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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A note on commenting.

We told everyone that we would not censor this group, but some jackass is pasting and posting things that have nothing to do with our stories. We warned that we would have to moderate all comments to ensure that readers are getting a quality service. This doesn't slow down the site, rather it makes it unpopular with the readers trying to read the remarks. We asked Google to look in the posts for the last 2 days and they say that the majority of the pasting is coming from the same person. This is probably coming from Caroline Mason. She cannot handle the truth that she's a shitty investigator. Or this could be the 12th floor trying to snuff out this site. Either way, the identity about the group behind this site will NEVER be know. We do love all the speculation and finger pointing.

So, until this one or two people get bored and go some place else, we will be moderating the posts. You will also notice that some of the pasting post will be deleted. Original content is desired from all people participating. Our site security is being upgraded to enhance reader performance.