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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Calling all cars! Calling all cars!

Well, "Dip Dong" GODwin is grasping at straws again. He has now coaxed DA Bill Gibbons into seeking assistance from the TBI to identify Dirk Diggler. After failed attempts at internal investigations and an illegal civil suit, Larry thinks he will still get his man. Move to Canada and become a RCMP mountie! Larry should be attacking problems of destroyed morale within MPD and the out of control crime in Memphis like he is attacking this blog.

I've said it once (more than), we have never violated ANY laws, nor posted information on active CRIMINAL investigations. I cannot speak to Thad's blog as we are not involved with his "tips". Law enforcement officers know the important process of prosecution and the harmful release of such information. Get a grip Chico and find another way. The only way you will find out Dirk's identity is when filling out the check from the City of Memphis. It will be listed in the section marked "payable to".

Gibbons should be worried about his next slogan or dip dong idea to scare straight criminals in Memphis. "Gun crime equals jail time". Bullshit Billy is your new moniker. Show us some stats from any of your initiatives since you have been the DA. Your inability to "get tough" on crime has made CJC a revolving door for habitual offenders. Get 3 six Mafia to do a PSA. I know DJ Paul if you want me to get you an appointment.

Let me give a shout out to the TBI. I've worked well with you guys in the past and know many of you will not fall for this political BS. Stand your ground and demand a complaint showing criminal activity has occurred in connection with the MPD Enforcer. This is another attempt by the Director to cover up his blunder and his black eye.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Larry is blowing smoke.

Larry Godwin has been consumed by his own ego, BS and the fact that his fiefdom may be falling. He's comments to the media have been vague, often misleading. He continues to throw up hope that the citizens will get behind his screw up and support the decision to violate our rights. Chico's placing too much hope in the following response: "reasons will be clear when the case is unsealed". Well then unseal that document big boy. Show us your cards, if you will. It won't matter anyway. We are holding a Royal Flush and you have been the dealer all along. The worst part of all, you have allowed the taxpayers to become your bank!

So what does Larry have up his sleeve? His Ace in the hole? NOTHING!!! The only card left in his deck is the Joker and they aren't wild in this game of Texas Hold Em. Keep you cards close to your chest Larry. Maybe this will blow over? (More like blow up in his face).

You may ask, "how are you going to win Dirk"? My response is this. For once in a while the good guys will win. The guys that have been habitually dealt the wrong cards in a stacked deck. The guys who have been dreaming of Aces and forced to settle for 2s. These "guys" are more commonly referred to as the citizens of Memphis!

Memphis will soon be able to enjoy the day when corruption is removed from local politics. Our elected and appointed officials need to be put on notice. If you are dirty, we will find you. If you are a little dusty, we can forgive you. If you are muddy, we have no place in Memphis for you. We will not sleep. The citizens of Memphis will not sleep. This is our line in the sand. This is our blog!

Monday, July 28, 2008

General Godwin adresses the media.

"Now lookee here folks. This is a bullet and it comes out of this gun really fast".

My eyes started to bleed today as I read the bullshit emitting from Larry's comments to the media. Everyone please remember, Larry cannot tell the truth. He has been charged for lying before (truthfulness) and he's publicly pulling a stunt. Now, all of America will realize that he wouldn't know the truth if it came up and bit him in the ass.

The Commercial Appeal quoted Larry today as saying, “I never have read it. I don’t go on Web sites. I don’t read blogs. I’ve got enough e-mail to keep me busy.” BULLSHIT!!!! Let's do a forensic search of your hard drive. What kind of cookies would be listed in the data files. Who hasn't checked their City of Memphis Credit Union account while at work? Who hasn't gone to Malco.com to see when their movie begins? Who was seen checking the Commercial Appeal online edition while in Ireland? Excuse me, didn't you get your degree ON-LINE?? BUSTED!!!!

Lawrence went on to showoff his online degree by stating the following:

“I don’t think there’s trouble within the department,” he said. “I think you’ve just got a handful of officers who want to voice their opinions.

“My gosh, they’ve been talking about the police administration since 1827,” he said. “It’s just an avenue for officers to talk.”

Come on hayseed. Get the toothpick from your mouth next time you address the media. How embarrassing. Larry then went on to try and address Officer Pryor's comments to the media:
“I’m not looking to do anything to Sampson Pryor,” said Godwin, who said he went through the police academy with Pryor years ago.

