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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Why are we here?

We received the below e-mail and thought it would be a good idea to post. This is a prime example of the idiotic behavior that runs rampant with the leadership in our department. The sender requested that they be identified, but we feel it is in their best interest to remain anonymous. We have redacted some identifying information in the original message.

Hello Dirk, I am the ******** at the Airways Station ***** shift. Just to let you know the c-shift and d-shift in the last month have had a total of 8 sustained statement of charges against officer and still the officers on the shifts continue to check out radar guns. We even had an appeal hearing that was far from fair and impartial. As soon as we walked in the door the Col asked us if we had any new evidence. I simply stated that we are representing evidence to a higher authority. She immediately shook head and stated "well if y'all don't have anything new there is nothing for us to do here". We also had a small episode a few days ago involving a chase. An officer got behind a vehicle that refused to stop doing around 20 mph. The Lt.(Lt. Isabell) immediately said over the air "break off the chase". The driver of the vehicle keep putting up his hands in a surrendering motion while the passenger was observed yelling at the driver. The primary officer discontinued the chase and lost the vehicle. Another officer about five blocks away was driving and the same vehicle ran the officer off the road so he or she immediately got behind it and the passenger bailed out with a gun in his hand. The passenger was caught along with the other occupants. The driver stated to officers that the passenger had a gun and told him if he pulled over he was through. The passenger had 4 warrants. Two for agg assault; 1 for felony possession of firearm and 1 for crim attempt 2nd degree murder. Great catch right!!! Not to Lt Isabell. She made the scene and began scolding the officers for not following the policy on breaking off the chase. Funny, she didn't either. Policy states that, as a supervisor when terminating a chase, the Lt. shall terminate the chase on air. Then they must ask for the primary officers location and mileage. That supervisor is to meet that officer there to verify. She did nothing of the sort, but wanted to belittle the officers for catching the bad guys. No one was hurt and there was no private property damage. Good catch? Nope, she is calling the Major. By the way, there was around $2000 seized with felony dope. Good catch? "Nope, I am calling the major", Isabel stated. We need help dirk. I will keep you posted on the Airways precinct. Also I don't care if my name gets posted. I am **** Airways Delta.

First of all, you must know that everyone at the MPD Enforcer 2.0 supports everything that you did. If the Lt. or Major won't tell you "good job", we will. A positive OBR should be given for a good catch.

Second, remember that Lt. Sharon Isabel is a NO GOOD THIEF! She stole $5,000 in Girl Scout cookie money (from the group she was overseeing), went to Tunica and LOST IT ALL. I'm not telling you to disrespect the Lt. bars, because that will get you into trouble. You don't have to respect her as a person. She is nothing more than a criminal with a badge. She is the 2% of our department that make us look bad. Is she still wearing "jazz" boots with her uniform?

Further, she is one of the many who have sued the department for her promotion. She didn't earn anything. She's as dumb as a mop bucket! You can tell her that I said she's a Dip Dong, just like Chico.