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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Lower standards?

As some of you may know, MPD has lowered the standards in order to recruit more officers. This (as we all know) will eventually lead to major problems. Every thug from Memphis now has an opportunity to infiltrate the department. This will lead to another "Tarnished Blue" campaign and tons of wasted $$$.

We just learned today that an Appling Farms officer stopped a potential recruit on a stolen motorcycle last night. During the paperwork process, the thug's mother showed up on the scene and began running her mouth. During this, she blurted out "well, you just ruined his chances with the MPD"! That's right. He had just completed turning in his application 2 days prior. To add insult to injury, the thug stated that he rode the stolen motorcycle out to O.K. Robertson road and turned in his required documentation.

Get ready Memphis. This is the future of law enforcement in your community. If you are not satisfied, write the City Council and tell them to bring the college requirement back. If you want to recruit qualified officers, increase the pay. End of story!