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Thursday, November 13, 2008


Amos Maki of the Commercial Appeal reported today that GODwin's lawsuit will cost the taxpayers AT LEAST $88,000. I say make Chico pay the bill. He created this scam in an attempt to shut us down. GODwin holds the sole responsibility in this matter. His dumb ass ego got the best of him and his hummingbird ass overloaded his alligator mouth. Well? We are still waiting. The citizens of Memphis were supposed to be shown how important this lawsuit was once it became unsealed.

We stand at a crossroads now. To sue or not to sue? That is the question. I hate that the taxpayers (and myself) will be responsible for this brain fart. Chico has violated our rights and needs to be held accountable. I'd say about 20 million dollars worth of accountability. Here's the rub. The taxpayers (myself included) would be stuck with the bill at the end of the day. Would it cause an increase in our property taxes? Cause a city service to be unfunded next year? Cause Dobbins to lose his king trash man job to make the City's ends meet? We don't have the answers, but we are calculating the risks associated with a counter suit. First and foremost, the risks to the officers of MPD and the taxpayers. They (both) will be our primary concern and wish no illwill towards either.

Two things need to pass with the $88k bill. #1. GODwin needs to personally pay this bill. Not OCU, nor any other MPD "discretionary" fund. #2. Chico needs to be immediately terminated! The citizens of Memphis may be happy footing the bill if we got rid of GODwin in return. Hang up the "Just for Men" Lawrence. You will need the spare money for your retirement. You JACKASS!