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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Brilliant work!

Our mail bag has been getting some extra work these last 2 weeks. We apologize in the delay in publishing some stories. Some of the reader's emails have been sent to the "spam" folder for further review. We received an email today that deserves immediate attention. Normally, I would try to check the reports to see if one has been filed in this matter. After a lengthy discussion with my partners, I have decided that it was too risky to check under my IBM. Does anyone have GODwin's login information? Alan? Oh that's right. If Chico's IBM was associated with doing anything productive, I'm sure it would set off all of the system alarms.

Anyway, please read the below email and lets see if uniformed patrol can catch these assholes. Of course, it would help to know what kind of vehicle information or suspect information to look for? Anyone with spare time should swing through the pawnshops in their ward and check for that MAC book and maybe the old double barrel.

To whom this may concern.
I was affected by a home invasion and robbery on Friday morning, in broad daylight. Two black males came into my home while i was still in the back bedroom drinking my coffee and reading my emails, checking my online banking and my online poker account. My dogs are still just puppies they are 5 months old, this is relevant because all week they have been barking and growling uncontrollably, which i chalked up to puppies new bad habits, BOY was i wrong. So back to the incident that morning, my puppies started howling in bed, i immediately got up thinking he had to go outside to make potty. When i got to my bedroom door, i was sucker punched and pushed on my butt, and they begin to tie my hand and mouth up. The robbers wore no mask, at the realization of this i thought they would kill me after they were done with me. After i was punched and before i was pushed down, the robber put his hand over my mouth and squeezed my jaw, it still hurts today, but as he did this, i could smell a strong metallic odor of blood on his hands, making the whole ordeal all the more scary. The two of them took turns watching me while the other ransacked the house. They sexually assulted me and told me that they were taking my wallet because they were crypts( i don't even know how to spell that) and they will come after me and my family, if i called the cops. The things that they said to me was so crude i would rather not relive the whole ordeal even thinking about it upsets me to the point of losing what reality is and how i am going to cope with these new demons. They stole every firearm i had in the house, including a heirloom double barrel rifle that has been in the family since the 1900's; when they knocked my down, I was laying no more than a foot away from my loaded 357. I would have shot it even with my wrists tied up, but i was scared that they would definitely shoot me then and i would just be another victim in this city full of homicide and violent crime. As these thieves moved me from room to room they were touching all kinds of things that could have been fingerprinted, i know i am not csi but i am pretty sure they could have gotten prints off many things. They even stole a car. All of this, i suppose in this fucked up city is normal, but here is the kicker. A woman on her way to work saw the men jump over the back fence, it faces Perkins and during rush hour commuters can see my whole back yard,and she knew that something wasn't right, she called the police, they never came. i was tied up for more than an hour, these people could have been apprehended and i would have been saved. The part that you will find most interesting is that, the way that they processed the crime scene and how long it actually took the police to arrive on the scene. write me back if you want more details, i would love to tell you the whole story. I have friends on the force and they are advising me to do the right thing and tell the detective Greenwod everything, but i just don't think that it matters. they left blood on my wall that no one took a sample of, they were more than 20 policemen in and out of the house contaminating the crime scene and the women cop that came in first had the audacity to talk about what was being served for lunch as discussed in roll call. Not a moment did she spend with me and ask me questions about the assult in privacy. this happened on Cornelia lane on Friday. look it up, please. they took my iphone 3g, which screams tracking device but no one is doing anything about that and also a macbook pro, with lo jack but i was dumb and had that info on the computer. the car they took was not mine , my boyfriend mother was hiding it from the repo man and it was the perfect car to steal because no one had any information about it. The witness that came forward was pissed because she came to the house at 4 in the afternoon after the cops were long gone, she could not believe the sheer negligence;l after doing the right thing she expected to hear that these bad men were put away and that i was okay The perp came back by the house yesterday on foot and i was alarmed freaked out and called the police, again by the time they came he was long gone. There is a cop that lives 3 doors down, his cops car is always parked outside the house, i have been over there three times to tell hm what happened to me and every time he doesn't answer the door. NO ONE CARES. please help. btw i love your blog even before all this, i have friends on the force and i wonder if you are some one i know. i went to Houston high school, class of 99.