But, he said, the officer commented on an ongoing investigation, which, unless authorized by a supervisor, would be a violation of department policy.

“He needs to write a memo to explain why he did what he did.” Memo this! I will have to check my Policies and Procedures on that. I believe his comments were made before the investigation from CITY HALL had even started. Besides, doesn't that just apply to MPD investigations? (Don't everybody hammer me at once, I might have been a "half asleep" on that day at the Academy.) What the city is looking into is ethics violations, not criminal. Dip Dong!

In closing, I would like to take this time and address some of the comments being placed within this blog. Several powers are at work trying to disrupt, discredit and shut down this blog. This blog was created by officers for officers and the general public. We welcome feedback and even encourage debate with our stories. We DO NOT approve of ANY racial comments. Further, we feel that it may be necessary for some of the individuals to censor themselves. We are not in the business of promoting racial hatred. We are in the business of protecting and serving our community. Our community is looking to us for hope right now. Hope that there are some good people at work for Memphis and her people.

Even some crack addicts have a heart. I'm not endorsing a Hug-A-Thug campaign. I'm saying that now is the time people. We need to reverse the situation in Memphis. If not for us, for our children. I do not want mine to fall victim to a corrupt system of justice. Please stick with us in this time of need. Don't let Willie "Shake dem haterz off". Become a hater. Become a hater of nepotism and greed. Become a hater of lies and ill will towards your fellow citizens, perpetrated by the hand of a corrupt city government. Become a hater of those who illegally prosper while we waste away.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Director Godwin, where are you?

Thank you Bill Day of the Commercial Appeal. The above cartoon couldn't be better.

Has anyone seen GODwin lately? Did he flee the country in an effort to avoid "prosecution" by the media? He should be back at home. What type of leader causes havoc, leaves town and has his "people" deal with the mess. This type of behavior is typical of GODwin's regime. It's time for a regime change! The citizens need a new Director. The voting began a few days ago and 94% (+/-) are ready for GODwin to leave.

This city needs new leadership from the top down. The Mayor has allowed this dip dong to utilize the city as his private legal and publicity firm. We all know that Lawrence like to be on TV. Does he like how this is being portrayed in the public eye? Blue Crush is not going to help him on this either. We expected to see a snazzy named operation to make headlines this weekend. An operation to lessen the attention of negative press. A smoke and mirrors crime fighting campaign to hype up the good work Larry is doing. It appears that the caped crusader of the 12th floor is about to meet his kryptonite.

How much will this cost the taxpayers? Larry didn't think about that before pulling this stunt. I'm sure he thought to himself "I'm Larry Godwin. I'm the dadgum Director of this here police department. What I say goes"!

In the words of Larry Godwin, "I am outraged and the citizens of Memphis should be outraged"! Think before you act next time jackass.

Friday, July 25, 2008


The above B.O.L.O. should be placed on the Lt.'s readout board for the daily read out. Just kidding. We know that it would be absurd for officers to be looking for Mark Walhberg, but that is the insanity within the MPD leadership. Frivolous requests for impossible information. Resquests for officers to do the will of the Director (and Mayor). True, we are civil servants and paying a high price for servitude. At what point do we say "enough is enough"? I think we have passed that point. We are headed down the slippery slope and the MPD Enforcer 2.0 is trying to cast out a lifeline.

The recent events have deterred some officers from visiting and contributing over fear of being revealed. The illegal requests from GODwin and the city are for my identification. They cannot obtain information on visitors or people posting anonymous comments. Let me assure the officers who have contributed in the past, I will NEVER give up your identifying information. I will NEVER cooperate in an illegal attempt to silence our plight. This is the fight we wanted. The good fight. A fight to unite us all from within. A fight to rid our department of tyranny and personal conquests at climbing the rank ladder. We need to be promoted for what we know, not who we know.

The promotional process at the MPD has been virtually non-existent. When a process is held, it's often flawed, compromised or poorly planned. Officers should not have to use personal time to sit for a departmental test that will better their career. Officers should not be subjected to the 12th floor picking and choosing who gets promoted based on personal relationships. Each time, we are plagued by the same issues. Having the U.S. Marshal service escort a POLICE promotional exam is embarrassing.

We don't claim to have all the answers. An independent body needs to be established. One that is independent from the City of Memphis government pressure. One that can evaluate the issues without Mayoral intervention. One that the citizens can trust as making an unbiased decision without the fear of reprisals. This body should be able to police the administration with authority to rule in the event of foul play. A Citizen Review Board of sorts.

