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Friday, November 7, 2008

What was the Flyer afraid to print?

After responding to the interview questions from Bianca Phillips, I was a little disappointed that she really didn't use anything I gave her. So out of fairness, I am posting our Q&A so everyone can read what was said. The exchange is listed below:

  • Explain the different legal actions the city had against the blog. I’m not even really sure the difference between a legal petition and a subpoena. The City of Memphis and Larry Godwin filed a legal petition in Chancery court. The petition was a complete line of bull. Godwin used the illegal lawsuit in an attempt to illegally obtain my identity through the use of threats. The subpoena came as an action of the petition, i.e. in support. The subpoena to AOL was shot down like a turkey on Thanksgiving by AOL's legal office. My legal counsel was also instrumental in having this action killed.

  • When were each of the actions resolved? When were each of the actions originally brought about? Shortly after the complaint was published in the media (early September). It appears that the city selected their legal team from those at the bottom of their graduation list. The attorney for the city filed a copy of the complaint UNSEALED in Virginia and was given to local media. Godwin kept saying everyday "I think the citizens of Memphis will understand why we had to do this once the documents are unsealed". Well, they did and Godwin had egg all over his face. It made him look like a complete idiot, who's feelings were hurt that his officers were talking bad about him. I believe the term is egomaniacal. Mayor Herenton finally had enough of this fiasco and told the attorneys to pull the plug before the water gets any hotter. The actions were started in April 2008, shortly after we began publication and became syndicated on the web.

  • How were they resolved? Did a judge decide the city was wrong in both cases? Or the city drop the actions?The City dropped their actions.

  • Does the city owe any money to MPD Enforcer as a result of a judge’s order? I'm still discussing that with my legal team. The judge didn't order and funds to be turned over. The final document stated that ALL costs will be paid by the CITY OF MEMPHIS. That means the taxpayers get stuck with the frivolous lawsuit tab. I would like to request that someone in the media do some digging and find out just how much this cost the taxpayers.

  • Did you have to spend any money to fight the actions?Yes we did. I'm working on how to recoup those expenses in a counter suit. My main problem is anonymity. Once I start filing documents, my identity could be revealed. As I told Godwin some months ago, he will know my identity only when the City places it on a court ordered check! I would love to file action around the 8 figure range, but the taxpayers will get stuck with that bill as well. We may just go after Godwin personally since his actions were the driving force behind the lawsuit. The citizens of Memphis pay for Larry's mistakes everyday. They shouldn't have to keep paying for a Director that doesn't care about the people he is charged to protect.

  • What does this sort of treatment of the blogging press by the city police look like to the rest of the nation? The rest of the nation cannot believe the dictatorship that runs the City of Memphis. I receive e-mails on a daily basis from people all over the world. Nobody can believe that legal action would be brought against an American for speaking freely in America. We are still in America, right? Larry Godwin has single handedly sent us back to the 1700's. What a moron. I think it's time for another "Tea Party".

Will the actions have any long term effects on what you post on the blog? Will you still use the Blue Crush logo, etc.? Will you supress the posts? Or will it have any effect at all? We are still up and running full steam. There has been no action to require us to "cease and desist".

Blue Crush is a joke. Officers are consistently told to place a lesser offense on their reports in order to make it look like violent crime is down. I have personally been told in the past to change a strong armed robbery (violent felony) to a misdemeanor assault with a theft.

Godwin must have used a paralegal to file his trademark with the State of Tennessee. Godwin doesn't own the trademark, the City of Memphis does. Further, it doesn't apply to apparel. Even further, the term Blue Crush is used as a parody of a failing crime fighting tool. If you notice, it hasn't been used in the media as much as it has in the past. Score "1" Dirk, "0" Godwin.

He is now trying to ramp up the image of the Real Time Crime Center. Any fool knows that a video camera isn't going to deter crime. It will only capture the act and MAY assist in the prosecution IF the video is any good. Convenience stores have had VHS cameras in their stores for years. They still get robbed. It will be another failed attempt for Godwin to make it look like he is doing something positive for Memphis.

He needs to focus on doing something positive for the officers and increase morale. Once morale increases, the level of police services increases for the citizens of Memphis. This is a "no funds required" action that will be extremely effective. Of course, GODwin is operating on a "no brains required" platform. He is more concerned about how good he thinks he looks than the quality of life for Memphis.

If Herenton doesn't fire Godwin, we must fire Herenton. Cut off the corrupt head of the snake and the body will follow.