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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Quick note.

I just wanted to throw out a quick note to all of our readers. There has been much talk about a "trojan" or "worm" that has been utilized against this blog. A worm to identify who is posting or reading this blog. DO NOT BELIEVE THE HYPE! It is another attempt by the administration to cause panic and paranoia. This anonymous worm that is undetectable by all virus scanners can only be deployed in two ways. #1. It must be installed by physical (someone using your PC uploads to your system, i.e. thumb drive) presence. #2. You accept an e-mail from someone and the program is embedded in a file. They would have to know your e-mail address first and e-mail addresses are not required to read/post on this blog.

To all of the people who have contributed via e-mail, don't worry. You e-mail addresses are safe with us and AOL is NOT giving MPD any information. Don't sell your AOL stock! They are committed to following the law and the ECPA.

P.S. The only Trojan Chico has is in his wallet!