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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Agressive policing vs. common sense

Do we really need to post this topic? Ok, here goes. The recent media blitz about a prisoner being tuned up has been on every news anchors lips like white on rice (yeah, we went there). The "dramatic" video depicts an officer attempting to gain compliance over a prisoner during the booking process.

Now, we are not here to name names, point fingers, or Monday morning QB someone. The name of the officer in the video is irrelevant. What the public saw was an MPD officer allegedly violating the prisoner's rights. This will cause EVERY officer some grief for at least the next six months. Each traffic stop, each domestic and every public event will be overshadowed by this event. Whether some jackass in the public screams "Rodney King" when you show up or you hesitate the next time you're handling a situation, you'll be effected.

Most of us have common sense when it comes to police work. However, we all know certain officers that are just out of control when it comes to their emotions. Knowing when and where to administer a John Gaston Turban is something that needs to be taught by all FTOs. There are certain unwritten rules when it comes to us vs. them. Like flight vs. fight. Yep. It's backwards. Most thugs know that a run from an officer might end up with a trip to the Med. That's the price you pay when you run and criminals know that. It's a game. If someone is running from you, they aren't going to quit once they're caught. The fight is on. Once you get them under control, that's it! No Freeze +P to the face, no cuff knuckle punches. This will get your ass sued, if not fired.

If any FTO has a hard headed rookie, just tell them the history of Patrick Joynt. We all have worked with Joynt at some point. He was strapped to tight in the mind and couldn't let things go. This eventually led to a shit load of deserved IAB complaints, Joynt losing his job and ending up in prison over bullshit thievery (due to losing his job).

We aren't advocating that every officer beat the shit out of the next guy that refuses to comply, runs, etc.. We are just making a point that you need to be smart about what you do. It effects us all in one way or another. When you're in the heat of a moment and about to tap dance on a thug, take half a second to think. Is it worth losing my job, being financially devastated or going to jail over this piece of crap? Hell no!!! They might beat the wrap, but they're not going to beat the ride. Drink an adult beverage when you get home and know that the prick will be eating a PB&J for dinner