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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Anyone have advice?

We received the following e-mail from an applicant that was turned away:

I don't normally do this but I am running out of options and time. My name is Jonathan. I know as crazy as this sounds but I applied to be with the MPD in May and got my rejection letter saying I didn't "progress" to the next step the day before
Thanksgiving. Then I heard that MPD was discriminating against males that are white and over 21 and were using the psychology test to fail them. While I normally don't believe rumors, it would explain my rejection considering I have a perfect history and set up for joining. There is no way I should of failed but the background investigator wouldn't respond to my calls until almost 2 weeks later and he didn't know either. I know their busy but having to call multiple times and leaving voice mail isn't right, especially when you are a 3rd generation to join the MPD.
All I want to know is if there is some discriminating going on and what can I do about it? I only have a week left before I run out of time and miss my window to go into the academy.I know this is what makes everything crazy, I still believe I can help save this city before
the National Guard puts this city on lock down like they in Arkansas.
I thank you for your time.

Here's the best advice I can give you. Forget about joining the MPD. Most of us have been trying to leave for years. I have heard from numerous officers that have been turned down for employment because they worked for the Memphis Police Department. We are getting the reputation of being a "shit hole" department. Imagine that. SHIT HOLE LEADER + SHIT HOLE ADMINISTRATION=SHIT HOLE DEPARTMENT. We couldn't get jobs in loss prevention at Target if we wanted.

Find another department in another city. We use to tell people to go to the county, but they are still surrounded by shit. Like your mom use to say, "you can't shine a turd". Maybe some day we will turn this department around.

This is one of the main reasons why we cannot get enough qualified applicants. The department is kind of synonymous with college football recruiting. If you had a choice, would you go to the scrub school or the one with a chance of a NCAA championship? Chico has made us the laughing stock of law enforcement. I regularly talk with officers from all over the world via this blog. They cannot believe the amount of BS that we have to take here in Memphis.

In the end, we are all responsible for our future. You may not have the power to change your past, but you have the ability to change your future. As of this writing, there is no future with the MPD. No Hong Kong Phooey has been actor nor random commercial can change that fact. This is why I'm with the MPD.