But who would pick the citizens? The Mayor? The Director? Should it be an elected position? We find problems with all of the approaches. The reason? Trust. Nobody trusts anyone like they used to. What has happened to us? What has happened to Memphis? Why can't we pull together as a community and conquer this plagued called CORRUPTION?

WANTED, a good leader!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

His Willieness speaks!

First of all, let me give credit to cravenscartoon.com for the above image. This is why Herenton cannot even see that his choice of leadership within MPD is despicable. Willie's head is in the clouds while the rest of Memphis is burning. No, his head is really up his ass and that's NOT a rain cloud headed his way. The cloud is more like a tornado of devastation, seeking to leave a pathway of freedom in it's wake. The ongoing assault by the City of Memphis and Memphis Police Director Larry Godwin against the United States Constitution are the violent shaking that this city needs to wake up, unite and prosper.

W.W. Herenton (sounds like the beginning of a web address) was quoted by the CA today in regards to the illegal request about our identities. Willie said, "there are "serious issues" behind police Director Larry Godwin's legal quest to uncover the identities behind a blog critical of the police department". Then why wasn't it a criminal court subpoena for information? The only seriousness, in this case, is a blatant attempt from a city government and Director of police services to quash the 1st Amendment.

Let me assure the public, and go on record, no criminal activity has been born from this site. Nobody has any ties to terrorist activity, nor do we support any illegal association. We are merely employees who have had it with the downward spiral of morale and pride in our department. Most of us will not identify our occupation in social settings for fear that the audience would find us as a heavy handed storm trooper.

We feel that we can speak for the majority of Uniformed Patrol, as they are the purpose for this blog. We want to take pride in our city, our department and ourselves. A new day is on the horizon for Memphis. A day when we can look at police officers as a symbol of trust, respect and compassion. We are not looking to be placed on a pedestal, as the Mayor has poised himself. We only wish to be lifted from the burning ashes that is the Memphis Police Department. Lifted back into the community as partners for a common good. A common good that will once again describe the citizens and community of Memphis.

Fight or flight?

According to the media, Larry has left the country. Are you kidding? You create this public fiasco and you leave the country? Is this the example of fine leadership that Memphians have come to know? Other sources think that Larry is attempting to keep his wife Nina from knowing the truth about his past. A past FULL of lies and deceit. We have posted the statement of charges from when Lawrence was in a patrolmen (please see our April archive for Larry's IAB file). Charges that include TRUTHFULNESS, which means he will not be allowed to testify in Federal Court. How can you have a leader of a police department who can't even testify in court? Has anyone seen JS today? Maybe they both went. We'll be waiting here when you get back. Viva La Raza!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What does the MPD have to hide?

It has been a common practice for the administration to cover up political incidents in an attempt to climb the ladder of power within the department. A while back, an anonymous poster touched on one such event.

As you may recall, Ashley Scott was allegedly beaten to death by her husband after a heated argument on Thanksgiving day. The argument was initiated over text messages she received from an "unknown" male. What did these messages say? Who were they from? Well, there are a select few MPD employees who made the scene or worked the investigation that know. In fact, a certain Lt. was instructed to delete the messages after the number was recognized. Since deleting this number, that Lt. was promoted to one of the newly created Colonel positions within MPD. Who's number was it? Could they have been responsible for what happened to Mrs. Scott? We'll let the readers formulate their own opinion.

If the number belong to a high ranking MPD official and this number was a department issued/paid for phone, records should be available. If these records could be located, who do you think will be identified? Is this the type of information the City of Memphis and Larry Godwin are trying to protect?

The Enforcer has selected a Washington D.C. attorney for representation.

The MPD Enforcer 2.0 has selected Public Citizen Litigation Group, the litigating division of Public Citizen, a public interest advocacy group that was founded by Ralph Nader in 1971, to represent our blog in the ongoing legal issues. The lead counsel in this effort is Paul Levy. We have borrowed some background on Mr. Levy from the website www.citizen.org.

Paul Alan Levy is an attorney with the Public Citizen Litigation Group, a public interest law firm that was founded by Ralph Nader in 1971. Among the issues on which the group litigates are federal health and safety regulation, consumer litigation, open government, union democracy, separation of powers, and the First Amendment. PCLG litigates cases at all levels of the federal and state judiciaries and has a substantial practice before federal regulatory agencies.

