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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Can anyone tell me who is Dirk Diggler?

No, but we can tell you who he/she isn't. Dirk is not Smallwood. Dirk is not Palmer. Dirk is alive and well, just like the MPD Enforcer 2.0.

The purpose of this blog is and will always be a place for officers to sound off about what is really going on with the Memphis Police Department. A place to publicly out all back channel deals and mistreatment of officers. We may take "breaks" at times to clear our collective heads and redirect our energy for the betterment of the officers.

There's no doubt about it. Memphis is in a bad state no matter how Gibbons and GODwin try to glorify the current climate. Any college kid that has had Criminal Justice 101 knows how the rate fluctuates in the media. One minute it is up, the next down. The full awake in CJ101 knows that the rate is steady. It's the amount of crime REPORTED that causes and ebb and flow.

Our classifications on R&Is cause the rate to constantly be misreported. Janikowski might as well be a janitor with all of the shit he has been shoveling.

***SIDE NOTE: We are no longer moderating comments. You will see trash talking and Jerry Springer like antics that are NOT condoned by the contributors.