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Saturday, December 27, 2008


We received an e-mail from a reader that asked we place the following death notice:


I don't know who you are and don't know what to call you so I'll just say
hello. I was wondering if you could put a small item on your blog about the
death of George Methvin. As you may or may not know I worked in Communications
for many years. George was one of the Communications Supervisors. He retired
after 33 years of service. 33 years and never called off sick one day. He was
just a decent, hard working guy that really tried to get along with everyone. I
know alot of your readers that have been around a while will recognize his name.
It's my understanding he suffered a heart attack at his sons home today
(Saturday). I know your blog is not about death notices but George was well
liked and I'm sure alot of folks would like to know about his passing. I was
told there will be a graveside funeral in Iuka, MS on Monday the 29th.

We would also like to ask that everyone slow down and take it easy this season. There was a recent accident that left an officer critical at the Med. Remember what was preached at the academy. You cannot help anyone if you don't make it there safe. We will NOT place fault on anyone and we will NOT play Monday morning quarterback. Stuff happens and we should learn from it.