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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Abuse of power is in the air!

Where do these assholes come from? The breed of supervisors within the MPD are amazing! Truly, the bloodline has been flawed. GODwin is giving birth to more brain dead leaders by the dozen.

We received unconfirmed information today, that a Major at the S/E precinct (Airways station, whatever) has implemented his own SICK POLICY. Everyone knows that if you are off 3 or more days, you must have a doctor's note upon return to duty. Major Hardy of the Charlie and Delta shifts has imposed a new law with regards to the sick policy. Hardy is demanding that "his" officers bring a note each and every time they are sick! Yep, if you catch a case of the back door trotters (more commonly known as a 24 hour stomach virus), you better see a doctor and get a note.

What kind of lame brained, Dip Dong, dumb shit idea is this? Does he not realize that most of us cannot get to our doctor within 24 hours for a note? This means all of "his" officers will be off at least 2 days (1 sick and 1 for a doctor's appointment). Further, does he not realize that he doesn't have the authority to change the sick policy? Here's the big one........did Chico approve your changes to "GODwin's Law"?

We suggest that the first officer to challenge this policy also file a lawsuit for discrimination against the City, Willie squared, Chico and Major Hardy. You cannot impose your take on the sick policy to a select few who are covered under a greater authority. We sense a duty change for Hardy is in the works. Let's say somewhere around the 200's car number putting the Alpha shift in service.

Major Hardy will probably receive a nomination for AOTM for this.