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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


We thought that we should add a post about our blog and where we stand when it comes to certain issues. Some of the reader's posts have gotten a little out of hand in the past and we feel that it might imply we agree with their beliefs.

We strive to be a gender, race and religious neutral site. Our main purpose is to expose the political and procedural bullshit that the administration forces on the line officer. Essentially, real protective services are being neutered over an administrator's personal agenda or goal.

Further, we are here to air any rumors under the pretense of confirming or educating officers on the real story "Behind the Badge". This site should not be confused with Harold Bruce's "Donut Diaries".

We encourage all readers to participate in the discussions and allow comments without edits. This is America and freedom of speech is a basic right shared by everyone. Please help us grow and reach every possible person who has a concern about the way MPD is being run. We can have fun at the same time, but we don't want the site to come off as racist. Thanks.