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Friday, October 17, 2008

The "Blue Flu" could be for real!

Meet your new cold weather headgear. We are not going to harp on this since the media is picking up the story. This article is mainly for the rookies that still don't understand how the P&P works.

Don't stress about dumb ass half-brained attempts from the 12th floor to curb the wear of the watch cap. Temps will be low, especially for the "A" shift. But who's going to see you at 3 am when it's dark outside? Chico? HAHAHA! He's probably on his third wet dream about how great he is.

Keep your watch cap (or whatever will keep you warm) close at hand. Nobody can tell you how to survive when you are freezing. No form of direction from the 12th floor can tell when you are freezing your ass off. They sit in a climate controlled office all day.

Use common sense. If you are on a hot call and know that a Lt. might be coming by, take it off. It's as simple as that. Roll it up at stuff it in your uniform "Ralph Cramden" hat. Tell them it's a hat liner if you wish.

With crime running rampant in a city run by fools, the biggest problem they have is what we where on our head? Give us a break. I know we shouldn't be wearing "FuBu"or "Colts" logos on the headgear. Did you notice the big ass GORGONZ logo in the back of this fuzzy clam? Use a lot of tact and a little diplomacy. The policy was created as another catch all. If they can't charge you for something good, they will say "well, you were wearing unapproved headgear". I'd hate to be the first one charged, but the focus should be on the charging party. What type of supervisor will bust your balls (sorry ladies) for trying to stay warm? Maybe we all could name a few company men/women. One thing is for sure. I foresee record uses of sick time this winter. If you think you have the biggest brass balls in the room, claim OJI.