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Saturday, August 2, 2008

How to fix a ticket 101

So you found yourself in a pickle this month and received a speeding ticket. If you are lucky and connected to the political underbelly of Memphis, you could get help. Just place a call to your sandwich maker's daddy and POOF! Just pay the court costs. No fine, no raise in your car insurance and nothing on your record.

For those of you who aren't that lucky, let us hip you to a few things about City Traffic Court. First, most officers don't enjoy writing tickets. It's been directed at some stations and at Appling Farms, officers MUST write 2 tickets a day.

If you receive a ticket, more than likely you were doing something wrong. For the sake of discussion, we'll focus on speeding tickets. If your responding officer is not a "COMPANY" man, he will probably write you for 5 mph over. That way, he/she gets the stats they need to remain off the radar. But wait, you still got a ticket.

Take the ticket to court on the day listed at the bottom of your citation. Most 5 mph over tickets are dismissed with court costs before the judge even sits on the bench. That's good for you and Mr. Greer. You won't get out clean, but your violation will not hit your driving record or your insurance. This will save you money in the long run.

For all officers reading this story, UNITE! We know you have the rookies and the ass kissers that will write 100+ tickets a month. Have a strong talk with them. Let the "ROOK" know that he is throwing off the shift averages. This makes the whole shift look bad and causes extra heat on officers. Let him know that he is helping nobody by his actions. If you must write a citation, make it a courtesy. If it's Friday and you are in a Radar Car, write courtesy citations. What can they do? Put you in a Radar Car again? They did it to me several times and I kept turning in courtesy tickets. I enjoyed not handling the report calls. You will get the stat for the stop and will show productivity. A silent protest! You will have more than enough accident investigations in a month for your scheduled court date.