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Monday, January 12, 2009

Lateral Professional Sounds Off

Before reading LP's e-mail, I would like to make a few comments. I do not look at IPs, nor do I save them. We have an individual that can retrieve this information ONLY if we have a problem. Meaning, if someone is trying to disrupt this blog. GODwin cannot subpoena this information and he will never be able to retrieve it from us.

Secondly, there are "lurkers" posting on this blog using screen names that belong to other people. It's very easy to do and I will not tell you how. We noticed it during the beginning when someone posted under Dirk's screen name. Now on to the e-mail:

For many reasons, I wish to keep my real name and identity to myself. Apparently you can see ip address but I'm not sure what else, and I am an idiot to even send this email. I had posted back when I first came to this area and even got myself my own email/blog that I was trying to use not attached to anything personal, but some idiot hacked it (most likely one of your friggin idiot comment posters). So I am starting over. Please remove my previous lat prof from the followers as that was me, and I went out and got me a new gmail with a different spelling.

I just wonder why there are so many bad apples in the bunch that spoil it for the good ones trying to do their job. You allow people to post about all the OT they are getting and the amt they make with all their lame comments and no regulation on how it looks for the rest of you guys. So the reason I am emailing is to find out what can happen to one of your "rookie buddies" out there if he/she was to say something about the crap going on during training. Like I originally said, I am in a lateral profession with very similar problems in my own field, but they are cracking down on people who try and get away with a lot of the stuff listed on your site. And it goes all the way up the chain... but I digress. I have a close buddy who is going through some crap right now in your precinct. What should my buddy do? Mind you, there is that police code that is being stuck to about not telling on each other.

Ok, so here is the deal. There is this crappy FTO that I am sure has been doing a crappy job for some amount of time. In stead of doing the job you all are paid to do, the FTO sits in the car or a nice eatery when supposedly out of service for a call in the area - and yet they are not really checking on a car or at the call! That isn't even the worst of it. This lazy mofo has the nerve to get numbers and try to hook up and flirt with those waiting at those eateries and then hang out for who knows how long. Is it right to be out of service for up to 2 hours trying to hook up while that rookie sits there waiting to do a job? Is this how you guys are actually training the new people? Is it acceptable? Is there any regulations in violation? What if that rookie wanted to complain? You all post about not telling on each other and how bad that would be, and yet this stuff happens and give no choice to those trying to learn how to do the job. Does this mean that you just fake it till you make it to avoid making this FTO look bad? I mean come on, who picks up food for their momma and then delivers it ON THE CLOCK? Who sorts out their married life and side sex flings, ON THE CLOCK? Who goes to the store and buys groceries and delivers them outside of the precinct on the opposite side of memphis ON THE CLOCK? all of this is happening while supposedly on a call! And to top it off, if there is a problem, the rookie is blamed? So on the radio the rookie says the correct place where they are located and the FTO will get on and correct the rookie by LYING! WTF!!!!!! What about the FTO leaving early with the little rookie shaking in nicely polished boots in the cop car is waiting to be signal C'd? What is up with the bipolar FTO with moods that swing like a bungee rope and change what kind of day the trainee has? This is insane and pissing me off. And no I am not the person, but I sure know someone in that situation and wish I could tell on him myself. I am sure all you (as it sounds like there is more than one of you logging in as dirk) would find ways to pull me over and give me a hard time for anything. If you want Godwin to clean up his act, why don't you send the message that all you crackpots ought to clean up your own first. No one will ever listen to you guys until you change the childish nature and actually start acting like a bunch of professionals. And that is hard to come by when you are voting for the biggest a$$hole of the month etc.

so I am pissed off as it is insane that my hard work and tax dollars are going to pay a bunch of fat lazy renegade cops who cut out early, lie, cheat and steal.

so what does my buddy do? Are you, dirk, one of these people? Hell, you might be the FTO I'm talking about. I would give you a name, but I know it is public knowledge what trainee is assigned to who. I'm not stupid enough to get my buddy in trouble by doing that. If I could give you more info without having that whole force on my back I sure would. This friggin city is like gotham city and we need a friggin batman to deal with all you jokers!

I just have to reiterate, there are a lot of good cops out there. There are those that are knowledgeable and know all the policy & procedures, but just don't do the job. And there are those that are obviously bad and suck a$$. And of course I HOPE the majority are good guys. My buddy has been corrected by other FTO's who show the right way of doing things and are conscientious. My buddy talks about a lot of positive things going on with those other guys, so I know that there are good ones out there.

I would appreciate if you could get back to me on this. I am tired and had to edit the crap that just came flying off my fingers, so this is the nice version of what I wrote.