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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Thanks for your support.

We have received an overwhelming number of e-mails in support of our effort. The City of Memphis and Larry Godwin wish to take this battle to the courtroom. All to learn the identity of people who have been responsible for discussing issues that effect them everyday. It pains us to believe that we live in America and a Director of Police services can use his position (and possibly tax payers dollars) to launch a personal vendetta against this site and the 1st Amendment.

At this point, we are uncertain of where this legal issue may go. We have been in contact with the ACLU, The First Amendment Center, and various attorneys. However, the latter wish to assist us with the battle for a fee. Therefore, we have created a way in which to raise capital for what could be a landmark fight! We have created T-shirts for supporters to purchase through an on-line outlet. This outlet produced shirts for us early this year until the City of Memphis attorneys (purportedly at the direction of Godwin) wrote a threatening letter to the company on city letterhead. The company quickly caved and we have negotiated a new agreement.

A small portion of the proceeds will help fund our battle. The majority will still go to the supplier. Thanks again for all of your support. We STILL live in America!