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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dueling Chicos.

I'm sorry that we haven't updated in a while. I've been really busy making extra money for the holidays. Overtime and my second job have kept me away. There has been plenty of focus on our department this week. The media has been all over us like a cheap suit. Everything from residency to the hiring bonuses. I know Chico has been loving the "positive" publicity. For once, something other than BLUE CRUSH has been the focus of conversation.

The media has emailed and asked our thoughts on the recruiting campaign, specifically, what can be done to attract qualified recruits. We haven't had time to respond and don't want to be the sole voice of the rank and file. I do believe that the best recruiting tool would be to get rid of the current administration. Second, we need a promotion process NOW. No bullshit excuses about HR and Essex. No crap about not having the money for the promotion process. No crap from the double talker Sewell (**side note, Sewell doesn't represent us. He only represents his own interest and getting ahead). Third, look at morale boosting alternatives. This could come in the form of having a take home car program for uniformed patrol. It doesn't need to be just for the highest ticket count, I mean Officer of the Month. Take the top 3-5 senior officers on a shift and give them a take home car. We all know that the byproduct would be the public confidence gained in seeing more marked cars on the street. Anytime an officer would be in their car they would be on duty without overtime assessed to the city. Per policy, anyone with a take home car MUST be available to handle any emergency situation (carry duty weapon and radio) and respond accordingly.

I already know what the administration would say. "I didn't have a take home car and neither should they". Typical of the jealousy that runs from the top down. For the outsiders that don't understand, the administration is not just the Director. It is generally the top 3 tiers of our department. Director/Deputy Director, Deputy Chiefs and Colonels. These people impose policy and have achieved their positions due to who (not what) they know.

We would like for you to tell us what you think would be a good idea as a morale booster. We know Chico reads this blog daily. I don't think he would ever take a suggestion from a post on this blog, but we could only hope. We could also hope that his ulcer causes him to medically retire.