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Friday, December 5, 2008

Memphis Crimefighter's Blog

I'm sure that some of you have seen or heard about the new Memphis Police Department's "be positive" blog. This blog was created as a "Yin" to our "Yang" in the crime universe known as Memphis, Tennessee. A word of caution. Be careful with this one. A new blog appears out of nowhere with an anonymous blogger going by the handle "Blue Devil". The blog is pro-GODwin and 12th floor REMFs. This could be a RTCC setup or public affairs attempt to improve the MPDs image. This is a typical management PR stunt. They are more concerned about the image of the department than the officers working the frontline.

With this being said, I'm not starting a blog war. I only want to pass on to our faithful readers to be careful about what you post. Be careful and I look forward to seeing everyone at the MPA party next Friday. If you haven't picked up your tickets, make sure you get them soon. Some of you have purchased Enforcer clothing to wear that night and we thank you for your support.