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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What does the MPD have to hide?

It has been a common practice for the administration to cover up political incidents in an attempt to climb the ladder of power within the department. A while back, an anonymous poster touched on one such event.

As you may recall, Ashley Scott was allegedly beaten to death by her husband after a heated argument on Thanksgiving day. The argument was initiated over text messages she received from an "unknown" male. What did these messages say? Who were they from? Well, there are a select few MPD employees who made the scene or worked the investigation that know. In fact, a certain Lt. was instructed to delete the messages after the number was recognized. Since deleting this number, that Lt. was promoted to one of the newly created Colonel positions within MPD. Who's number was it? Could they have been responsible for what happened to Mrs. Scott? We'll let the readers formulate their own opinion.

If the number belong to a high ranking MPD official and this number was a department issued/paid for phone, records should be available. If these records could be located, who do you think will be identified? Is this the type of information the City of Memphis and Larry Godwin are trying to protect?