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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Screw Up

I think the media picked up on this story, but I could be wrong. If they did, it was a fleeting moment on a back page. If anyone wishes to fill in the facts, please comment. Also, nobody cares who's gay, who's banging GODwin's daughter, who's banging Bullard, what Obama has done now or any other irrelevant comments. These will no longer be posted. We let you get away with it for months and now it has become annoying to the readers.

Some of you may have noticed an increase of attacks against officers posting on this blog. There are a select few of the ass kissers posting about "whining officers". They are attempting to place a spin on the situation and attacking our blog from a different angle. As of now, it is US vs. THEM. The administration would prefer that our status be US vs. US. Don't fall for their 3rd grade trickery. If we fight amongst ourselves, we cannot fight THEM. We lose our focus and the 12th floor keeps on rolling.

Now to the e-mail we received:

Dirk... First of all, please keep my email Anonymous. I just have a little heads up for you, if you haven't already heard.

So a few nights ago... Shooting call goes out. 2 Airways Delta officers respond. Supposedly they look around, find some empty shotgun shells, and knock on the door. No answer. They clear the scene. Well, about an hour or so later another call comes out, same location. Apparently the news van went to the scene and looked around, found a dead body. They called thinking the MPD might be interested in the info. Well, officers and Lt again make the scene, find a dead guy laying in the middle of a driveway 4 houses down, pistol next to him, blood trail leading back to the location of the initial call. There's also a car in front of the location covered in holes from birdshot. Officers knock on door, door creaks open. They proceed through the house and find a girl hiding in the back who was a witness to the shooting.

Great job guys... clear the call only to have the news channel call and tell you there's a dead guy on the ground.