shot at MPD Officers and they had returned fire. I told him again that I did not have a weapon.
The officer went back outside and other officers arrived, they asked me to come outside and talk to them, they took my car key, and my cell phone away from me.
Officer Davis put me in the back of his Police car. After about 30mins of being in the back of the car, Officer Davis came back to the car, I asked him if I could have my phone, and make a call. He said no.
About this time my brother had come up to the station, I asked if my Brother could get some numbers out of my phone and make some calls for me. He said no. I asked if I could make any calls at all, He said no.
And he steeped back out of the car. A hour passed before he came back to the car, I asked him for some paper towels or napkin or water or something to get the Mace out of my eyes, he said no.
I asked him if I could see my car and the damages, he said no. But he did take photos and show me them on his phone.
5:25am another Officer arrived and put me in handcuffs to take me downtown. I told him that I have a shoulder injury and asked if he could put the cuffs in front of me, he said no.
I was taken to 201 Poplar, and I was handcuffed by my ankle to a bench. About 8:30 am Detective Chatman came and walked me down the hall to a room, he asked me to read my Miranda rights out loud and sign the paper and date it.
He then told me I was under arrest for Aggravated Assault. He then asked me for my statement and typed it up, printed it out and asked me to sign and date, and note of the time, 9:50 AM.
Detective Chatman told me that the black male security guard was a MPD officer and that I tried to run him over with my car.
I then sat in the room, still handcuffed by my ankle to a chair. Detective Chatman came back to get me around 11:20 AM he told me I was going to be taken to Jail East. I asked him to call my Brother and tell him, what I was arrested for, and where they where taking me. He called my brother, and then I was transported to Jail East about 12pm.
I was striped searched, the transporting officer stood outside the window and watched as I was removing my cloths.
After that I was told to go sit down after I got back dressed.
I called my Dad and he said they where trying to get me out and wanted to know what they could do, I said I don’t know but I had been trying to call them all day and no one would let me make any calls.
I called my Mom at 4 PM and she said she was at the bail bondsman and they would come and get me soon.
6pm they called me back to change cloths and go to my cell, where I finally got to take a shower and wash the Mace off of my face.
Around 9:15pm they called me and told me my parents where there to get me.
9:30pm I left with my parents.

My name is K. K.; I am a single, 21 year old, white female. I have never been in trouble with the law before now.
My brother is a MPD officer, and my best friend Marcellus is a Security officer.
I have had nothing but respect for Law enforcement officers.
Until now, now I am scared to death of anyone with a gun, I am scared to leave my house with out someone being with me.
Im afraid that if the security guards see me or my car, they will kill me.

I was at Marcellus’s apartment at 4**** Raleigh Lagrange, Memphis TN 38128
Date/Time Occurred Between
8/30/2008 1:50AM and 8/30/2008 1:56 AM
Date/Time Police Arrived
8/30/2008 2:27 AM

Incident Report #0808018314ME

The Black Male Security Guard/MPD officer is one Claxton, Cedric
The Female is one MPD Officer White, Latonia
The Hooah Security Guard who stopped me was one Forrester, William A
The White Male in the yellow Firebird was one Anderson, James

And Witnesses
One Black male Hooah Security Guard Triplett, Larry E.
And Conway, Sharmu J. (a 19yr old resident of Jennifer Meadows)

It took me 7 days to get my car back. MPD and CSI had broken out the driver side window and left if uncovered during 3 days of rain. They had taken my driver side wheel and rim off and left my car sitting on its axel.
There are several dents along the sides of my car and on the roof of the car.
My front bumper has been dragged and will need to be replaced.
I have had to replace the entire driver’s side door due to damages. And the inerter has substantial water damage.
I had a number of things stolen out of my car while it was in Police custody, including $300 cash, gift cards ranging in $5, to $15. An ipod nano, a 2cell Maglight flashlight, a pairing knife, small crowbar, and my car’s jack.
Also my one and only Car key* witch I gave to the officers at the Fire station was also Lost or Stolen by MPD.
Because the Jack had been stolen, I had to get a Tow truck to come and get my car.
And I have had a hard time getting back and forth to work and court appointments with out my Car.

I have had to miss work due to not having my car. and my Mom and Dad have both missed work to take me to court appointments.
My life has been hell sense 8/30/2008
My bills have been piling up, and it’s become harder and harder for me to get a new job.
I work retail and my hours at work have been cut due to the price of gas and everything else going up. And with out my car I can’t really get another job. I now have attorney fees and damages to my car that I have to pay for.

Any help or advice you can give me would be very much appreciate
thank you for your time.
- KK