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Thursday, January 1, 2009


Larry "Chico" GODwin has been selected as the MPD Enforcer2.0's first Asshole of The Year Award. The competition was tough and some individuals attempted to skew the voting by manipulating the votes. At least one individual wanted Bill Woodard to win this coveted prize. He/she manipulated their ip in an attempt to ensure Woodard's victory.

We recognize GODwin is a complete asshole and no doubt will continue his reign into 2009. Since the Mayor will not listen to what we and the citizens want, there is hope that an indictment will be in order during the first quarter of 2009. A possibility of conspiracy charges and tampering with evidence in the Ashley Scott trial? Maybe charges stemming from his ticket fixing scandal? We are still waiting for the outcome from the City of Memphis ethics committee (or should we say person). Has the media forgotten about this as well?

The crime and corruption in this city should be no joke to anyone. We still live in a free society and should demand more from our elected/public officials. Running a city like a HIGH SCHOOL fraternity should not be allowed. We MUST bring in outside pressure on the elected officials of Memphis. We must take our cause to the national level. That is why I looked at an outside firm (as well as local) to be on my legal team. Memphis officials cannot handle the outside pressure and negative spotlight continually cast on their mistakes. We must bring Washington D.C. to our fight. We must have and outside agency micro-manage our government until it can stand on it's own feet. Enough is enough.