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Friday, August 22, 2008

GODwin and his attorneys were "half asleeps" in school.

Now, I don't claim to be an attorney or know all of the rules when it comes to trademark infringement. Chico and the Man have been trying to identify me since April of this year. They used a ruse that I was violating the TN trademark that they have on their version of "Blue Crush". They hired a legal firm (at taxpayer expense) and sent this threatening letter to the makers of our shirts. I have posted a copy of the letter for all of Memphis to see. If you will notice, most of the letter deals with Lawrence and his identity being misused. Yes, Blue Crush is mentioned, but Chico fills most of the narrative. This is just further proof that he is so self consumed that he cannot handle criticism.

At what point will someone on the City Council grow a set of nuts and ask "how much are the taxpayers spending on this wild goose chase"?

Some of you may remember the shirts. Our version of "Blue Crush" doesn't match they city's. Further, they didn't trademark the words for apparel. How much more bullshit is needed. We are all embarrassed that this HAYSEED is running the MPD. He's not even qualified to run a Dairy Queen. Go eat a Brazier Burger Chico!