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Monday, November 24, 2008

"We don't need no dadgum help"!

His majesty Lawrence GODwin of Nutbush has spoken. This retard (no offense to the mentally challenged. You are smarter than this mental midget) actually thinks he can still do his job. Basically, the City Council has come to terms with the fact that Chico is a poor example of a leader, manager and police officer. Crime has been kicking Larry's ass since he rose to power at MPD. Crime has steadily risen since Chico created all of his buzz words and bullshit whoop de doo initiatives.

Yes Sheriff, we will be glad to work with you for a common goal. The peace and safety that is due the citizens of Memphis. We do not get into turf battles or care about which uniform looks better. We will and have been working side by side for a long time. Ego maniacal dictators, like Saddam GODwin, will have their day in the ropes. Hopefully, Lawrence's day will come soon. His career is in the dumps, with no hopes of being rescued.

We cannot get enough qualified applicants in Memphis, because nobody wants to work under this asshole. Chico really blew his load on TV when he said "the citizens of Memphis will see the importance of this lawsuit in the end". Well, they are still waiting. Chico, you proved that you are nothing more than a pathetic excuse for a man who exhibits classic characteristics of Napoleon syndrome (not to be confused with Napoleon Dynamite. He's cooler than GODwin).

We may have to stage a protest on City Hall and the Mayor's office to get rid of this turd.