After working as a law clerk to Honorable Wade H. McCree, Jr. (United States Court of Appeals, Sixth Circuit) and Special Assistant to Solicitor General McCree, Mr. Levy joined the Litigation Group in December 1977 to represent workers in rank-and-file labor law cases, largely representing dissident union members in cases involving union governance. He has been there ever since, with the exception of a one-year sabbatical when he taught at Cardozo Law School. Over the years, he also developed subspecialties in some arcane issues of federal procedure such as removal jurisdiction, and the representation of "lawyers in trouble" from sanctions, contempt findings and the like; he also pioneered Public Citizen's work on federal preemption of state law claims.

Mr. Levy has argued scores of cases in United States Court of Appeals (three en banc). Moreover, he has argued four cases in Supreme Court of the United States, as well as writing briefs for parties in seven other cases. One odd aspect of his Supreme Court practice is that each of these eleven cases has been decided 9-0 — win or lose.

Mr. Levy has specialized more recently in free speech issues arising on the Internet. He has litigated cases in state and federal courts throughout the country about the identification of anonymous Internet speakers. His amicus curiae brief in Dendrite v. Doe, whose approach was adopted by New Jersey's Superior Court Appellate Division, has become the model for other cases. His Internet practice also includes the defense of trademark and copyright claims brought as a means of suppressing critical web sites. His cases in this area, such as Bosley Medical v. Kremer and Lamparello v. Falwell, have established the right to create Internet "gripe" sites that include the trademark names of companies in their domain names and meta tags. For the past two years, Mr. Levy has chaired the subcommittee on domain name litigation of the American Bar Association's Intellectual Property Section.

Supreme Court Cases:

Lead author on briefs and argued:

  • Sims v. CIA (Freedom of Information Act)
  • West v. Conrail (statute of limitations in DFR case)
  • Lingle v. Norge (preemption of retaliatory discharge claims)
  • Masters, Mates & Pilots v. Brown (right to mailing lists in union election)

Lead or sole author of party's briefs, argued by other counsel:

  • DelCostello v. Teamsters (reply brief only: statute of limitations in DFR case)
  • Sheet Metal Workers v. Lynn (removal of elected union officer)
  • Wooddell v. IBEW (right to jury trial in LMRDA case; right to sue under union constitution)
  • North Star Steel v. Thomas (statute of limitations in WARN case)
  • Caterpillar v. Lewis (procedures for appealing removal decisions)
  • O'Connor v. Consolidated Coin Caterers Corp. (ADEA suit where rival hire is over 40)
  • Rivet v. Regions Bank (reply brief only: removability based on defense of res judicata)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

City of Memphis may have violated our rights!

Thanks to some help from a local reporter (we will keep the name anonymous so he doesn't get harassed and sued) we were able to locate where the words "Blue Crush" were trademarked. Loyal readers will remember that we offered the above T-shirts some months ago. Once the City of Memphis (and possibly Director GODwin) caught wind of this, a threatening letter was sent to the supplier on official letterhead. The letter demanded our account be closed due to infringing on their trademark. As you can see above the shirt, the approved logo used by GODwin and the City of Memphis does not resemble the logo that we used. Were our rights violated? Did the City improperly force the closing of our account and loss of revenue? You be the judge. The plot thickens.

Thanks for your support.

We have received an overwhelming number of e-mails in support of our effort. The City of Memphis and Larry Godwin wish to take this battle to the courtroom. All to learn the identity of people who have been responsible for discussing issues that effect them everyday. It pains us to believe that we live in America and a Director of Police services can use his position (and possibly tax payers dollars) to launch a personal vendetta against this site and the 1st Amendment.

At this point, we are uncertain of where this legal issue may go. We have been in contact with the ACLU, The First Amendment Center, and various attorneys. However, the latter wish to assist us with the battle for a fee. Therefore, we have created a way in which to raise capital for what could be a landmark fight! We have created T-shirts for supporters to purchase through an on-line outlet. This outlet produced shirts for us early this year until the City of Memphis attorneys (purportedly at the direction of Godwin) wrote a threatening letter to the company on city letterhead. The company quickly caved and we have negotiated a new agreement.

A small portion of the proceeds will help fund our battle. The majority will still go to the supplier. Thanks again for all of your support. We STILL live in America!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Larry subpoenas AOL!

