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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Paris Hilton may get away with it, but the Police cannot!

We just received an e-mail from a concerned officer, outlining an MPD Lt.'s quest to cover up his own indiscretions. Congratulations Tisby. You might get selected for the AOTM. This is typical of the administration's do as I say and not as I do policy:


I wanted to make sure you knew about the "scandal" involving Lieutenant (Yep, you heard me) Trevor Tisby. About 2 1/2 years ago, I happened to be sitting in Tommy Turners' officer one morning when his phone rang. It was then-Sgt Trevor Tisby who was, at that time, assigned to Sex Crimes. It seems he had been out in the Wolf Chase area in his take home cruiser with his kids all loaded up and had a traffic crash where he rear ended another motorist.

He rec'd the ticket, of course, but never informed the responding officer that his was a city car. He was cited for no insurance/following too closely. He was trying to get the union president to send someone (Debra Godwin) to court with him THAT DAY.

Well, it seems that Trevor never rectified this situation with the State of Tennessee and his license has been suspended for the last couple of years. Someone ratted him out and he got relieved of duty at some point during the latter part of last week.

I just thought you'd like to know. Perhaps we could start a DUMB ASS OF THE MONTH award for just such occasions.


Thanks for the advice on Dumb Ass of the Month. We would probably have 500 nominations each month.