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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Someone from the City of Memphis is trying to sabotage our blog!

Someone located on the City of Memphis government network is behind the rash of recent attacks on the blog. Obviously, Larry couldn't win his illegal lawsuit fair and square. It appears that Chico has resorted to CYBER WARFARE in an attempt to disrupt operations. We have employed advance techniques at monitoring the activity of the City computers while visiting our blog. It appears at least 2 different PCs on their network have been hitting the blog more than 30 times a day.

Number of Entries:
Entry Page Time:
Visit Length:
9th September 2008 16:27:39
2 hours 42 mins 20 secs
IE 6.0
United StatesReturning Visits:
IP Address:
Entry Page:
Exit Page:
Referring URL:
Memphis, Tennessee, United States
City Of Memphis ( suspicious2 [Edit Label]
MPD Enforcer 2.0
MPD Enforcer 2.0
No referring link

We can only assume that it's some stooges from the Real Time Crime Center. They have plenty of time on their hands, since that farce will not deter crime either. One thing is for sure, we know for a fact that it is not Sherman doing this. He still uses a manual typewriter to complete his prostitution reports.