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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Was our badge tarnished before we put it on?

Have you ever wondered why there are so many of us that hate this place? Have you asked yourself, "we does that guy stay if he hates his job"? It may be that we cannot get hired anywhere else. As some of us may know, being employed by the MPD may have been one of our biggest mistakes.

The Memphis Police Department has been getting plenty of bad press, courtesy of Larry "Chico" Godwin. The majority of the United States has heard of the crazy shit that has been going on with us lately. From purported misappropriations by our association to Saddam GODwin, it has all been in the media. Lack of promotions, dropping requirements and consistent cronyism have caused us to become like the New Orleans Police Department of the 90's.

If you don't believe that we have a bad reputation, apply to Nashville and be prepared for a hearty laugh. Hell, apply anywhere and see what happens. Most of us (myself included) have been trying to leave for years. We make it through the process only to get knocked out by some comment made by a supervisor or bullshit in our IAB files. I have applied for over 15 jobs in the past few years. Guess what? I'm still here with you.

Why does the MPD hold us back? Why do supervisors hold a grudge? Why does this adminsitration hate any officer that wants to have a better career? Why is GODwin so damn jealous? The current leadership sends the message of "if I wasn't afforded the oppurtunity, this officer shouldn't get a chance to move on from MPD". The 12th floor has more of a hold on our lives than you think! If someone in a position of authority doesn't like you, your screwed. If you try to leave, they'll screw you. Why? Because they can.

I guess that I am doomed to remain here with the rest of you. Rotting away at the Starbucks. Reading Special Orders with only the chosen few on the front page. The back is reserved for the non-conformists. Watching the select few, with no time on, continually getting "cake" assignments. The only thing keeping me sane is this forum that I have to speak freely to the rest of my brothers and sisters. The thought of each time I pass Osama Bin GODwin in the hallways of 201 and thinking to myself, "self, if only this dumb ass had a clue". Watching this DIP DONG of a Director get in front of a microphone and look/sound like an idiot. These tiny slices of joy make my day.