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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Accidental discharge.

We are still trying to track down the information on an A/D committed on duty. We received an e-mail, but have not been able to confirm anything. Maybe this is another cover up for an officer that has the right connections. If anybody has the inside scoop, please comment.

Hey Nico/Dirk

Did you hear about the accidental discharge at Crump and Phelan in the west end? All the details I have heard are that a f/b day shift (also west) was working a GHSO detail and running radar or supposed to be running radar and had a accidental discharge and fired a shot through either a squad car window or a private vehicle. It all happened about 9pm Monday or Tuesday. Now exactly how do you have a accidental discharge through a car window?

The day it happened all sorts of 12th floorer were called to Crump and Phelan wth a MHA housing LT. I heard through a MHA officer that the female officer was actually under arrest by the MHA Lt. and that was why 402 and the Duty Chief were called there. The MHA officer who told me this wouldn't get his facts wrong, so I'm wondering if this is a cover-up for the day shift officer.