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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Discipline system gone to shit.

How many times have you been to IAB on a bogus complaint? If you have been on more than a year, probably twice by now. We all know that MPD has a habit of dishing out discipline that is unjust. They would take a complaint from the Easter Bunny if he said you violated him. Then you get charged over the incident at the "precinct" level. You go in for your hearing with your MPA representative and hear the words that have been echoed for years. "Well, downtown wanted to give you 5 days, but I'm going to give you 3. If you appeal this, you will get more than 3 days and lose your appeal. Plus, you'll piss off the 12th floor and be put on the shit list".

If you have heard the above phrase, welcome to the club. In fact, we use to have charge parties for people. The purpose? To raise some needed money for our partners and friends who will not be getting paid for a few days.

We don't condone any wrongful violations of the P&P. We do know that more officers get charged with personal conduct for doing nothing wrong. The conduct is judge by one individual who is usually under pressure from the 12th floor to "SET AN EXAMPLE".

What example is being set? Charge anybody for anything. Rule with an iron fist, even when it's not necessary. I have cut some days in my time. In fact, if Chico knew who I was, I'd be cutting some for sure. Probably fired.

So here comes the advice. Do your job, but don't overdo your job. Document any situation that you feel might go sideways on you. Anytime someone throws out they are related to Larry Godwin, document it with a memo to your Lt. I actually had a M/B tell me he was Godwin's grandson! I nearly fell out of the squad car. SAVE MONEY. I know that is hard to do with a mortgage and family. I know a guy who saved money for when he got charged. Each time he caught some bogus days, he would combine them with his RDOs and go to Cancun. He called his "Z" days extra vacation days. This guy would come back tan and still hungover. All I know is it used to piss off the administration. When you do get back to work, hit em up for all the OT you can get. No DLs or Driving while license Sus/Rev/Can are a dime a dozen.