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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Larry's cleaning house!

Holy Shit! Has it been a slow news day or what? LG has been in about 60% of the stories in the CA today. His latest goatfuck is explained below:

Police Director Larry Godwin said if an officer receives multiple complaints, the department may move the officer to another precinct to see if the complaints continue.

"We're looking for a pattern," Godwin said. "Sometimes drug dealers and others will keep filing complaints just to try to cause an officer trouble. We investigate those claims and watch the officer to see if there is a problem and if early intervention might solve it."

We've been telling the 12th floor this shit for years. They don't care and will pick and choose who they charge. How many times have you been at a hearing and heard "I didn't want to give you any days, but the 12th floor said no less than 3"? I've represented many officers during their raping and heard it every time.

You better practice what you preach there Larry Boy.