Larry GODwin has subpoenaed AOL over an attempt to obtain the identities of the blog operators. In what could be a landmark case of privacy and the 1st Amendment, GODwin has illegally used his position and the City of Memphis as a ram to ruin the Constitution of the United States! Some members of the Enforcer 2.0 have contacted their attorneys and we are in the process of filing a lawsuit against Larry and the City of Memphis. What's wrong Larry? The truth hurt?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Let the voting begin.

Voting has just opened for the July Asshole of the Month. Please make your selections carefully and we apologize if any were left off the list. Once you have voted, slip on over to the MPD Communications blog and vote for the Dispatcher of the Month.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Gonna get paid!

First, let us apologize for the delay in updating. We have been researching/testing new blogging technology to enhance the experience.

Now onto the meat (no pun intended). We received several e-mails over the week and thought this one would get folks talking. See below:

Several female officers at the Raines Station have filed suit against the City and the Police Department.
Female officers routinely get their breasts and ass grabbed by male officers.
Female P2P's were advised by their FTO to have sex with them or receive bad evals and termination.
Raines Station Officers offered cash to female officers in exchange for sex.
When the female officers complained they were advised to shut up or bid if they didnt like the working conditions.
Law Suit is pending.
Can you say pay day!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Almost forgot.

July Asshole of the Month nominations being accepted until 7/20/08. Please include why you think your nominee deserves this award.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Dog and pony show.

Taking a cue from Saddam Hussein, Chico holds an assault rival as if to signal victory. Look at the group in the background. How funny. Chico needs his entourage to bolster his support. You got JP front and center, Henry the "Hat" Williams standing at the podium, and General Jeff Clark floating over his shoulder.

We've all seen this smokescreen before. Anytime the Director comes under fire (fixing tickets) he asks his boys to round up some bad guys. Why shouldn't they be rounded up all the time? I'm still trying to figure out why they seized someone's long guns from their house if no drugs were found. I wasn't there, but the CA stated that only guns were seized from the residence.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Nominate yourself!

A reader sent us an e-mail last week and informed us that Caroline Mason had nominated herself to America's Most Wanted All Stars competition. This contest was for officers who are real heroes and go above and beyond to help keep their communities safe. Most of the nominees had saved lives or been injured in the line of duty. Not Caroline. Her self nomination is below:

Caroline Mason
Homicide Detective
Memphis Police
Memphis, TN

Detective Caroline Mason has had an exemplary career that spans over 20 years. Her tenure covers service in Crime Stoppers, General Assignment Bureau, Domestic Violence Bureau, and the Investigated Services Division. Detective Mason also served as a Crisis Intervention Team Officer. Last year she cleared all of her assigned cases for 2007, attaining the hard-to-get 100% solve rate. Caroline was acknowledged within her department as an expert shooter in firearms training. She currently serves as a homicide detective, where she works on high-profile cases. Caroline also devotes some of her time and service teaching young people at the University of Memphis. Sgt. Mason is also known as one of the Lead Investigator on "First 48" that is aired by A&E.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A note on commenting.

We told everyone that we would not censor this group, but some jackass is pasting and posting things that have nothing to do with our stories. We warned that we would have to moderate all comments to ensure that readers are getting a quality service. This doesn't slow down the site, rather it makes it unpopular with the readers trying to read the remarks. We asked Google to look in the posts for the last 2 days and they say that the majority of the pasting is coming from the same person. This is probably coming from Caroline Mason. She cannot handle the truth that she's a shitty investigator. Or this could be the 12th floor trying to snuff out this site. Either way, the identity about the group behind this site will NEVER be know. We do love all the speculation and finger pointing.

So, until this one or two people get bored and go some place else, we will be moderating the posts. You will also notice that some of the pasting post will be deleted. Original content is desired from all people participating. Our site security is being upgraded to enhance reader performance.

Monday, July 7, 2008

RSS Service added to the blog.

We've added a new RSS feed service to the blog. This means that you will never miss a topic or a response to your comment. Look for the icon in the top right of our blog, click, follow instructions and enjoy this free service.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Chico is the man!

