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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sometimes it doesn't pay to be a winner.

Last night, Major Gerald Perry found out that the full resources of the Memphis Police Department were not at his disposal after his wife and child were carjacked. Unlike Larry "Chico" Godwin, who used every available officer to search for his wife's purse after an auto burglary. Hey Chico, where were the 3 CSI units, OCU teams, PSN unit and latent print technicians last night? Doesn't a violent felony trump an auto burglary? Or is it that Maj. Perry's family is not as important as yours?

On a side note, we are glad that Gerald's family was alright after the violent incident. If the vehicle hasn't been found by now, some south end officers should check the local GD hot spots. You can be assured that this asshole is totally "flossin" in an officer's personal car.