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Thursday, September 25, 2008

2nd Place.

Hey everybody. I just picked up the Memphis Flyer and found that we were awarded 2nd place in their readers poll for Best Memphis Blogger. I find it ironic that Thad Matthews was voted 3rd! I know many devoted readers do not like Thad and I have issues with some of his postings, but he had a minor role in this blog's creation. Ok, don't stop reading now.

Before this blog was started, I never really new what a blog was or how to operate one. After hearing all of the drama surrounding Thad at the beginning of the year, I went and checked out his blog. I then took it upon myself to learn about blogging and created the MPD Enforcer 2.0.

As most of you old heads are aware, the original Enforcer was hosted on Geocities back in the 90's. The old Enforcer kind of fade away and gave birth to this "2.0" version.

I guess this is my acceptance speech, since I didn't appear last night at the awards party. A big thanks goes out to the original Enforcer crew and the idiots on the 12th floor for giving us fodder. Thank you as well to the men and women that serve along side me everyday. Finally, thanks again to the readers and voters in the Memphis Flyer's Best of Memphis. Dirk.