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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

$750,000 to inflate GODwin's ego?

By now, most of you have seen the news reports that Osama Bin GODwin has enlisted the help of Steven Seagal with recruiting efforts at MPD. It will cost the taxpayers of Memphis $750,000 to run an ad campaign with at least one of the four ad units including Seagal. $750,000 could fund an additional 16 new officers for one year. We must ask ourselves, "what is this going to accomplish"? The answer NOTHING!

This dumb ass publicity stunt will allow Chico more face time on the television. This will detract attention from the fact that he tried to force his jack boot on the throat of America with his attack on free speech. Yes, we won that battle and I know it is becoming old news. Mark my words, it's not over. As long as the #1 terrorist in Memphis resides in the ivory towers at 201 Poplar, crime will increase, morale will cease to exist and the taxpayers will have to pour more out of their pockets.

WWW.Herenton, I have an answer for you. An answer that will not cost Memphis the $750,000 to attract, recruit and retain quality officers. I'll break it down for you below:

1. Fire GODwin.
2. Seek outside of MPD for the next Director.
3. Increase the pay and benefits of current MPD officers.
4. Actually back the officers instead of using your authority to bend the law for self-gain, or
5. Fire yourself!

The above suggestions should not cost that much to put in place. An executive search firm will help you find qualified candidates. They will charge you less than the $750k that Chico will spend bolstering his ego.

As for Steven Seagal, I liked him back in the late 80's when his movies were entertaining. He has become an out of shape actor who hides his weight gain under those ridiculous leather dusters. His martial arts moves are now assisted with camera trickery to make them appear plausible. I don't mean to bag on him, but couldn't Chico find someone with more "star power"? I know they use the same hair products and buy their leather chaps at the same outlet, but damn!