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Monday, August 4, 2008

Boring at 9.

Did anyone happen to catch this Dip Dong on Channel 3's Live at 9? Can you say BORING? GODwin spent 40% of the time talking about himself (as usual), 30% discussing his screw ups (ticketgate and illegal suit) and 30% talking about National Night Out. I was amazed that he didn't pimp Blue Crush one time! Maybe we are having an effect on his propaganda campaign? We could only hope.

I do love hearing Chico speak. He makes George W. Bush look like a rocket scientist (sorry W). Larry was visibly upset during the first few minutes of questioning. Tapping on his knees, shifting in his seat and avoiding the questions are all signs of deception. Oh wait, we almost forgot. Larry has been certified a liar by his statement of charges he received. Our bad. He did go to his comfort zone and repeat the same crap he's been talking. "Citizens will understand the lawsuit, blah, blah, blah. Officers have been complaining about the Administration since 1827, blah, blah, blah". He almost let the cat out of the bag when discussing issues on the precinct lot. He didn't tell about choir practice, getting drunk and shooting out parking lights. It's called BEER MUSCLES Larry. Everyone gets bold after a few cold ones.

What Larry didn't say was, "I don't have the balls to stand up to the Mayor and do what's right". Larry, quit attacking the BS issues and work on the real problem. Grow a set of nuts, tell the Mayor that you are running the department (or quit) and rebuild the morale from within. We'll even help you with the first step. During the month of August, we CHALLENGE YOU to visit each and every roll call. When visiting, don't talk about yourself. Talk to the officers and ask what's on their mind. Ask how WE can fix the problem with morale. Hell, just show up and ask us how we are doing? Show some empathy for the thinning blue line. The blue line that keeps the citizens of Memphis safe.

****If you missed the show, here's the link to the video. It's worth watching for comedy relief. Dip Dong GODwin states he doesn't know how to fix a ticket and then explains how to do fix one. He catches himself in the lie. Watch him squirm!


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