We received an e-mail today from a loyal reader that has tipped us to many stories in the past. Some of you have commented in other areas of our site about this and we feel it deserves front page attention. Chico has done it again. The story below must be another Blue Crush initiative:

Two weeks ago local businessman Bradley Greer appeared in City Court on driving 19 miles over the speed limit. Greer didn't want to stand in line like other citizens and kept trying to go to the front of the line outside the courtroom of Judge Jayne Chandler. One of the two City of Memphis police officers who handles security for the courtroom Officer K.J. Brown noticed the man on his cell phone trying to break the line and ordered him to get in line like everyone else. At the point the Greer read the officer's name tag and mentioned it to the person he was speaking with on the phone. When the officer inquired as to who he was giving his name to Greer stated to the officer "Director Godwin will be down to take care of you". Officer Brown mentioned this incident to the senior officer in the courtroom Officer S.F. Pryor III whose been on the force for 29 years. Pryor told Brown to do his job and treat Greer like any other citizen. Shortly after court started and Judge Chandler was on the bench Deputy Chief Jim Tusant entered the courtroom with Greer,by passed the judge and went over to the City Prosecutor to address ticket #Q409632. Tusant asked that the ticket be dismissed and it was. Never even regarding Judge Chandler, Tusant and Greer left the courtroom. At this point the judge inquired of Officer Pryor as to why Tusant was in her courtroom. Pryor told the judge what Tusant had just done as part as having Greer's ticket dismissed. Judge Chandler became livid and told the Prosecutor that Tusant was out of order and that Greer was going to treated the same as any other citizen no matter who he knows. Chandler ordered that the ticket be returned to the docket and that Greer appear before her. The date for Greer to return to court was this past Thursday July 3,2008. In the mean time I'm told that Judge Chandler sent a letter to Police Director Larry Godwin telling him that she will not allow him to fix tickets in her courtroom and that she had returned Greer's case to her docket. I'm also told that Chandler requested his appearance in her courtroom also on July 3,2008. Earliar this week I received a call from a close business associate who stated to me that Police Association attorney Ted Hansom had been in contact with him,and knew that the two of us were friends. I was told that Hansom had said that there was really nothing to the case and that the ticket had been paid. It was apparent from my conversation with my business associate that there was the wish that I not be present in the courtroom on Thursday morning. Seeing that a private citizen and not a police officer had received the ticket I couldn't understand what Hansom's role was. But when I got to Judge Chandler's courtroom on Thursday morning I found out. It appears that Ted Hansom is representing Bradley Greer who was not present on Thursday morning. I'm told that Larry Godwin was on vacation so he was also unable to appear. The hearing has been reset to August 5,2008. The question here is why is Godwin and Tusant attempting to fix a ticket,and what is the relationship between Godwin and Greer. I'm told that Greer owns a restaurant that officers frequent but I have not been able to prove that...yet. The Police Director and his command staff getting involved in ticket fixing should send a signal to mayor Herenton that it's time to make a change. How can police officers ticket citizens when the Police Director is allowed to fix tickets for his friends. The Director was so upset with the officers in Judge Chandler's court for telling her what went on, that the officers whose only job is court security were sent outside 202 Poplar to write tickets on their lunch break.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July to all.

We want to wish everybody a safe and happy 4th of July. Be safe as you answer you calls for fireworks tonight. As well all now, sometimes the firework are often gunshots. We could never understand why certain individuals choose to pop a cap in the air rather than lighting a lady finger. The economics of the cost of a bullet vs. a lady finger just don't make sense. Be safe, have fun and hug your loved ones when you get home.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Those whacky dispatchers.

Alright. Since the dispatchers have been fighting on the MPDEnforcer 2.0 blog, when have given them their own space. Everyone can check it our at http://wpaj881.blogspot.com. We also placed a link in the top right corner. Swing by and check out what's going on with the other side of the 12th floor.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

June AOTM winner.

The polls are closed. It appears that Major Gloria Crenshaw won for the month and we are finalizing her certificate. We would like to solicit input from the readers for any information that should be considered for her citation. If you voted for her, then you know what we are asking for. Thanks in advance.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

If the wig fits....

WOO WEE GURL! Dust off that weave and start gettin yo shape back. According to the CA, Chico says he MAY allow the First 48 back in the future. The whole article was a pathetic attempt at making Chico's head swell. He sounds as if he is the Supreme Allied Commander of the universe.

Apparently, Godwin became jealous as the announcement was made that SCSO would be having a series on SpikeTV. Our glorious police spokesperson Monique Martin stated "we don't even know what SpikeTV is". Are you kidding me? Obviously, she has never seen Chuck Liddell kick the shit out of somebody in the octagon. Get real.