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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Morale Situation

Thanks Cox & Forkum for the pic

Alright. I believe our morale is finally in the shitter. Could it get any lower? Maybe, but we don't think so. It is basically non-existent. Don't let the OCU/CAT pogues or 12th floor REMFs try to turn officers against this blog. They have been making posts at a high rate the past few days.

This city belongs to the citizens. It also belongs to us if you stop and think. I have read some of the recent comments and noticed a pattern. We are fed up with our leadership and direction. We are tired of the few that get preferred treatment after buying a few rounds for GODwin, Et Al. We are tired of the thugs dropping false complaints on us and IAB's inability to conduct a proper investigation.

What is the answer? I have a few suggestions. Hell, most of us have some idea of what we would like to change. Right now, we need motivation. Motivation in the form of leaders who care. Lts. who will stick up for their shift and tell the front office to get bent when they are "charge happy". We need an IAB unit that will do an honest, fair and non-political investigation when a complaint rolls into the office. As a general rule of thumb, they should use the following philosphy: If the person complaining is a frequent flyer, gang member or just plain pulling shit out of their ass, lock them up! False complaints are on the rise and we have no protection. I am sick and tired of EVERYBODY bucking the system at the expense of officers. When was the last time a defendant charged with assault on a police officer was actually convicted? The DA's office almost immediately drops that charge and Harry Schwartz goes free. I've seen it a million times. When the prosecutor goes to negotiate with a defense attorney, they always "nolle prose" the assault charge. What message does that send? If you get caught, fuck the police. Fight and flee (or attempt).

In closing, we all have a choice to make. Stand up for our rights (and what is right) or bow down and continue to get shit on. I don't know about you, but I've been eating this shit for years. I am not advocating that anyone derelict their duty to protect the citizens. We don't need that and Memphians deserve better. What is a good way to get the attention of the 12th floor? COURTESY TICKETS!!! You are still doing your job, but the revenue stays in the citizens pocket where it belongs. Make Chico explain why the revenue provided by police services has dropped. If you don't want to write tickets, don't. Make sure you have plenty of specials listed on your log sheet to account for all 8 hours of work. The city is one big hot spot that needs checking. Finally, the next time a supervisor asks you to change a robbery to a misdemeanor theft with an assault, refuse. If they don't like it, let them complete the report. We can no longer take these fraudulent reports. Stick together and stand up for our rights. Thanks Bob Marley.