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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Director Godwin, where are you?

Thank you Bill Day of the Commercial Appeal. The above cartoon couldn't be better.

Has anyone seen GODwin lately? Did he flee the country in an effort to avoid "prosecution" by the media? He should be back at home. What type of leader causes havoc, leaves town and has his "people" deal with the mess. This type of behavior is typical of GODwin's regime. It's time for a regime change! The citizens need a new Director. The voting began a few days ago and 94% (+/-) are ready for GODwin to leave.

This city needs new leadership from the top down. The Mayor has allowed this dip dong to utilize the city as his private legal and publicity firm. We all know that Lawrence like to be on TV. Does he like how this is being portrayed in the public eye? Blue Crush is not going to help him on this either. We expected to see a snazzy named operation to make headlines this weekend. An operation to lessen the attention of negative press. A smoke and mirrors crime fighting campaign to hype up the good work Larry is doing. It appears that the caped crusader of the 12th floor is about to meet his kryptonite.

How much will this cost the taxpayers? Larry didn't think about that before pulling this stunt. I'm sure he thought to himself "I'm Larry Godwin. I'm the dadgum Director of this here police department. What I say goes"!

In the words of Larry Godwin, "I am outraged and the citizens of Memphis should be outraged"! Think before you act next time jackass.