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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hold the phone on Dobbins!

With the news of Dobbins' daughter being terminated at the request of Chico GODwin, a tiny spark of denial may be creeping up in the postings. Some of the readers feel that Earnie Dobbins should have been the Director instead of Chico. NO WAY, NO HOW. Neither of these dumb ass goof balls should be placed in a position of leadership over the men and women of the Memphis Police Department. "DumbE" Dobbins should not have made it as high as he did. Most of us remember the fabled SGT's test (no, the test is not a myth). Big "E" gave all of his TACT officers (only the ones in the Afro Police Association) an advanced copy of the promotional video that was to be used. He was caught red handed and reprimanded. CROOKED, CROOKED, and CROOKED. Now we know why WWW.Herenton is taking care of him. Birds of a feather or maybe they were frat brothers.

By the way, all of those TACT officers got promoted during that exam process. I see them on the street today and I am disgusted. Lie, cheat, and steal should be written on their clubhouse door.